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Ray Rooney

Apr 1, 1994, 2:57:00 AM4/1/94
Cross-posted from FurNet

Area Fur_Mag, Msg#296, Mar-30-94 10:42:02
From: Stanley Alston
To: Tygger
Subject: Responses again

TY>I can't and won't speak for the others.

I hope they do speak for themselves, so that I can give them his

TY>As I said before, I'll say something in the future. ;)

And, as I said, he'll be waiting for the reply. ;)

TY>You're welcome. :)

Thank you. :)

TY>I may say Alstonitis, but PLEASE don't think I'm using it to
TY>deliberately hurt. I use it only as an adjective. If you rather I
TY>not use it, I'll try not to.

We would rather you didn't. Thank you. :)

TY>Not yet. I've been REAL busy getting ready to send art to cons.

Well, he hopes its real soon. Especially after he got a letter from
Terrie asking him if he had seen her piece in it. Oh, please let him
know when you do send it, okay? Wish you luck on any art sales. :)


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D.A.C. Crowell

Apr 1, 1994, 10:39:28 AM4/1/94
I've been watching this whole thing for some time now, and one thing
about it has begun to bug the _crap_ out of me. Have you all noticed
that, although this is about _Scott_ Alston's artwork, all we ever
hear from is _Stanley_ Alston. Is Scott not capable of speaking up for
his own work?
I've always had a great deal of trouble with things in the
furry sphere that arrive via second-hand info paths, and this is
beginning to become no exception to that. All we get is "Scott says
this" and "Scott feels that" and so on. Is Scott not capable of using
the computer himself, Stan? Hm?
In short, shaddap and let the _real_ player in this thing
talk...namely _Scott_ Alston. You ain't your brother, Stan, nor
should you be your brother's keeper. Let his speak for himself,
because we'd rather hear _his own_ statements on all of this...not
him as filtered through _you_.

D.A.C. Crowell
Audio Design and Programming
KnowledgeMedia/The Aerodyne Works
Champaign, IL, USA.

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