Knechtschaft Studio Setting Up At CF8!

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Edwin "Pelzig" Dyer, III

Jan 6, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/6/97

Greetings, furs.

Firstly, here is wishing you and yours a happy and bright New Year! Just
dropping a post to let you all know that Knechtschaft Studio will be
setting up at ConFURence 8 beginning this coming 16th. and weąll be
coming loaded to bear. :)

New items to be had include:

Fox One #2
The łWarriors Thru The Ages˛ issue! Military anthropomorphic
illustrations brought to you by no less than 13 artists whose works span
the ages of the soldier, from antiquity to the near future. Featured
artists include Foxy, Steve Corbett, M.C. de Alarcon, Pelzig, Bryon
Havranek, Boss Hoss, Scott Johnson, Bill Koonts, Ryan McKeever, Jeff
Pierce, Mike Reed, Ted Sheppard, and Chris Whalen. 38 pages of art in a
staple bound, 8.5˛ X 11˛ fanzine format. Price is $4.00ppd.

Viktoriaąs Secret Winter 1996 Catalog
The popular lingerie furry fanzine returns in this latest issue with
11 artists, boasting 34 pages of exotic and sultry lingerie pin-up
illustrations by such artists as Deremo-Long Chen, Kishma Danielle,
Quentin Dumas, Boss Hoss, Zephery Hughes, Marc Leveille, Tygger, Dee
Schiller, Terrie Smith, Chris Whalen, and Tanamin Wingate. Look for the
centerfold illustration by Tygger Graf! Viktoriaąs Secret is in a
8.5˛X11˛ format and staple bound. Price is $5.00ppd.

Furlined, Volume 2, Issue 2
The more adult geared companion to Viktoriaąs Secret, Furlined comes
loaded with 13 artists, providing 38 pages of erotic pin-up
illustrations. Featured artists include Tanamin Wingate, Tygger Graf,
Daphne Lage, Zephery Hughes, Marc Leveille, Quentin Dumas, Terrie Smith,
Mike Reed, Kishma Danielle, Deremo-Long Chen, Chris Whalen, Ed łPelzig˛
Dyer, and Samuel Lienhard. Full, pull-out centerfold illustration by
Terrie Smith! Furlined comes in a staple bound, 8.5˛X11˛ fanzine
format. Price is $5.00ppd.

Things to look for at our table!

Ashcan for łThe Best Of Viktoriaąs Secret˛ #1
The first two issues of Viktoriaąs Secret are sold out and the third
is about there as well. This collection compiles the best illustrations
of the three issues under one set of covers. Featured artists include
Jose Montes, Quentin Dumas, Matt Lunsford, Daphne Lage, Terrie Smith,
Tygger, Chris Whalen, and Scott Alston. Slated for a total page count
of 40, this issue will highlight each issues production numbers and
history as well as providing artist contact information. Price is to be

Ashcan for łThe Best Of Furlined˛ #1
Similar in situation to itąs sister Śzine, łThe Best Of Furlined˛ will
highlight the best illustrations in the first volume. Featured artists
include Tygger Graf, Chris Whalen, Terrie Smith, Daphne Lage, Quentin
Dumas, and Matt Lunsford.

Fire & Fur APA #7: The Public Issue
This special edition of the Fire & Fur APA, an anthropomorphic
artist/writer APA, brings to the public eye for the first time, the
memberąs works, both artistically and written. Talents include Bill
Koonts, Dwayne Ferguson, Gary Lee Seto, Jon Yeager, Foxy, Jason Thomas,
Bryon Havranek, Summer Jackson, Pelzig, Quentin Dumas, James Birdsall,
and more! Issue #7 follows ConFURence 8ąs theme of music, mirth, and
scalies so it makes a fine companion to the conventionąs program book!
And this edition comes packed with two, full color pages by
artist/writer Dwayne Ferguson! Check it out!

Ashcan for Fur-X-otica
The follow-on portfolio to Erotifur X, this Śfolio collection of
Pelzigąs fanzine contributions for the years 1995 and 1996 will feature
between ten to sixteen pieces of illustration on heavyweight paper,
polybagged, and limited to 50 in number. Price is $14.00ppd.

We are also carrying limited numbers of Daphne Lage products as well as
select Mu Press titles! And donąt forget the łTrinity˛ portfolio series
featuring Terrie Smith, Tygger Graf, and Daphne Lage!

Look us up in the Publisherąs Row at CF8 and see what we have to offer.

See ya there!


Ed łPelzig˛ Dyer of Knechtschaft Studio

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