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Nov 19, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/19/96

LoneportMUSH - sopts.snowmeow.com 1112

LoneportMUSH is a small, new mush that is furry themed.

The theme of the mush is a fantasy/renissance northern city filled with
magic and wonder. There are also dragons who live in, and protect the
city. It is furry in nature so there are no humans or out of theme
characters running about.
Being a new MUSH there is a need for good mush coders. I for one don't
want my world looking like everyone elses. Though if you ask me to make
you a Wiz the moment you first log in, I will say no. I want people who
know better than that.
Though officially we are in 'pre-opening' mode, you may log on, make a
character, and start exploring.

-- Tenil
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