Red Shetland goes "PBS"

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Dec 19, 1992, 4:18:14 PM12/19/92
Hiyahello! Just picked up Red Shetland #6 at the local comics shop... What a
hoot! =) Mothra unmasked! Red Shetland in a dress! (Also, Red nekkid, too,
but, oh well. =P )

Anyway, looks like GraphXPress is in trouble (big news), and I thought I'd give
my fingers some exercise by typing in the editorial column from RS #6 to include
a blatant plead for help... ("Furry" comics aren't doing so hot, huh?)

--begin editorial--

From the Head Bozo
--Jim Groat

Well the International Comics Festival, in Angoleme, France, was as they
advertised, jammed with people. But truthfully it sucked. It seems that the
French only like 64 page color hardbacks, much like Tin-tin or Asterix the Gaul
you might see on the shelves of your local shop or bookstore. They consider
comics done the American way as throw aways, not worth spending money on. In
short, we got burned big time. Between the French customs, the French kids (who
took anything not nailed down as free), we're $6500.00 in the hole. Adding
insult to injury, no European distributors were interested in American comics
(with the usual exception of TMNT) so there was a loss there. Add to this, the
loss of over 100 RED SHETLAND cloisenne pins, stolen by gypsy kids. That was
about 80% of our stock of pins. /Never/ attent the International Comics
Festival in Angoleme, France.

Which leads to this. We need help, big time and soon, or there will be no more
RED SHETLAND. Here's out offer... Much like a PBS station, we need financial
aid, both in sales and donations. For donations of $100.00 you get an original
page of your choice from the RED SHETLAND series (except issue#1). For $500.00,
not only do you get the page of your choice, but the color cover of your choice
(Including issue 1). This offer is also good on EQUINE THE UNCIVILIZED, but
the pages are $50.00 each. All donations will be gratefully accepted and
acknowledged in issue #7. Please list three choices in order of preference.
Please make checks or money orders payable to GRAPHXPRESS.

So please help out if you can, because you are gonna love what we've got planned
for issues 8-10.

The animation account is now at $4175.00 and we are still accepting donations
for that. $6000.00 will show the Canadians are serious.

And back by popular demand ... our first full color T-shirt, "YOU WANT MY
OPINION?!" showing Red giving the finger. $15.00, plus $2.00 postage.

THANKS YOUS this issue go out to Darril Exline and Mitchell Cox for buying pages
of RED SHETLAND when the advance notice went out on the Fidonet BBSs: THE POLAR


--end of editorial, except for plugs--

-Jordan ..
.OO. Jordan Peacock (Jordan Greywolf)
O/\O (New Address): 1610 Parker
-- Cedar Falls, IA 50613

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