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I Quit

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Richard Chandler - WA Resident

Feb 13, 2001, 11:21:11 PM2/13/01
I quit.

Go ahead, jump for joy, congratulate each other and slap your fellows on the
back. But I tell you this, you "Loyal Opponents" of mine are not the reason
I'm doing this. Frankly, the fun of beating your empty heads around like one
of those inflatable punching clowns was one of the few things left in the
fandom that I enjoyed. But even that isn't so much fun anymore. The fact is,
none of it is fun anymore.

Don't flatter yourselves, you aren't the ones who made me quit. What has made
me quit are the ghosts. It's not any person that makes me want to leave, but
the empty spaces left by the people I loved, admired and respected who have
left. There are VERY few people left in this fandom worthy of respect, and a
hell of a lot of them who are worthy of none.

I know that for years I called after them as they left, "Don't go! You can't
abandon the village to the Barbarians." But they left anyway, and now I find
myself virtually alone in a village filled with barbarians, who loot and
pillage and destroy, leaving nothing worth saving in their wake, but they
don't mind, because they're having a great time.

I no longer love furry fandom, although I still love what furry used to be
about. In the mad rush to avoid defining what furry is, you have left the job
open for others to finish. Furry has now been defined. It has been defined
by the press. It has been defined by Ostrich and Galen. That definition has
been endorsed by every one of you who came to their defense or opposed those
who were apalled. That definition has been set and reinforced after every
single one of these articles that trashes the fandom. Over and over it
happens, and the impact is larger and larger, and yet you idiots refuse to
learn your lesson. I don't want to be anywhere in the impact zone when the
Hiroshima Cluehammer that finally gets through your thick skulls hits ground

I have always maintained that Furry had amazing potential. I always strove to
realize that potential, but I knew I could never do it alone. I always tried
to get others to either help, or at least get out of the way. I've done my
best to show the way, how to run a 'zine, how to run a convention art show,
how to handle a sketchbook without being a jerk about it. When *I* talked to
the press, it was to do damage control, and I did it successfully. I've tried
to lead the way lots of ways. But I have finally come to the conclusion that
Furry Fandom's potential will never be realized with the current crop of
losers and misfits who infest it and drag it down.

Today I have resigned my position as Art Show Director for ConiFur.

I will not be attending any future Furry conventions.

I have already recycled all of my Muck characters that I am able to. I'm
sorry if this inconveniences any former residents of the Lyric Apartments.

After I post this, I will unsub from all but the fur.artwork newsgroups, but I
will no longer post. Which means no more tally.

Oh, and watch for eBay auctions from There will be some
really choice bits from my collection going up there. (Like a full run of ASB
if I can get them all together).

"But what of Gallery?" you might ask. Gallery is not dead. It is the one
thing I still enjoy. I will continue to publish Gallery for the forseeable
future. I have made promises, and I will do my best to keep my commitments.
However, I will no longer be going to conventions to sell it. Mail order
only. I will see if I can encourage some of the artists to carry it

There are a few other people I made promises to, and I will keep those as
well. But that's it.

I'm out of here.

"if Marylin Manson has more of an influence on a kid than the kid's parents
do, then maybe the parents need to look at how they're raising their kids."
-- Charlie Clouser, Keyboardist, Nine Inch Nails.
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Alan Kennedy

Feb 14, 2001, 12:11:00 AM2/14/01
Rich, we've hardly ever seen eye to eye, but I know what you mean. I wanna
quit and say fuck it all. I won't. Its not what furry was, or what it will
be to me. Its the people I know who have talent and like to express what
they do.

I honestly could give two shits less what someone does in the privacy of
their own home, but it DOES get to be a drag when they go boilstering it
about on the net and claimnig to be furry.

I've learned to just shut up about what I do, as noone cares. I just wish
all the other utterfuckwits would as well.

Take care and do what you must man, but trust me, furry's like a drug,
there's always some part of it that you have withdrawls from and you'll be
back on it.

Trust me.

Alan Kennedy [TriGem Olandarinse]

YAHOO : goldanthrowolf & trigem_olandarinse
ICQ : 8781052


no one in particular

Feb 14, 2001, 12:10:33 AM2/14/01
(macro snip)
Fine. Do what you like. But if some want to see the forest for nothing
but the trees and the crowds for nothing but the people then might as well
want more to see the bones than the pyramids. Furry, like Trek, is not so
important for itself as what it does. And humans, like no other thing, are
not so damned for themselves as what they do.
If you'd all rather be schizmatic and see furry for naught but those
things which bring you most joy and ignore the fact that many disparate
peoples are brought together by it, then that is your choice. If you cannot
ignore and leave to your fellows those things that for them make it such as
they see it, and keep to your own, without making war on each other and
between those better as friends, then this too is your choice.
Get then to your corners. Come out fighting. Which of you will survive
this? Which of you will learn from this? Different year, same arguments
-Wayd Wolf
I neither endorse nor curse they that desire sexual congress with
stuffed animals or any other such thing as not be my bag, but instead can
live and let live, never believing furry exclusively to be defined by me or
anyone else but myself and those others as we see it for our own personal
point and none other.
In other words, what do you care what other people think, and if you did
or do, then why do anything but that most bland and dull and so inoffensive
that no reasonable or normal indivdual could have the slightest concern? And
how then will you define normal or reasonable? What is furry indeed...

