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Matthew L. High

Jan 18, 1993, 8:03:31 AM1/18/93

FROM THE JACKAL'S DEN #1 January 18, 1993

News and information about the furry side of Antarctic Press,
Happy Jackal Graphics, and assorted other folks.


Hokay, just some random news and notes about lots of stuff:

FURRLOUGH #6 is now available in comics stores - and due to a
combination of low circulation and unexpectedly strong sales,
we are *completely* sold out (!!). So, if you see a copy
in the store and want it, better grab it before someone else

Issue 6 features a cover by Peregrin, stories by Joe
Rosales (more Romanics), Todd Sutherland and Charles Davies
(Postglacies: The Last Step), and Toivo Rovainen (Hairlift).
As always, we are veryveryvery hungry for comments and

WILD LIFE #1 ships off to the printers in a couple of hours.
Front cover by Joe Rosales, and the following stories:
"The Cop and the Anthem" by John Nunnemacher
"Wildlifers" by Joe Rosales
"Water We Fighting For" by Todd Sutherland and Charles Davies
"Junkyard Dogs" by Peter Stoller
"Crossways" by G. Raymond Eddy.

Issue 1 should hit the comics shops around the first of the month.

FURRLOUGH #7 will come out in March, but the issue is already done.
Front cover by Tom Verre; back cover by Phil Morrissey (actually
a reprint of the cover to issue 5, this time CORRECTLY done).
"Stosstrupp II" by Ted Sheppard
"A Simple Extradition" by Keith and Kyla Littlejohn
"Officer Talk" by Riley
"Dog Starr" by Pat Dolan

WILD LIFE #2 comes out in May, but much of the issue is already set.
Front cover by Phil Morrissey.
"Buffalo Wings", part one, by the esteemed John Nunnemacher.
(yes, a reprint, but Shon tells me it will be partially reworked).
"Wildlifers" by Joe Rosales
"Crossways" by Walt Staples and G. Raymond Eddy\
Plus Shon Howell, Ted Sheppard, and maybe more!

FURRLOUGH #8 also comes out in May, and the lineup is as follows:
Front cover by Shon Howell.
"Romanics" by Joe Rosales
"Stosstrupp II" by Ted Sheppard
"A Simple Extradition" by the Littlejohns, conclusion
"Officer Talk" by Riley, conclusion

In June, Antarctic debuts it's newest furry book - GENUS. Genus will be
a quarterly, mature anthology series, more of a "turbo-charged Wild
Life", with stories ranging from PG13 to hard R. Not necessarily an
adult title, and probably with very little actual action - but adult
situations, some nudity, some language, etc. Already confirmed for
the first three issues: "The Bottom End" by Peter Stoller. Also, keep
an eye out for stories from Brian Sutton, Pat Dolan, Dennis Stahl,
Jim Groat, Mike Curtis, etc, etc, etc.

Coming up in July is HIT THE BEACH, an annual swimsuit edition of
Furrlough. Hit The Beach will have some pinups, but early indicatiosn
are that it will be story-heavy. Wow.

Coming up in late 1993 are also the following: HEY, NEETERS! Graphic
Novel, which reprints old stuff, and also has new stuff. Projected
date on that is October or November. Also, AZTEC AMAZON WOMEN by
Kurt Wilcken and Shon Howell - a one-shot (?) to appear in mid-to-
late 1993. Coming after that is DRAGONWING, by Kurt Wilcken, which
is an (at least) two-parter, alot like a modern-day CAPRICORN. Mark
Shaw's WALTER KITTY may appear as its own series, but will probably
be serialized in one of the three anthology books.


Now, a brief run on over to the small press side of things:

WILDLIFE APAzine #3 came out in mid-December, at 84 pages, 14 returning
and 5 new artists. Assorted talent includes: Kyla Littlejohn,
Mel. White, Daphne Lage, Tracy Kazaleh, Riley, Kjartan Arnorsson,
Jim Harrington, Dennis Stahl, and many others. Cover price is $7
(that's $5 to subscribers) plus $1.50 postage.

Also out is FURPLAY #3, at 32 pages with the likes of Kurt Wilcken,
Jerry Collins, Robert Newell, Dan Flahive, Robert de Jesus, Jason
Waltrip, and others. Cover is $3 plus $.75 postage.

Hot off the presses is THE BESTIARY OMNIBUS, a 94 page, 8 1/2" x 11"
tome that collects the first five issues of Bestiary. Contributors
include Scott Alston, Kjartan Arnorsson, Tracy Kazaleh, Juan Alfonso,
Taral Wayne, and others. Cover price is $6 plus $1.50 postage.

Several new folios have come out, too. The HAKU-HASIN BATTLEFIELD DIARY
is now out, with 20, 8 1/2" x 11" plates, all by Jerry Collins, for
$12 plus $2 postage. CLAYTON, a collection of artwork by Bryce
Nakagawa, 12 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 plates, for $10 plus $2 postage.


Brian Sutton is putting the final touches on his FUN WITH FOOD folio,
12 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 plates for $10 plus $2 postage. Joe Rosales is
working on an 8 plate minifolio, of all guys.

WILDLIFE APAzine #4 will be out in mid-February, and will sport a
color cover by Brian Sutton. Huzzah.

As always, the Happy Jackal Graphics Catalog is always available, for
a 6" x 9" 75-cent SASE. The next version of the catalog will be
about 48 pages long.



There hasn't been much talk about it here (quite surprisingly, I might add),
but there's a pretty big convention for furry fans coming up - it's
called ConFurence 4, and Happy Jackal Graphics/Antarctic Press plans
to attend.

Unfortunately, Brian Sutton came down with a minor medical emergency of
late, which has totally incapacitated him, so he will not be going. As
originally planned, I (Matthew High), will be driving out there, and
Joe Rosales is flying out. A third is coming too, which will be resolved

As always, we will be selling everything that we possibly can. Furthermore,
we are official Antarctic reps, and can look over and accept submissions/
story ideas/etc. at the convention.

We'll also be bringing display copies of Wild Life #1 and Furrlough #7
to peruse. Huzzah again!



As many of ya'll have probably noticed, I've been kinda quiet here on
the 'net as of late. That's because I've had a positively punishing
publishing/editing/printing schedule, which has kept me (almost
completely) off the net. I've let my personal email slide almost to
oblivion. If anyone has any comments/questions that they positively,
absolutely need a reply to, feel free to call at 210-340-2345.

(takes a quick look over at the clock) - sheesh - have I been on THAT
long? Well, I'll write more later. I still have many miles to go,
before I sleep.

- net.spy! (

"Oh no! They're doing it CLOWN STYLE!"

PS See accompanying post on Antarctic titles and such.

Jan 18, 1993, 12:25:35 PM1/18/93



"Junkyard Dogs" Written by Noel Tominack and drawn by Peter Stoller

Well, I *Planned* on having another story in FURRLOUGH, but preliminary
word from Shon Howell vis a vis Peter Stoller is that the story I had written
for an upsoming issue needs a lot of reworking. [I knew is wasn't as strong as
my previous writings, but I needed to establish the scenario--can't start a car
off in highest gear...]

I still need to talk with them, but hopefully I can come up with a
couple more shots at a decent story before Spring Semester.

Other than that, not much going on

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