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There are hundreds of MUCKs, MUDs, MUSHes, etc. (collectively known as
MU*s), but there are more than a dozen featuring anthropomorphics:
intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic creations/whatever. Listed by
approximate size or popularity, with an alphabetized table of all the
addresses at the end.

* FurryMUCK * Tygryss MUCK
* Tapestries * Timescape
* FurToonia * FoxMUCK
* Sociopolitical Ramifications * NIMH Muck
* Trails * African Tails MUCK
* Pathways * Mithril Muck
* Unbridled Desires * Animal Village MUCK
* RealmsMUCK * BaltoMUCK
* GhostWheel * Phoenix (formerly AniMUCK)
* Lion King MUCK * FurVilutionMUCK
* FluffMUCK * Tall Grass MUCK
* TerraFrore * Summergreen MUCK
* Imbris MUSH (German language) * Alfandria
* FurryFuzz * Dark Dreams MUCK
* Redwall MUCK * Frontier Galaxy MUCK
* Sherwood MUCK * DarkFurr
* Bajor3D (formerly BajorMUCK) * DSF (The Dark Side of a Fluff)
* Virtual Surreality * Camelot
* Mumu Land * Castles&Coves
* The Den * Circle of Life MUCK
* FurryFaire * TalesMUSH
* Loneport * The Prides MUCK
* Serengeti Nights * Toons, Furr, and Fluff
* Space: The Furry Frontier * ChaosMUCK
* Heaven's Door

FurryMUCK 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The biggest MUCK by far, and the best-known of the genre. Some folks
roleplay all the time, some part of the time, some just sit around and talk.
The advantage of FurryMUCK is its size: you can meet many
interesting characters at every time of the day, and soon you have lots of
friends. You can explore for weeks and you still haven't seen everything.
However, size is also FurryMUCK's problem, although the new site (see
below) may help matters. There is a building quota of 20 rooms, so if you
want to build much more, you will perhaps better do it elsewhere.
At the FurryMUCK greeting screen, type
connect guest guest
to get a guest character, and follow the instructions to read the help
files and begin getting familiar with how things work. You will need to
ask a wizard to let you out of the guest room into the MUCK. Type
to see what wizards are online, and use
page <name> = <text>
to talk to them. If there are no wizards online, you must try again later.
After that, if you want to get a permanent character, apply by email to
the address given on the opening screen.
Various information files can be read while connected, using the "info"
command, and the Official FurryMUCK Web Pages have extensive documentation,
at <URL:>. The "Getting Started" section
<URL:> is especially helpful.

Tapestries (From from the Tapestries web page) 2069 2069 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Started in October of 1991, Tapestries is the second longest running Furry
based muck. It prides itself on the fact that it is an alternative lifestyle,
Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world system, offering a
variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build, and lag-free zone to
sit and chat with the natives.
Tapestries MUCK is a place for furries to go when they want a safe place
to play, to explore their desires, to not worry about the person they are
playing with possibly being underage at the other side of the screen, nor if
they will get flamed for making out in public, or having too explicit of a
100% Furry... Tapestries MUCK is for furries, and furries only, the
furred, the scaled, but definitely not the monkeys. We feel that there are
many hundreds of MU*s for humans, and thus we are trying to provide a place
where you don't have to worry about ever being asked why you chose to have
100% Adult... The Muck asks if you are over eighteen years of age at the
time of registation. It is not because we have a dislike for youngsters, but
it is to protect them, and the people of the muck. We feel that, at least for
here, people ought not have to worry about moral and legal concerns about who
might be on the other end of the line.
Playspace... Most of the world of Tapestries is considered a public
playspace, with safeword respected, with public scenes and play, with collars
worn with pride. A place you can take someone out on a leash, and not be
The place... The world itself is a mix of fantasy, and some high tech, but
for the most part, it appears as a laid back, small town. The roads being
walkways, lit by gas lamps at night, large forests covered in snow in the

FurToonia (From various sources) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
FurToonia is another child of FurryMUCK, populated mostly by furries and
toons who wanted to escape the lag and crowding of the larger MUCK, and also
have the chance to do some creative public building projects. The porting of
characters from FurryMUCK is made much easier by a very similar software base,
with the most popular program for character descriptions, #6800, having the
same object number in both MUCKs.
Porsupah, the kind fluff who got FurToonia its site at Trilobyte, is no
longer with that company. Although the MUCK continues to run there, there may
be significant delays to restarting it if it crashes. A new site is being

