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Dec 6, 2000, 2:35:12 AM12/6/00
O frabjous day! I finally found time to fix a pesky Y2K bug in the Perl
script I use to generate the biweekly MU*s listing and the corresponding
web pages, as well as entering all the updates that have piled up over
the past 18 months! The latest listing is being posted separately in a
couple of hours, please don't be alarmed by the "blast from the past"
included below. I suspect I may have missed a few, or removed some MU*s
that were only temporarily unavailable when I checked them, so please
send updates and new entries to me at <rh...@furry.fan.org>. In case
you're wondering, I have records for over 100 furry MU*s, active and

Part of the impetus for updating the list -- at least, for making it a
higher priority, prompting me to set aside temporarily other projects
such as the Anthrocon Art Show and my own fantasy road sign artwork --
is my discovery that my Furry InfoPage, as well as my MU*s list, gets
one of the top PageRanks(tm) if you search for "furry" on Google. That's
quite an honor, since it's earned as a result of other people thinking
highly enough of your page to link to it. So thanks to everyone who's
linked to my site, and I'll update it in a more timely fashion in the
future; it's also due for a major redesign, although there's something
to be said for the minimalist "just the facts/FAQs" look.

For the curious: I'm just a Perl hacker; I originally wrote my "Muckweb"
script in 1996 in conjunction with a Filemaker Pro database in which I
maintain the MU*s information. When I do an update, I export the data to
a tab-delimited file and feed it into Muckweb, which generates the text
file for the FAQ poster as well as the several related files for the
MU*s web site and the individual description files for each listed MU*.
My original intent was to automate the process somewhat, but although
Muckweb works fine under MacPerl, I haven't had time to debug it on
Tigerden under Unix.

The Y2K bug in Muckweb was related to a funkiness in the MacPerl date
routine, the differences in the way Mac and Unix handle dates, and the
Y2K incompatibility of my old version of Filemaker Pro which I had to
work around. I discovered the problem in early 1999; I stopped updating
entries in June 1999, when I got busy with Anthrocon and then other
projects, suspending further updates while intending to fix the problem.
Since I hadn't done anything substantial in Perl in years, it took a
while for me to blow off the rust, fix the problem and add some new
modifications which, among other things, allow entries that have no
connection address, such as Furcadia (since it requires a special

Just for fun, I dug into my archives to find the oldest edition of the
MU*s list I kept, from mid-1995 -- that's when I switched from my old XT
clone with a 20 MB hard drive and dual 5.14" double-density (360K)
floppies, to a Power Mac with (gasp!) 512 MB, so I had room to archive
old versions. (At that time floppies cost something like $1 each, so I
reserved them for keeping important things like downloaded pictures.
Anybody want a couple hundred 5.25" 360K floppies? I've degaussed them,
though, after transferring the pictures to my Mac over a serial cable
hooked up to my XT.)

I think I started doing the list in late 1994 when I started up the FAQ
autoposting service, inspired by (as I recall) a posting by Leonie on
the FurryMUCK bulletin board. The early versions like this were updated
manually, which allowed for concise entries as well as a
nicely-formatted "Handy List of Furry MU*s" which I began including
later, and it was quite a challenge to replicate this look with the Perl
script. (I'm still not satisfied: on my to-do list is implementing the
"added/changed" bullets in the contents listing at the start of the

******************* AND NOW, A BLAST FROM THE PAST! *********************
*Last-Modified: $Date: 1995/08/13 16:33:35 $
*Version: $Revision: 4.20 $
*Changes-This-Posting: Updated numeric address for Unbridled Desires
* * Rhal's Version of an Elaborate Alt.Fan.Furry.Muck *
* * Frequently-Asked-Questions Sheet: *
* * Part the Second, containing Summaries of MU*s Furry *
*There are hundreds of MUCKs, MUDs, MUSHes, etc. (collectively known as
*MU*s), but this being alt.fan.furry.muck, we'll look at the ones
*featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic
*[+] Added [!] Changed
* * FurryMUCK * Animal Nation
* * Tapestries MUCK * Unbridled Desires
* * NarniaGolden * RealmsMUCK
* * FreeNarnia * Ghostwheel
* * Sociopolitical Ramifications * SpheresMUSH
* * Trails * Lion King MUCK
* * Brazilian Dreams ! TLKMuck
* * FurToonia + StrawberryFields MUCK
* * InterWorld + FluffMUCK
* * Pathways
*FurryMUCK 8888
* furry.org 8888 <URL:telnet://furry.org:8888>
* The definite article, as it were, the biggest MUCK by far, and the
* best-known of the genre. Some folks roleplay all the time, some part of
* the time, some just sit around and talk - lots of tolerance here for
* what you want to do.
