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Brian O'connell

Aug 18, 2000, 3:00:00 AM8/18/00
Okay, since there's more than ample support and justification to pursue
this (and unrelated flames causing the discussion to become buried in 16
tons of ego/angstspam), I've decided to put this up for perusal once more...
Since there's little in the way of judging right now, I leave it up to the
furry fans to send me any and all leads (since it's nigh impossible for me
to peruse *every* furry erotica website) for possible nominations... Contact
me at neuromanson_h...@home.com (delete the _hates_spambots to
reply), with one name for each category, and a URL for each artist, provided
they have one... The categories are as follows:

(1) Best Art Techniques
(can they do equally well with watercolors, oils AND Photoshop?)

(2) Best Use of Anatomy and Composition
(Does the art have a layout that shows imagination, structure and flow? Does
the anatomy used show some form of knowledge of the human/animal form, not
just "attack of the 50 foot cock with a badly drawn vixen attached"?)

(3) Best Level of Originality
(Can the artist do equally well in both strips AND pinups? Do they draw more
than one kind of critter? Do they draw more than one sex? Do they do equal
amounts of erotica and clean art? Do they use an original style, or is it an
homage to a copy to a ripoff to a clone to an homage?)

(4) Best Delivery
(Can the artist deliver a message, a theme, a story with one or more
pictures? Does the art make you feel anything emotional?)

(5) Best Artist
(This one should be relatively simple, who gives the best combination of the
prior 4 awards?)

While this is intended as a basis to judge the best of erotic furry art,
this also can be used as a basis for the clean furry artists as well... If
the few opponants of the TCA's care to put up their own equivilent, then
these are, to the best of my abilities, the best list of criteria to go
by... As it goes, I'm willing to do this on my own, as a one man's stand to
put his money where his mouth is, to improve the standards that furry
artists are gauged by, in action other than words... If anyone cares to help
out, and actively improve the fandom such as it is, then give me a shout...
Or don't, and participate in/watch the usual bickerings that do nothing at

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