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Jan 13, 2001, 11:27:34 AM1/13/01
First off, he's a dick.

OK, now that we got that out of the way...

A fantastic public-service page has opened at

Someone has finally gathered together all the stories about this creep.
If you have any information of your own, or are just curious as to why so
many people are up in arms over this guy, check it out.

I have my own beef with this Bervoets, because he's masquerading as MY
CHARACTER! And I want it back.

I wrote a story called "Nakobi" back in 1993 for my friend Lyon Castro.
Shortly thereafter he obtained the African lion cub that he is so
well-known for, and named him Nakobi. He was a little worried that little
kids who saw Nakobi at their schools might do a web search on the name and
find the story. The name itself is unique, being a bastardization of two
unrelated Swahili words -- I just liked the way it sounded when I combined
them. But being sensitive to Lyon's concern, I simply changed the
spelling of the name to Nekobe. Same pronunciation, different spelling.

The story and subseqent ones were made public on my web page at

Not long afterward, I had reports that someone was using the name Nekobe
on a couple of MU*'s, specifically Tapestries and TLK. I don't get TOO
bent out of shape if someone wants to play one of my characters, provided
they remain true to the character's personality. The Nekobe that was
appearing on the MU*'s and then on newsgroups was certainly *not*
flattering to my character.

I eventually tracked him down and spoke to him about it. He made the
following outrageous claim (paraphrased, since I cannot remember the
exact semi-English wording he used):

"It is not the Nekobe from your stories. I took this character from a
cartoon from back in the '70's, from either England or France, called 'The
Adventures of Nakobi and Nekobe.' It was an educational cartoon about
brushing teeth."

He went on to explain that because this alleged cartoon had a lion in it
called Nekobe, I could certainly not lay claim to the name and character.

He then showed up at Anthrocon with a badge that read "Nekobe, Janitor
Lion," which, I might point out, is exactly the character from my story.

I have never been able to find any evidence of this alleged cartoon, and
the coincidence that he is claiming -- that this cartoon had two janitor
lions with names identical to ones I had made up, both of which are
pronounced the same -- is just too hard for a megawolf to swallow.

And the scary part is that I am sure he really *believes* that what he is
saying is true. He is what we call "delusional." He imagines things, and
those things become reality to him. That is why you cannot argue with
him, nor can you get him to admit it when he screws up. In his mind,
things happened entirely differently from the way anyone else saw them,
and he is quite certain that his memory is accurate.

In other words, he's not a liar. He's just insane.

Either way, he oughta be locked away for good. At least I'd be able to
talk about my character in public again without people mistaking him for
the The Thing From Belgium.



Gabriel Gentile

Jan 13, 2001, 9:09:17 PM1/13/01
Welcome to the wonderful world of being a creative person in furry fandom,

Your story isn't the first I've heard along it's lines, and I have a bad
feeling it's not going to be the last.

Heck, I heard about how someone walked up to the "Kevin and Kell" guy (Okay,
so I DON'T know his name off the top of my head! SUE me, whydoncha?!) and
asked for a picture of Lindesfarne and Kell's son doing.... something that
children are definately NOT supposed to do.

But what are you gonna do? After all, it's "their" fandom.

Gabriel Gentile
Come for the demolition derby, stay for the pie

Chuck Melville

Jan 13, 2001, 9:48:18 PM1/13/01

Gabriel Gentile wrote:

> Heck, I heard about how someone walked up to the "Kevin and Kell" guy...

Who, Bil Holbrook?

-Chuck Melville-


weekly comic strip: STARS 'n' STRIPES

Bart: Wow, a former president living right across the street.
Homer: Oh, why did he have to move in on _my_ territory? Look at him.
Thinks just because he led the free world, he can act like a big shot! Stupid
President... why couldn't he just stay in his own state?
Lisa: Actually, this _is_ one of the nine states where Mr. Bush claims
residency, Dad. I wouldn't have voted for him, but it's nice to have a
celebrity in the neighborhood.
Homer: Wait a minute... if _Lisa_ didn't vote for him... and _I_ didn't vote
for him --
Marge: You didn't vote for anybody.
Homer: I voted for Prell to go back to the old glass bottle. After that, I
became deeply cynical.
-- A rare glimpse of Homer, member of the electorate, "Two Bad Neighbors"

bob nelson

Jan 13, 2001, 11:06:54 PM1/13/01
My own set of experiences will soon be added to that
page, though I personally didn't have many problems with
him. It was only after the Con that I found out he had
been banned for his behavior and we've also found out about unpleasant
experiences other furs have had with him.

I have been to all of the Anthrocons and they've all been a blast. Most of
us are well-behaved but those who aren't
can create big problems for everybody. It's bad enough
that his behavior at the Con was a major headache to
Uncle Kage, one of the nicest and most dedicated people in the fandom (and
who doesn't need this kind of crap!).
Now add the bad experiences others have had. They
don't need that crap either. Even though he wasn't really a hassle to me,
the fact that he has created
problems and hassles to others does get me upset.

Hope my own account, soon to be added to that page,
will help.

"Rogue" <ro...@tigerden.com> wrote in message


Jan 14, 2001, 10:40:36 PM1/14/01
Well, if we in the states are lucky, since his arrest the INS may
have a look into his case, and put him on the next Sabena flight out of
Orlando back to europe. My condolances to those over there, but he
probably will end up being deported the way immigration is handling
people on visa's who break the law. If we're lucky.

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