* The advantage of FurryMUCK is its size: you can meet many interesting
* characters at every time of the day, and soon you have lots of friends.
* You can explore for weeks and you still haven't seen everything.
* However, size is also FurryMUCK's problem, although the new site (see
* below) may help matters. There is a building quota of 20 rooms, so if
* you want to build much more, you will perhaps better do it elsewhere.
* At the FurryMUCK greeting screen, type
* connect guest guest
* to get a guest character, and follow the instructions to read the help
* files and begin getting familiar with how things work. You will need
* to ask a wizard to let you out of the guest room into the MUCK. Type
* wizzes
* to see what wizards are online, and use
* page <name> = <text>
* to talk to them. If there are no wizards online, you must try again
* later. After that, if you want to get a permanent character, apply by
* email to the address given on the opening screen.
* Help files for FurryMUCK users can be found at
* <URL:ftp://avatar.snc.edu/pub/furry/mud/furrymuck/guides/>. This includes
* the Beginners-Guide, the Building-Guide, the Commands-Global-Help, the
* Gen-Desc help, as well as the MUFReference and MUFTutorial. Various
* information files can also be read while connected to FurryMUCK, using the
* "info" command, but many of these may also be gotten from
* <URL:ftp://avatar.snc.edu/pub/furry/mud/furrymuck/info/>.
* The Official FurryMUCK Web Pages have extensive documentation, including
* the help files mentioned above, and more, at <URL:http://www.furry.com>.
* FurryMUCK moved to this new site on June 4, 1995, and now runs on a Pentium
* 100 with 96MB memory, 8GB disk on a pair of Barracuda's (Fast SCSI Wide),
* NetBSD and a network consisting of two T1 entrances -- one to Ameritech and
* one to Sprint, according to S'A'Alis, whose equipment it is.
*Tapestries MUCK 2069 (Report by Taisia)
* tapestries.tcp.com 2069 <URL:telnet://>
* Started in October of 1991, Tapestries is the second longest running Furry
* based muck. It prides itself on the fact that it is an alternative
* lifestyle, Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world
* system, offering a variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build,
* and lag-free zone to sit and chat with the natives. It is a registration
* based only system.
*NarniaGolden 6250 (Report by Coyote)
* dobest.lib.virginia.edu 6250 <URL:telnet://>
* Based on "The Chronicles of Narnia" series by C.S. Lewis that commences
* _with The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe_. NarniaGolden is a reinvention
* of the former NarniaMUSH.
* The timeline of NarniaGolden is set during the Golden Age of Narnia,
* during the reign of High King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the
* Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant. The children of
* _The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe_ have grown into young adults, and are
* in the prime of their reign.
* NarniaGolden is intended as a MUSH for role-players, with many exciting
* features for all:
* * The Characters: Although players are encouraged to come up with their
* own character concepts, there are many feature characters available for
* play ... some for short periods of time, some for extended use. Players
* can choose Talking Animals, wood spirits, and Calormene humans for play.
* * TinyPlots: There's always juicy RP brewing on NarniaGolden, whether a
* quest to rid the land of giants, grand banquets for visiting dignitaries,
* market day at Cair Paravel Town, intrigue and murder in the southern land
* of Calormen, or the pleasures of gossip and dinner at The Lion's Mane.
* You'll find many of the best RPers on the Net at NarniaGolden, and we're
* proud to have them.