Brian O'connell

Feb 14, 2001, 12:32:23 AM2/14/01
I can understand why you want to quit, I've had plenty of times when I
was sorely tempted (even encouraged) to do so... But when you quit, you know
what? You lose by default... You let the 'others', whomever they may be,

Oh no! We look weird to mundanes! Holy SHIT!!! Lets shut down the fandom
here and now, burn all furry art, get a frontal lobotomy and stop all furry
conventions altogether! Head for the hills!!! We aren't normal!!! Normal is
ALL!!! We're meant to be bar codes and nothing more!!! Circle the wagons!

Are you now, or have you ever been a member of furry fandom? Answer the
senator please!

Quitting because any kind of fandom isn't right for you is reasonable,
quitting because it interferes with your family life is reasonable... But
quitting it because someone else thinks there's something wrong with it?
Plain old unfiltered unadulterated bullshit, plain and simple...

Someone doesn't like one of your interests, because of the actions of
another... And you allow that to color your interests? Wow, by your logic,
next the NRA will be roaming the streets, gunning down criminals left and
right, because how a few of those criminals use firearms makes the NRA look
bad and causes the public to scream for more gun control...

Face it kids, the horses are out of the barn, but it is by no means a
stampede... However, it does NOT warrant gunning them down and selling them
to Alpo, and burning down the barn afterwards... Get a FUCKING grip,

You want the fandom to improve? Institute the following rules: No press,
no collars, no plushies, no drugs, no bondage gear, no obviously sexual
material seen outside of the designated art show area, or else you will be
requested to leave the premises... That's zero FUCKING tolerance baby,
that's what you do... If your con attendance drops, so what? Those are the
people you don't *want* attending the cons anyway, right? Call me a fascist,
but hey, it's a moderate con or no con at all...


Feb 14, 2001, 12:58:10 AM2/14/01

"Richard Chandler - WA Resident" <> wrote in message
> I quit.

> I'm out of here.

A true pity.

I don't think *ANY* furry con's art show ever MATCHED, much less bettered,
ConiFur's record on getting the art show payment checks out to the artists.


Feb 14, 2001, 1:42:12 AM2/14/01
Well, in a word, darn. :/

Take care, I hope you find happiness with wherever you're going..


For a brief time I was here; and for a brief time I mattered. - Harlan

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Feb 14, 2001, 3:46:13 AM2/14/01

Although I don't appreciate the decision upon your part to have flamed
a post of mine in the past concerning my non aggressiveness towards
the issues - It's a shame to see someone go who obviously devoted much
of his time and efforts to the community and its fans. I hope you
have fairer skies on your new path, and I hope that old wounds heal
with time. Take care Richard.

-Rainbow 'Roo

ICQ the 'Roo!: 93127116

-Resident daemon kangaroo

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has a chance of getting me up on stage in fursuit.. Hi puppy!"

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Feb 14, 2001, 5:04:38 AM2/14/01

Richard Chandler - WA Resident <> wrote in message
There are VERY few people left in this fandom worthy of respect, and a
> hell of a lot of them who are worthy of none.

Well if that's your conclusion, then I say....

Walk on Skippy! We'll happily run this suck-fest without ya!

boojum the brown bunny

Feb 14, 2001, 11:41:14 AM2/14/01
to (Richard Chandler - WA Resident) wrote in

>I quit.
boojum waves to Richard Chandler. "I'm sorry to see you go, good luck
in whatever hobby's you slip into next. It is sad to see old friends leave
so I understand your desire to move on as well. For me the influx of new
people are new friends whom I talk with and play with, but that is not true
for all."

boojum the brown bunny


Feb 14, 2001, 6:27:52 PM2/14/01
Brain O'Connel wrote--

On this matter, while I cannot perhaps change the minds of those who quit, I on
the other hand have no plans of quiting whatsoever despite the uglyness going
on. This is still a great fandom regardless of whatever smear campain some jerk
decides to conjure up. I will remain a furry because of the great people I've
meet and the art and entertainment.

For ages there's always going to be someone out there who will cause troulbe
for you because of who you are and what you choose to be involved in, whenever
you're Christian, Jewish, a Star Trek fan, a lover of oprea, whenever you're
rich or poor, your nationality, ect. Just cause what something ugly or bigoted
occurs doesn't mean you should give up or quit. You may let your enimies win if
you do, or at least that's how I feel.

J. Shughart
aka Jetstone Tigre


Feb 15, 2001, 12:28:20 AM2/15/01
Wow, ol Rich leavin' the fandom... I'll probably be two weeks or more
ruminating on whether that's a good thing or not.


Onion Bob

Feb 16, 2001, 6:26:10 PM2/16/01
Richard Chandler - WA Resident <> wrote in message
> I quit.

You all take it so seriously!
It's so cute!! ::claps::


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