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* Rhal's Version of an Elaborate Alt.Fan.Furry.Muck *
* Frequently-Asked-Questions Sheet: *
* Part the Second, containing Summaries of MU*s Furry *

There are hundreds of MUCKs, MUDs, MUSHes, etc. (collectively known as
MU*s), but this being, we'll look at the ones
featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic

* FurryMUCK * WizMUCK
* Tapestries MUCK * InterWorld
* NarniaMUSH * Pathways
* Sociopolitical Ramifications * Animal Nation
* Trails * Unbridled Desires
* Brazilian Dreams * RealmsMUCK
* FurToonia

FurryMUCK 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
The definite article, as it were, the biggest MUCK by far, and the
best-known of the genre. Some folks roleplay all the time, some part of
the time, some just sit around and talk - lots of tolerance here for
what you want to do.

The advantage of FurryMUCK is its size: you can meet many interesting
characters at every time of the day, and soon you have lots of friends.
You can explore for weeks and you still haven't seen everything.
However, size is also FurryMUCK's problem, as it lags badly when many
players are connected. There is a building quota of 20 rooms, so if
you want to build much more, you will perhaps better do it elsewhere.

At the FurryMUCK greeting screen, type
connect guest guest
to get a guest character, and follow the instructions to read the help
files and begin getting familiar with how things work. You will need
to ask a wizard to let you out of the guest room into the MUCK. Type
to see what wizards are online, and use
page <name> = <text>
to talk to them. If there are no wizards online, you must try again
later. After that, if you want to get a permanent character, apply by
email to the address given on the opening screen.

Help files for FurryMUCK users can be found at
<URL:>. This includes
the Beginners-Guide, the Building-Guide, the Commands-Global-Help, the
Gen-Desc help, as well as the MUFReference and MUFTutorial. Various
information files can also be read while connected to FurryMUCK, using the
"info" command, but many of these may also be gotten from

The Official FurryMUCK Web Pages have extensive documentation, including
the help files mentioned above, and more, at <URL:>.

Tapestries MUCK 2069 (Report by Taisia) 2069 <URL:telnet://>
Started in October of 1991, Tapestries is the second longest running Furry
based muck. It prides itself on the fact that it is an alternative
lifestyle, Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world
system, offering a variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build,
and lag-free zone to sit and chat with the natives. It is a registration
based only system.

NarniaMUSH site closed; status uncertain
NarniaMUSH is a largely (though not exclusively) "furry" MU*, this one
being a PG-rated, themed environment based off of C. S. Lewis' `Chronicles
of Narnia' books. It's far more roleplaying-oriented than FurryMUCK. As
this is a MUSH, it is technically slightly different from MUCKs, with
somewhat different commands.

Unlike FurryMUCK, NarniaMUSH has a strictly defined theme, and only
allows characters native in Narnia or the surrounding countries. This
might require some knowledge about the underlying literature to play

Alas, despite the divinely-inspired theme, NarniaMUSH is not immune to
human foibles; and so it has passed on to Aslan's kingdom.

Sociopolitical Ramifications 4711 (Report by Unci) 4711
SPR, for short, is one of FurryMUCK's `children' - a MUCK that was
founded when FurryMUCK became too big and lagged. Therefore, many
furries known from FurryMUCK can be found on SPR too. There is no
rigid theme, the general flair is a bit more high-tech oriented than in
FurryMUCK. SPR has no building quota: you can build as much as you
want. Also, SPR does without explicit rules for non-wizards. You can
log in as guest and get a character immediately from any wizard. For
more information, check the WWW homepage at

Trails 8888 (Report by Unci) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
A young, small, friendly MUCK, ready to grow, run by Swiftfox on his
private site. Theme: Earth without the humans running things. Mostly
rural settings, more unspoiled nature than high-tech. Building of
large, varied nature landscapes is encouraged (no quota). Limited
access to the future is planned. As it is still under construction,
some programs not yet functional.

Brazilian Dreams 8888 (from the BD web page) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
"Green" and "Furry Friendly", with a modest sized userbase that's more
personal than many larger Mu*s. Originally centered around a representation
of the Brazilian Rainforest, the database has been rewritten completely
from scratch to benefit from the newest features of the server software
(fuzzball 5.40), to become more efficiently built and programmed, and to
herald the new Themed areas to the Muck:

* Mesoamerica - administered by Lori_Keet
The Aztecs: A civilization without the wheel. A civilization which
believed sacrifice kept the sun moving. A race of conquering
warriors. A civilization depending on cyclic history and its
religion to see the world, filled with customs. The Mesoamerican
area will strongly encourage role-playing and authenticity. All
characters will be expected to be those who could have reached
Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City) around the year 1450, and expected
to take roles from that era. If someone offers you the "Best Seats
in the House" for the temple sacrifice, just say no.

* Rainfurests - administered by Flame & Jadine
The Rainfurest is a tropical paradise full of mystery and moisture.
Jungles, beaches and ancient temples are the setting for a band of
tropical furries of every color, size, shape and scent.

* Eastern Realm - administered by Porsupah
The feel is a mix of Taoist and Confucian, tending slightly towards
the former in the north; the terrain varies from low-lying
undulating lands down towards the coastline, rising into higher
hills, eventually into the high mountains.

* And the Unthemed/OOC area [Sky Island and the Bistro]
- administered by K'has
The realm of the one and only K'has. The Waiting Out the Muck Lags
Bistro continues as an out-of-character, chat area.