* * The Lands: Within the heartlands of Narnia are a number of areas ready
* to explore -- from the plains of the Ettinsmoor to the Marsh-wiggle
* marshes, from the mysterious western wilds to the friendly town of
* Archenland. Cair Paravel Town is always a center of activity. Many
* travellers, ignoring the warnings of those who know better, have ventured
* across the arid southern desert to Calormen, where the many towns and
* cities possess a unique Arabian flair.
* * The Weather System: Most exterior rooms change with the times of day,
* seasons of the year, winds and precipitation. The system has been revised
* from the old NarniaMUSH, is even easier to use, and is very detailed.
* Weather rooms may even use a weather effects system, so that characters in
* a room see and hear the weather changing.
* * The Staff: Rarely will you see a MUSH where the administrators spend so
* much time participating in the role-play and working to make players of
* quality feel welcome. They're currently creating Talking Animals, dryads
* and naiads, fauns and centaurs, Archenland humans, and Calormene humans via
* email. If you're interested in a character, email one of the addresses
* listed on the opening screen. Include a character name and species with
* your request. Calormene characters should request a caste. It would be wise
* to include alternate names and species.
*FreeNarnia 6250 (Report by Pholos Pegasus)
* narnia.fandom-house.org 6250 <URL:telnet://>
* FreeNarnia is one of the two MUSHes which resulted from the schism of the
* original NarniaMUSH. FreeNarnia was conceived as a player's MUSH, an
* attempt to return to the friendly, non-political sort of atmosphere that
* prevailed in the original NarniaMUSH before the imposition of the
* character and TP restrictions that eventually led to the breakup.
* FreeNarnia runs on TinyMUSH 2.2 #2. There's an associated mailing list
* which may be joined by sending mail to narnia-...@fandom-house.org.
* FreeNarnia is based upon the Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. You'll
* probably get a bit more out the game if you've read the books, but
* there's no reason you can't play and have a great time anyway. One of
* our wizards remarked, 'We admire C. S. Lewis, but we don't worship him',
* which is probably a pretty accurate summation.
* Any sort of character which appeared in the Narnia books is perfectably
* acceptable for roleplay. We have no policies against players creating
* Unicorns, Pegasi, Dragons, Humans, etc... Players may create their own
* characters during the logon process, and on-line help is available for
* those who want it. All players are asked to choose characters which will
* fit in with the Narnian theme. Pretty much any creature from Classical
* or European mythology, as well as any sort of woodland creature, will
* blend in seamlessly.
* Our administration is dedicated to treating all players in a fair and
* honest manner, whether they be 'players of quality', or just regular
* folx. The Freenarnia administration doesn't play favorites. Our wizards
* do not engage in harassment of 'low-quality' players, do not @toad
* players who question their policies, and do not make promises they don't
* intend to keep.
* Prior approval of roleplay is not required on FreeNarnia. Our wizards do
* not police TinyPlots for thematic acceptability, trusting to the players
* to decide what sort of MUSH they want. As in the process of character
* creation, players are asked to design RP that fits within the Narnian theme.
* All of Narnia, Archenland, and Ettinsmoor has either been built or is
* spoken for. For those who like to build, substantial portions of
* Calormen and Telmar are still available, as is Bism and all of the
* islands.
* Come play with us in FreeNarnia!
*Sociopolitical Ramifications 4711 (Report by Unci)
* tigerden.com 4711
* <URL:telnet://>
* So we have yet another furry MUCK here, of a medium size (about 5000 total
* objects) and with some differences that make it particular... To make it
* short: A maximum of fun with a minimum of bureaucracy and regulations!
* * Running under FuzzballMUCK 5.43, an advanced server software with MUF,
* MPI and all the little things that we like so much about it. Revar, the
* main author of FuzzballMUCK, is a wizard of SPR.
* * Instant character creation. You can connect as guest and ask any online
* wizard for a character. All that we need is a name, password and your
* e-mail address. If no wizard is on, you can get a character by e-mail
* to un...@tigerden.com.
* * It's freestyle! There is no rigid theme or enforcement to play in theme.
* However, playing in character is encouraged, and players are welcome to
* install themed areas in SPR. The general flavor is furry, with a touch
* of high tech/science fiction, but we also have very nature-based
* members.