Sociopolitical Ramifications (Report by Unci) 23 23 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK of medium size and with some differences that make it particular,
promising a maximum of fun with a minimum of bureaucracy and regulations.
It's freestyle! There is no rigid theme or enforcement to play in
theme. Playing in character is encouraged but not required. You are
welcome to install themed areas in SPR. The general flavor is furry, with
a touch of high tech/science fiction and some more nature-based areas.
We try to keep our layout clear and topographically logical. From
the central city core, landscapes extend in four directions: Forests
(north), mountains (west), savannah (south), spaceport/plains (east). The
rest is up to you - build whatever you like, the building wizards are
there to help you.
You are encouraged to build public areas to extend SPR's land-
scape. We have enough room in the city if you want to build there, lots
of free space further out on the continent, and even outer space if you
want to have your own planet. Although there are no rigid building guide-
lines, high quality building is encouraged - SPR gives you a lot of tools
for this. Weather code will be added soon.
SPR has a lot of exclusive programs, which are improved from what
you can find elsewhere.
This is also one of the few MUCKs where you can do something
against wizards who violate the rules.
SPR is on a Swedish server, which means less net-lag for European
users and no problems with US laws.

Trails (Report by Unci) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
A young, small, friendly MUCK, ready to grow, run by SwiftFox on his
private site. Theme: Earth without the humans running things. Mostly
rural settings, more unspoiled nature than high-tech. Building of large,
varied nature landscapes is encouraged (no quota). Limited access to the
future is planned. As it is still under construction, some programs not
yet functional. Applications for characters on Trails can be made from
SwiftFox's home page at <URL:> now, too.

Pathways (From the Pathways web page) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Pathways is a social role-playing muck. The term role-playing is used in
the sense of playing out a role, rather than combat and earning points or
levels or money or treasure. The background describes a reality in which,
apart from the Paths themselves, technology and physics matches pretty
closely to the technology of the late twntieth century on Earth, and the
physical laws as we know them. Imagine the technology of a richer Earth,
where the resources from the worlds along the Paths fuel a renaissance like
the world has never known, the way the resources of the solar system
*should* be flowing into our world today, if people and governments had the
courage to take them.
Characters should match that sort of reality. Magic has to have
some plausible physical explanation. Psi should have a technical base.
Places that are built within the station should match the theme there, of a
pleasant resort in a harsh environment. If you want to build one of the
worlds along the Paths, try and keep the actual built-up areas small and
Argent's summary: "A space-based non-human Muck, not *explicitly*
furry but certainly very approachable by furries (OK, the animated pinecone
isn't very furry but the hyperactive mustelids and Slate's cat people sure
are). In short, the Brazilian Dreams concept in a high-tech setting."

Unbridled Desires (Report by Foxy) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
From the welcome screen: "This tinymuck is an adventure land for those
with brave hearts. It's not like your average muck in that your character by
their action may get changed in little or great ways." A small, *not* equine-
based furry muck, although a lot of the players take equine based characters
(horses, 'taurs, unicorns, pegasii etc). It's a buy a friend bunch, and most
people seem to know each other, making for a friendly environment. It also has
its own fanzine, "Hot to Trot". An unofficial web page is at

RealmsMUCK (From the Realms web page) 7765 7765 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK consisting of many different realms all connected to a central
point of space, linking through a series of portals to provide the access to
each area. Current realms that may be accessed from the central park of
wondrous realms are:
Pendor, a ringworld created from the "Journal Entries" stories by Elf
Sternberg. Recreated on this MUCK by many builders and designers, it has
numerous areas to explore and a full background and developed social and
technical structure to role play with. Various areas include the centaur town
of Rocchodain, Rhysh village and the nearby Rhysh castle, Parma station, and
so forth, all connected via stepdisks or on the Spinward March.
ToonTown - Yes, it's that world of toons and anvils and other crazy things
that you probably could never get away with without being in a cartoon. Enjoy
a stroll down Lunatic lane, or visit the sights sure to tickle your fancy.
Macrophile, the world where Giants are the norm, and normals are
Abyss - You know the place.. dark, mysterious, and always full of
surprises. Numerous areas to explore are here already, with many areas open
for expansion as well.
Dragon Realm - Sleek and powerful, the dragons rule this realm, and the
size and beauty of the lands reflect this.