Brazilian Dreams is striving to become more focused on Role Playing while
still keeping in touch with its mission of networking writers on the 'Net,
through events such as Lori_Keet's Storyteller's Circle. The muck
frequently hosts beta tests of new code. The Brazilian Dreams Homepage can
be explored at <URL:>.

Comments/questions regarding the changeover to the new DB may be page
#mail'd to Maori on FurryMUCK, or can be emailed to
<>, or connect to BD's old port at
<URL:telnet://> and page #mail/page Tisha.
Ultimately, a way will be set up to ##bamf over from the old DB to the new,
but the wizzes want to allow people to log into both for the time being.

FurToonia 9999 (from Furry FAQ) 9999 <URL:telnet://>
FurToonia is another child of FurryMUCK, populated mostly by furries and
toons who wanted to escape the lag and crowding of the larger MUCK, and
also have the chance to do some creative public building projects. The
porting of characters from FurryMUCK is made much easier by a very similar
software base, with the most popular program for character descriptions,
#6800, having the same object number in both MUCKs. FurToonia's WWW
homepage is inaccessible at the moment. [N.B. The MUCK is running on the
same box as Brazilian Dreams, which has been suitably upgraded, and it
seems to run around 30% faster than the old site, according to Porsupah.]

WizMUCK 4201 (Report by Charity) 4201 <URL:telnet://>
An anthropomorphic muck, similar in nature to FurryMuck. Furries and humans
and such are all welcome. The muck has rather relaxed quotas, and little
lag. It features social playspace, as well as connected rooms, in the
interest of good building.

InterWorld 6201 (Report by Charity) 6201 <URL:telnet://>
A Realm based muck with many realms offering a choice of living. As such,
all character types are welcome. A great spot for builders, with low
quotas. Lots of room to add to existing realms, or to start a new realm of
your own.

Pathways 8888 (From the Pathways web page) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
CHARTER: Pathways is a social role-playing muck. The term role-playing is
used in the sense of playing out a role, rather than combat and earning
points or levels or money or treasure. The background describes a reality
in which, apart from the Paths themselves, technology and physics matches
pretty closely to the technology of the late twntieth century on Earth, and
the physical laws as we know them. Imagine the technology of a richer
Earth, where the resources from the worlds along the Paths fuel a
renaissance like the world has never known, the way the resources of the
solar system *should* be flowing into our world today, if people and
governments had the courage to take them.

Characters should match that sort of reality. Magic has to have some
plausible physical explanation. Psi should have a technical base. Places
that are built within the station should match the theme there, of a
pleasant resort in a harsh environment. If you want to build one of the
worlds along the Paths, try and keep the actual built-up areas small and

BACKGROUND: Somewhere, some time ago, someone created or discovered Paths
between the worlds. Whether they're natural or artificial, whether the
Worlds are in the same Universe or different ones, is hotly debated. What
happened to the original Engineers is unknown. But their gates remain, and
the strange black crystals that make them work.

Later, much later, an expedition from a technical world landed on their
nearest moon and found a working station on the gold Path. They stepped
through the gate and found station after station threaded along the Path
like pearls on a string. The gold stations are all on airless planetoids,
and in all the gold systems there's a world where thinking minds live. On
one station, though there was a second Path. The green Path leads from
planet to planet, wild planets, inhabited if at all by primitives...
certainly no expedition has found anything more intelligent than the local
equivalents of wolves or monkeys.

Did the Engineers seed these worlds, or did they lay down the Paths to
match the worlds they found? Who knows? None of the races of the gold lay
claim to the title... even at the station where the two paths meet.

Pathways is inspired by the story "The Shadow of the Ship" by W. Franson.
The Paths are similar to the Trails in that story, but friendlier. Similar
ideas are found in Roger Zelazny's "Roadmarks" and other stories.

Argent's summary: "A space-based non-human Muck, not *explicitly* furry but
certainly very approachable by furries (OK, the animated pinecone isn't
very furry but the hyperactive mustelids and Slate's cat people sure are).
In short, the Brazilian Dreams concept in a high-tech setting." The
Pathways web page is at <URL:>,
and has extensive background information on various species, etc.

Animal Nation 7777 (Report by Risseth) 7777 <URL:telnet://>
The theme is loosely a feudal Japanese setting, with animals, of course.
Lots of room for expansion, too, so feel free to come and look around.
[Now running 24 hours a day at this new site.]

Unbridled Desires 8888 (Report by Foxy) 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Welcome screen says: "This tinymuck is an adventure land for those with
brave hearts. It's not like your average muck in that your character by
their action may get changed in little or great ways." A small, *not*
equine-based furry muck, although a lot of the players take equine based
characters (horses, 'taurs, unicorns, pegasii etc). It's a buy a friend
bunch, and most people seem to know each other, making for a friendly
environment. It is also soon to have its own fanzine, "Hot to Trot",
although the web page previously available has been taken down.

RealmsMUCK 7765 (Report by Unci) 7765 <URL:telnet://>
A furry/science-fiction MUCK, adult-rated I think. This seems to exist a
longer time already.
If you know of any other MU*s with a furry theme or which allow furry
characters, please let me <> know! Write up a
description, of comparable length to the entries above (brief or long) and
send it to me, and I'll include it in the next posting. Or if you have more
info on the ones listed skimpily, please send it!
Part 1 of this FAQ provides basic introductory information about MU*s; Part
3 is posted only to{.muck}, and contains a calendar and
schedule of public events, and a summary list of addresses.
Slow newsfeed? For updates between postings see the Furry FAQs page!
This FAQ:
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