* * A staff of helpful and competent wizards. SPR wizards are players who
* have agreed to help others and take the extra responsibilities that
* come with the additional powers. Wizards are there to serve, not to
* rule. Other than non-wizards, they have to follow rules, and their
* commands are internally logged. The wizard rules are public, you can
* look at them in the news system. If a wizard should violate the wizard
* rules, you have a possibility to request de-wizzing. Also, if you have
* the time and required qualities, you might become a wizard yourself.
* * A clear, topographically logical layout. From the central city core,
* landscapes extend in four directions: Forests (north), mountains
* (west), savannah (south), spaceport/plains (east). The rest is up to
* you - Build whatever you like!
* * You are encouraged to build public areas to extend SPR's landscape. We
* have enough room in the city if you want to build there. We have lots
* of free space further out on the continent. We even have outer space
* if you want to have your own planet. The terraform program allows you
* to try a new building method. (If you don't want to build at all, you
* can also ask a wizard to set you !B.)
* * We respect that you have your own building style. We trust you that you
* will maintain a certain quality standard in building (exit messages,
* obvious exits, maps, noises/look-traps as needed). Our wizards and
* helpstaff are there to help, so ask them if you need building help.
* * Default M1 level for all players. The adventure of learning to program
* in MUF is open to you. If you want your M level changed, ask any MUF
* wizard. Adding a global command is no big deal.
* * Many advanced programs that are improved from those you can find in
* other MUCKs.
* * A relatively high security standard. Although MUCK is not designed as a
* high security system, we have fixed any known security holes, and our
* competent security wizard takes care that there won't be new ones.
* * No behaviour rules. Our players know how to behave and have ways not to
* be bothered by those who don't. We are responsible and have common
* sense - join the club. Don't complain about others, ignore/gag them if
* you feel disturbed by them.
* * No AUP. We have come to the conclusion that such would be disturbing
* and legally ineffective.
* * No site banishments. They are annoying uninvolved persons at the banished
* sites, don't always work and can be easily circumvented. Rather than
* locking people out, we are giving them no reason to hate us.
* * No quota. You can build as much as you need.
* * Knuth Park, the traditional central meeting and chatting place, with
* message board. The global exit from anywhere to there is `park'.
* * The 64-bit bus is a quick OOC way of getting to the most interesting
* locations.
* * The train system is a more IC way of travelling.
* * The ASCII art gallery allows you to see great art and post your own
* contributions. Meet in the art cafe and have a chat!
* * The Cybernetic Cafe, a quiet and pleasant spot to meet.
* * Apartment blocks of different flavor and varied nature areas where you
* can make your home - no need to live In the I/O Port!
* * The Kamiyama mountains, with Vesterdalen, a populated valley, further
* down west.
* * The savannah, known from FurryMUCK/TigerMUCK, with some modifications
* for our environment.
* * The Spaceport and the outer space, for all space-based furries!
* For more information, check the WWW homepage at
* <URL:http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~ukjp/spr.html>.
*Trails 8888 (Report by Unci)
* trails.velox.com 8888 <URL:telnet://>
* A young, small, friendly MUCK, ready to grow, run by SwiftFox on his
* private site. Theme: Earth without the humans running things. Mostly
* rural settings, more unspoiled nature than high-tech. Building of large,
* varied nature landscapes is encouraged (no quota). Limited access to the
* future is planned. As it is still under construction, some programs not
* yet functional. Applications for characters on Trails can be made from
* SwiftFox's home page at <URL:http://www.velox.com/~swiftfox> now, too.
*Brazilian Dreams 8888 (from the BD web page)
* brazil.tbyte.com 8888 <URL:telnet://>
* "Green" and "Furry Friendly", with a modest sized userbase that's more
* personal than many larger Mu*s. Originally centered around a representation
* of the Brazilian Rainforest, the database has been rewritten completely
* from scratch to benefit from the newest features of the server software
* (fuzzball 5.40), and to become more efficiently built and programmed.
* Major areas built and planned include:
* * The Unthemed/OOC area [Sky Island and the Bistro]
* - administered by K'has
* The realm of the one and only K'has. The Waiting Out the Muck Lags
* Bistro continues as an out-of-character, chat area.
