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Feb 29, 1992, 4:21:24 PM2/29/92
7. Furkindred: A Shared World various (MU)

A graphic novel that asks the question, "What if humans had never
evolved, and a variety of sentient animals created a civilization
instead?" 220 pages, 2/3 text, 1/3 art, with a large number of
contributors, both professional and amateur.

cover: Dave Garcia
The Furkindred (...or, why do we do this, anyway?) - Chuck Melville
Introduction - Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Furkindred Atlas
The Furkindred - Chuck Melville, Tom Milliorn
Pooka I - Tom Verre'
City - Chuck Melville illus: Roberta Gregory/Melville
Part I - Otter Foolishness
Dogtown, Catdown - Jefferson Swycaffer illus: Phil Morrissey
Legends - Phil Morrissey
Still Life - Waverly Pierre illus: Roy Pounds
Part II - Bear Facts
Just Another Day on the Farm - Dean Graf illus: Terrie Smith
The End - Mark Ashworth, John Speidel, Diana Vick
Pooka II - Tom Verre'
Ironhand - Gerald Perkins illus: Vicky Wyman
Part III - Sheep Comfort
The Fox's Finger - Colin Upton
Center - Juan Alfonso
Rite of Passage - Lisa Woodworth illus: Phil Morrissey
Marta - Michael B. Kelly, Adrian Kleinbergen
Part IV - Lion Patrons
The Power of History - Chuck Melville, Tom Verre'
...Wanting More than the Earth and Sky - Chuck Melville
Four Legs/Two Legs - Susan Van Camp
The Fence - Watts Martin illus: Zjonni Perchalski
Death Perception - Edd Vick illus: Tom Milliorn
Pooka III - Tom Verre'

MU Press, 5014-D, Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
MU Press Subscriptions: 1565 Cliff Rd., Suite 3-450, St. Paul, MN 55122
Phone: (612) 688-7827

Subscriptions: A subscription for the Furkindred Magazine is available
for $12 for 2 issues.
What's available: The Furkindred Graphic Novel was published by
Miscellaneous Unlimited. A prozine continuing the tradition will
be published by MU in early 1992 (a 'sample' copy was displayed at
ConFurence 3), and will be published twice-annually after that.
The graphic novel is available in some comic book stores. It is
also available from MU Press for $15, plus $.75 P&H.

Review: reviewed in Amazing Heroes #195, TRoOB (FURRY M)

Survey: Furkindred received 2 votes for favorite single issue, and
2 votes for most-looked-forward-to item. Contributors: Vicky Wyman
was second-favorite pro artist. Tom Verre' was second-favorite fan
artist, Terrie Smith was tied for fifth. Watts Martin was favorite
writer, Jefferson Swycaffer received 2 votes.

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