GhostWheel (From Metalhead) 6969 6969 <URL:telnet://>
A furry-friendly post-holocost type roleplaying MUSH... Not a bad place,
but needs more people... ;^)

Lion King MUCK (From 'news' and TLKMuck FAQ) 7675 7675 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
[A MUCK with a theme based on Disney's "The Lion King."]
This professionally run online service allows you to 'Live the Lion
King' one step farther. Explore the Pride Lands and surrounding areas,
build new areas to add onto the Pride Lands, and most of all, talk to other
Lion King enthusiasts and ROLE PLAY a character right out of the African
TLKMuck has several dozen regular users. These people sign on at
varying times, but most activity occurs from 15:00 to 2:00 CDT [20:00 to
06:00 UTC] ... but most any time you sign on, you will find SOMEONE online
(except for some mornings).
Simba has joined his father among the stars, and Chaka is the new king.
Other prides are ruled by Kisasian (known from 'The Tales of Tanabi') and
Werevu. Usually a new character will remain neutral until they decide on a
pride to align with. Though the Kings themselves have a lot of hostility
between them, you yourself can have varying degrees of like/dislike.
However, be prepared to defend your pride when trouble starts ...
TLKMuck is to provide a warm and friendly environment to all its
users. The only exception is In Character actions, as follows:
TLKMuck's users are encouraged to remain In Character (IC) while on
the MUCK. A user's objects and actions should remain consistent with their
defined behaviors if using a pre-exsistant character, or remain constant
and consistent with their background. This includes sex, species, and
other defining characteristics. There are OOC areas for players who wish to
chat or relax.
TLKMuck users are expected to contribute and participate in the
MUCK. This includes building and actively participating in live discussion.
Quantitative values will not be placed on this issue because personalities
differ. However, a minimal amount of both is expected. Use your better
judgement. And most of all, HAVE FUN!
[A TLKMuck FAQ was posted to Usenet some months ago; although a bit out
of date, it may be retrieved from

FluffMUCK (Report by Zorin) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A full-featured, quotaless MUCK of moderate size. Recommended for
newcomers to furry mucks, it is friendly but not overwhelming (avg. 40 - 70
connected nightly) and welcomes roleplayers and socializers alike.
The overall theme is furry (anthropomorphic characters) with tech and toon
aspects. The existing layout offers a wide variety of public and residence
areas, including downtown (dining, lodging, nightclubs), underground,
oceanside, wilderness, and Outer Space (there are no public "adult" areas).
Amusement areas, TinyPlots and specialty roleplaying are also available, and
there is an extensive program library.

TerraFrore (Report by Leiblu) 8765 8765 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Feel the chill breeze blowing across your fur as you pad determinedly
through the Siberian softwoods looking for a bite to eat. Soar thousands of
meters above the earth as you spy out rodents burrowing under the endless
grassy plains of the Steppes. Know fear as you find yourself under the
unblinking gaze of a panther eyeing you from his forest glen. Discover that
love and friendship are not diminished by the cold.
It is Terra Frore, the Cold Earth.
With vivid scenery that changes by the hour, an innovative global weather
system coordinated to each detailed ecosystem, and herds of roaming beasts
that won't just sit there as you hunt them, this is guaranteed to be the most
thrilling and realistic MUCK you have ever braved to visit. Dedicated to the
spirit of role playing and character interaction, Terra Frore will bring you
the experience of living in cold Siberia and eastern Mongolia as no system has
ever done before.
[Note: Because of the emphasis on roleplaying, to get a permanent
character, every player must either supply a detailed background story, or
demonstrate roleplaying skills with one of the wizzes. --Rhal]

Imbris MUSH (German language) (Report by Unci) 6250 6250 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
This MUSH is all in German language. You belong to one of a couple of
pre-defined species (partly furry), but can design your own species too.
Experienced MUSH coders are welcome, but the emphasis is on role-playing.
Wednesdays are IC only; every Thursday a meeting on MUSH matters is held.