* * Rainfurests - administered by Flame & Jadine
* The Rainfurest is a tropical paradise full of mystery and moisture.
* Jungles, beaches and ancient temples are the setting for a band of
* tropical furries of every color, size, shape and scent.
* * Mesoamerica - administered by Lori_Keet [under construction]
* The Aztecs: A civilization without the wheel. A civilization which
* believed sacrifice kept the sun moving. A race of conquering
* warriors. A civilization depending on cyclic history and its
* religion to see the world, filled with customs. The Mesoamerican
* area will strongly encourage role-playing and authenticity. All
* characters will be expected to be those who could have reached
* Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City) around the year 1450, and expected
* to take roles from that era. If someone offers you the "Best Seats
* in the House" for the temple sacrifice, just say no.
* * Eastern Realm - administered by Porsupah [under construction]
* The feel is a mix of Taoist and Confucian, tending slightly towards
* the former in the north; the terrain varies from low-lying
* undulating lands down towards the coastline, rising into higher
* hills, eventually into the high mountains.
* Brazilian Dreams is striving to become more focused on Role Playing while
* still keeping in touch with its mission of networking writers on the 'Net,
* through events such as Lori_Keet's Storyteller's Circle. The muck
* frequently hosts beta tests of new code. The Brazilian Dreams Homepage can
* be explored at <URL:http://cs.weber.edu/home/holmbeck/brazil.html>.
*FurToonia 9999 (from Furry FAQ)
* red_panda.tbyte.com 9999 <URL:telnet://>
* FurToonia is another child of FurryMUCK, populated mostly by furries and
* toons who wanted to escape the lag and crowding of the larger MUCK, and
* also have the chance to do some creative public building projects. The
* porting of characters from FurryMUCK is made much easier by a very similar
* software base, with the most popular program for character descriptions,
* #6800, having the same object number in both MUCKs. FurToonia's WWW
* homepage is at <URL:http://furtual.org/~ftadmin/>. [N.B. The MUCK is running
* on the same box as Brazilian Dreams, which has been suitably upgraded, and
* it seems to run around 30% faster than the old site, according to Porsupah.]
*InterWorld 6201 (Report by Charity)
* wizvax.wizvax.com 6201 <URL:telnet://>
* A Realm based muck with many realms offering a choice of living. As such,
* all character types are welcome. A great spot for builders, with low
* quotas. Lots of room to add to existing realms, or to start a new realm of
* your own. [WizMUCK has been merged with InterWorld.]
*Pathways 8888 (From the Pathways web page)
* bonkers.neosoft.com 8888 <URL:telnet://>
* CHARTER: Pathways is a social role-playing muck. The term role-playing is
* used in the sense of playing out a role, rather than combat and earning
* points or levels or money or treasure. The background describes a reality
* in which, apart from the Paths themselves, technology and physics matches
* pretty closely to the technology of the late twntieth century on Earth, and
* the physical laws as we know them. Imagine the technology of a richer
* Earth, where the resources from the worlds along the Paths fuel a
* renaissance like the world has never known, the way the resources of the
* solar system *should* be flowing into our world today, if people and
* governments had the courage to take them.
* Characters should match that sort of reality. Magic has to have some
* plausible physical explanation. Psi should have a technical base. Places
* that are built within the station should match the theme there, of a
* pleasant resort in a harsh environment. If you want to build one of the
* worlds along the Paths, try and keep the actual built-up areas small and
* coherent.
* BACKGROUND: Somewhere, some time ago, someone created or discovered Paths
* between the worlds. Whether they're natural or artificial, whether the
* Worlds are in the same Universe or different ones, is hotly debated. What
* happened to the original Engineers is unknown. But their gates remain, and
* the strange black crystals that make them work.
* Later, much later, an expedition from a technical world landed on their
* nearest moon and found a working station on the gold Path. They stepped
* through the gate and found station after station threaded along the Path
* like pearls on a string. The gold stations are all on airless planetoids,
* and in all the gold systems there's a world where thinking minds live. On
* one station, though there was a second Path. The green Path leads from
* planet to planet, wild planets, inhabited if at all by primitives...
* certainly no expedition has found anything more intelligent than the local
* equivalents of wolves or monkeys.
* Did the Engineers seed these worlds, or did they lay down the Paths to
* match the worlds they found? Who knows? None of the races of the gold lay
* claim to the title... even at the station where the two paths meet.
* Pathways is inspired by the story "The Shadow of the Ship" by W. Franson.
* The Paths are similar to the Trails in that story, but friendlier. Similar
* ideas are found in Roger Zelazny's "Roadmarks" and other stories.
* Argent's summary: "A space-based non-human Muck, not *explicitly* furry but
* certainly very approachable by furries (OK, the animated pinecone isn't
* very furry but the hyperactive mustelids and Slate's cat people sure are).
* In short, the Brazilian Dreams concept in a high-tech setting." The
* Pathways web page is at <URL:http://bonkers.neosoft.com/~peter/pathways/>,
* and has extensive background information on various species, etc.
*Animal Nation 7777 (Report by Risseth)
* an.velox.com 7777 <URL:telnet://>
* The theme is loosely a feudal Japanese setting, with animals, of course.
* Lots of room for expansion, too, so feel free to come and look around.
* [Now running 24 hours a day at this new site.]
*Unbridled Desires 8888 (Report by Foxy)
* epona.magibox.net 8888 <URL:telnet://>
* Welcome screen says: "This tinymuck is an adventure land for those with
* brave hearts. It's not like your average muck in that your character by
* their action may get changed in little or great ways." A small, *not*
* equine-based furry muck, although a lot of the players take equine based
* characters (horses, 'taurs, unicorns, pegasii etc). It's a buy a friend
* bunch, and most people seem to know each other, making for a friendly
* environment. It is also soon to have its own fanzine, "Hot to Trot",
* and a web page at <URL:http://www.warwick.ac.uk/~xuuba/UD.html>
*RealmsMUCK 7765 (Report by Unci)
* eith.biostr.washington.edu 7765 <URL:telnet://>
* [From the `news theme` there:] RealmsMUCK has been created with inspiration
* from such diverse sources as Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, the Restaurant
* at the End of the Universe, and Tales from the Outer Planes.
* Existing at a nexus of dimensions and times, FurryBar exists as a bar in
* every dimension touched by the nexus. It is a location where sentient
* beings from very diverse places can meet, talk, and explore other realms.
* Realms so far known to be in contact with the Nexus, and therefore the Bar,
* include the Ringworld of Pendor, the cyber- tech future of CyberFurry, and
* the Future We'd Like to See. Other dimensions are continually being
* discovered, as travellers reach the bar.
* RealmsMUCK has a WWW page: http://www.tcp.com/~realms/
*Ghostwheel 6969 (Report by Metalhead)
* casper.bga.com 6969 <URL:telnet://>
* A furry-friendly post-holocost type roleplaying MUSH... Not a bad place,
* but needs more people... ;^)
*SpheresMUSH 6251 (Report by Amarynth)
* zen.fandom-house.org 6251 <URL:telnet://>
* Another MUSH of interest to furry fans.
*Lion King MUCK 4201 (from 'news charter')
* phs.k12.ar.us 4201 <URL:telnet://>
* [The first of two MUCKs with a theme based on Disney's "The Lion King."]
* Based fairly loosely on The Lion King movie from Walt Disney;
* "loosely" because although some of the players use the names of
* characters and their relationships to each other, that is where the
* basis ends.
* The purpose of the MUCK is to allow "Lion King" fans a place to do
* some role playing and create new stories and ideas about TLK for fan
* fiction and things of the sort.
* We have some strict rules because this is a k12 site after all and
* well most of the rules are things Walt himself would impose if he were
* alive and this was one of his films.
* The rules here are:
* 1. Absolutely NO swearing will be allowed.
* 2. Weapons are fine but they may not say anything about the target
* dying in any way.
* 3. Tinysex, Netsex, Cybersex, whatever you want to call it is not
* allowed except between two consenting adults (18 or over).
* 4. The decision of the wizards is final.