FurryFuzz (From Caspian and Pkunk Fury) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
An open-minded, largish, well-established, well-coded non-theme furry MUCK
set in the Star Trek-era future but NOT space-oriented. Currently has nearly
700 players, over 11500 objects and a remarkable 367 programs, including some
of the most innovative and useful MUFs around -- check out the improved hugger
program (totally backwards-compatible with multihug.muf), the incredible Fleet
Defender arena (MUF-coded) and other useful and fun doodads. For a character,
E-mail <>.

Redwall MUCK (From Mouse) 4203 4203 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, it is in part a role-playing
muck, and also a Redwall fan club. We spend some of our time role-playing
adventures in the manner and style of Mr. Jacques' wonderful books, and part
of our time chatting about our favorite characters and places from the books.
Furries of all species are allowed, but we try to keep things as IC to
Redwall as possible. (Animals not native to Great Britain are OOC to Redwall.)

Sherwood MUCK (From the 'news' there) 1996 1996 <URL:telnet://>
Set in the time and place of Robin Hood. To help players understand that
setting, read any book about Robin Hood, or watch Disney's animated "Robin
Hood", or "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves".
The anthromorphic characters here are very similar to those in Disney's
Robin Hood. However, the overall tone should be closer to that of Prince of
Thieves, with sometimes more serious, sometimes darker undertones. Of course,
in the jovial spirit of Sherwood, any situation can be fun-filled.
Players are welcomed and encouraged to expand this muck by building rooms
and items. All possible assistance will be given to those doing so, and money
is NO object...if you run short, ask a wizard for more. Everyone enjoys having
more places to go and things to see. Regular sessions will be held for
learning how to build.

Bajor3D (formerly BajorMUCK) (Report by Taura) 1701 1701 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The very first FurrySpace MU*, based on the popular Star Trek TV series,
Deep Space Nine. The MUCK takes place in the current Trek timeline and makes
use of the new Spacewars 3D space system. Massive empires are forged and do
battle in a very Trek style. Role play is specific, using an exclusive
economy, empire, and 3D starship simulation server. 100% FurrySpace and Trek
Friendly, now on a zero-lag T1 connection!

Virtual Surreality (Report by Kama) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Once upon a time finding a home that offered all the features you needed
and wanted under one server seemed like a dream come true. Now it is.
Virtual Surreality prides itself on the tradition of providing its
residents with the best in MUCK living. Our community offers warm furries and
lush landscaping as well as an outstanding location.
It has been said that Virtual Surreality captures the best of both worlds
-- where country life, city life and the world of dreams intertwine. The
serenity of natural beauty, the contemporary convenience of a suburb,
friendliness of a small town and surreality of REM sleep walk hand in hand in
this quaint community.
Whether you work in Washington DC, Seattle, Sydney, New York or Berlin,
Virtual Surreality offers the amenities of relaxed living and easy access to
*) Quiet Residential Neighborhood
*) Small Pets Welcome
*) Free Heat, Hot Water and Laundry Facilities
*) No Security Deposit
*) Amazing lease rates
Visit us today and see how Virtual Surreality makes the difference between
an ordinary MUCK and a comfortable home.

Mumu Land (Report by kapakapanui-hut) 4321 4321 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A furry-themed MUCK based in New Zealand; server may refuse non-New
Zealand connections (host site policy).

The Den (From the erstwhile Den web page) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
The Theme is a reasonably modern day era, with some technology, and a lot
of the olden days still in evidence. Magic abounds, and characters are
anthropomorphic. That means, don't be surprised if a six foot grizzly bear
stops by, smiles and says Hi.
The world has outdoor and indoor rooms, as well as underground caves and
tunnels. There are buildings, forests, streets, and places only for those who
are not faint of heart.
The Adult Area is defined as areas where most anything goes that is
consensual with any others involved. Access to this area is limited to those
who are over 18 years of age.
Building on most mucks is a given. Players can build. Here, players do not
automatically have this capability, and can earn it through roleplay.