* 5. Any complaints should be registered using the gripe command.
* 6. The building rules are simple, try to stay within the theme on all
* descriptions. All rooms must be approved by a member of the Wiz staff
* before they can be linked to the rest of the MUCK.
* Breaking these rules will result in first a warning, a second
* offense will earn you the removal of your Builder flag, and third
* offense will either get you banned for 30 days or depending on the
* seriousness @toad.
* Please try to follow the rules and have fun...
*TLKMuck 7675 (from 'news mission' and TLKMuck FAQ)
* ub.d.umn.edu 7675 <URL:telnet://>
* [The second of two MUCKs with a theme based on Disney's "The Lion King."]
* This professionally run online service allows you to 'Live the Lion King'
* one step farther. Explore the Pride Lands and surrounding areas, build new
* areas to add onto the Pride Lands, and most of all, talk to other Lion King
* enthusiasts and ROLE PLAY a character right out of the African Savannah.
* TLKMuck has about sixty regular users. These people sign on at varying
* times, but most activity occurs from 15:00 to 2:00 CDT [20:00 to 06:00 UTC]
* ... but most any time you sign on, you will find SOMEONE online (except
* for some mornings).
* There are ONLY two groups on TLKMuck, otherwise known as 'prides'. These
* two prides encompass everyone in one way or another. The two prides are
* ruled by opposed lions, Simba and Kisasian.
* Usually a new character will remain neutral until they decide on a pride to
* align with. Though the Kings themselves have a lot of hostility between
* them, you yourself can have varying degrees of like/dislike. However, be
* prepared to defend your pride when trouble starts ... Since Simba's pride
* is very well known (having a major motion picture helps!) his side is quite
* large and growing fast. On the other hand, Kisasian's, who is only known
* by few from 'The Tales of Tanabi', is not growing very fast. It at this
* point is an elite few.
* TLKMuck is to provide a warm and friendly environment to all its users.
* The only exception is In Character actions, as follows:
* TLKMuck's users are encouraged to remain In Character (IC) while on the
* MUCK. A user's objects and actions should remain consistent with their
* defined behaviors if using a pre-exsistant character, or remain constant and
* consistent with their background. This includes sex, species, and other
* defining characteristics.
* TLKMuck users are expected to contribute and participate in the MUCK. This
* includes building and actively participating in live discussion.
* Quantitative values will not be placed on this issue because personalities
* differ. However, a minimal amount of both is expected. Use your better
* judgement. And most of all, HAVE FUN!
* [A TLKMuck FAQ was recently posted to Usenet, and may be retrieved from
* <URL:http://web.syr.edu/~pjkappes/furry/Other/tlkmuck.txt>]
*StrawberryFields MUCK 5555 (report by Puck)
* aptlabta.wpi.edu 5555
* <URL:telnet://>
* "It's themeless, quotaless right now, and running... I'm Puck there as well
* and I'm the God. Laffers is Head wiz. There's no registration. You just
* connect and create a character. I need builders and coders right now but
* anyone can log on and do whatever they like."
*FluffMUCK 8888 (report by Yakko)
* loach.org 8888 <URL:telnet://>
* Running on a small server and is still new. Public building is available,
* and there is lots of room for growth. Characters can be created on connect.
* If you know of any other MU*s with a furry theme or which allow furry
* characters, please let me <pjka...@mailbox.syr.edu> know! Write up a
* description, of comparable length to the entries above (brief or long) and
* send it to me, and I'll include it in the next posting. Or if you have more
* info on the ones listed skimpily, please send it!
*Part 1 of this FAQ provides basic introductory information about MU*s; Part
*3 is posted only to alt.fan.furry{.muck}, and contains a calendar and
*schedule of public events, and a summary list of addresses.
*Slow newsfeed? For updates between postings see the Furry FAQs page!
* New & Improved Homepage: http://web.syr.edu/~pjkappes/furry/
* This FAQ: http://web.syr.edu/~pjkappes/furry/muckdesc.html
*End of Furry MU*s FAQ (2/3) $Revision: 4.20 $ $Date: 1995/08/13 16:33:35 $

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