FurryFaire (From Syvel) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
A 100% Anthropomorphic Medieval/Fantasy Role-Playing and Social MUCK,
featuring the Amber Diceless RPG system, as implemented by Foxtrot and Syvel.
FurryFaire has been in operation for nearly 2 years now and our following is
growing everyday. This MUCK features some of the most intriguing and fun Role-
Playing and 'In-Character' gaming around, with a large and scenic
medieval/fantasy land to play in, with several towns, and kingdoms to explore.
Featuring ANSI color and the GlowMuck MUCK server. Our RP staff has been
expanded to better organize TinyPlots and we've extensive online help for
newbies to Role-Playing MUCKs. If you enjoy quality In Character role-playing
with a fantasy/medieval and furry theme, this is the place to check out.
Characters can be requested online.

Loneport (Report by the Loneport web page) 1112 1112 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A fantasy furry themed MUSH world set in the medieval/renaissance city of
Loneport, 'The Loneliest City'. You get to play an animal-like humanoid such
as a tiger, fox, wolf, skunk, equine, feline, or any other animal, or a
mythical beast such as a unicorn, griffon, gnoll and the like as long as they
are of a furry version. It is possible to be a dragon, but due to the theme of
the world all dragons must be goodly creatures. Loneport is a 100% furry MUSH,
so humans are not allowed.
Loneport the MUSH takes place in the city of Loneport, a northern sea side
harbor port where adventurers come to relax, and traders come to make money.
The city is very large, and is over looked by the city Lord. Inside the walled
city one will find Taverns, Inns, and shops of all sorts selling everything
from cloth to magic.
You can role-play being anything from the upper-class down to a common
street waif or worse in Loneport. If you would like you can start up your own
Tavern, Inn, or simply create a home for yourself inside the city. There will
be a vast sewer system built under the city and rumor has it the it is home to
the Theives Guild. If you would like you could even make a temple complex for
one of the gods of Loneport and allow others to look about. Or maybe you want
to be a mage and live in a tall tower that reaches into the clouds. You can do
that in Loneport. And always if you just want a simple home to relax in and
have guests over that option is yours too.

Serengeti Nights (Report by Magnwa) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based around the Disney movie "The Lion King," Serengeti Nights has had
its ups and downs, but now it's back and ready to serve the mucking community
at Telmaron. Currently, we are in the transition period as Simba has returned
and has exiled Kisasian (again). Serengeti Nights is not necessarily a TLK
muck, so don't feel restricted to TLK themes only. We invite any players to
join this muck, and the new wizstaff is more than ready to help you in your
RP, character creation, or just generally moving around the MUCK. Hope to see
you soon!

Space: The Furry Frontier (From the old Space:TFF web page) 9999 9999 <URL:telnet://>
A science fiction MUCK where you can be anything from any Sci-Fi Movie!
You could be a Klingon from Star Trek, or maybe a Wookie from Star Wars. Why,
you could be a lion, tiger, whatever. So if you're a Science Fiction fan, THIS
is the MUCK for you! E-mail Tanabi at <> for more info.

Heaven's Door (Report by from Dove and "news theme") 2212 2212 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Other than a prevailing atmosphere of clouds, rainbows, green meadows and
the like in public areas, there is no overall theme for Heaven's Door,
although it is furry friendly. Individual freedom of expression is encouraged,
to a degree. This means that areas offensive to the general populace will not
be acceptable.

Tygryss MUCK (Report by Josie) 4000 4000 <URL:telnet://>
Another MUCK with a theme revolving around Disney's "The Lion King."

Timescape (From the Timescape web page) 6300 6300 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The TimeScape is a sort of meeting-point of the dimensions... a safety
valve where there is crossover between millions of worlds and times. Long ago,
a few adventurous souls discovered a 'rift' in the fabric of space-time and
entered it... and found a fair-sized meadow with more portals to the past,
present, and future. The fourth portal confused them for a time, until they
realized that it lead to all of the worlds dreamt-up by fiction-authors,
daydreams and the musings of poets. This they labelled the Realm of fantasy...
and built a hotel of sorts, for those who would surely follow.
And follow they did... for at any given time, there are a very few from
any given world who find the paths that lead between worlds. These are
sometimes called inventors, mystics and the like... time-travellers, witches,
goblins... all are folk whom have found the way to the Nexus, and from there
to the myriad worlds. Eventually, a small town sprang up, where folk from the
various dimensions and times meet, called NexTown, since it lies within the
Nexus. It is a strange conglomeration of the ancient, the ultra-modern, and
the bizarre, where one might easily find an ancient Greek hoplite bargaining
with a trooper from a far-future starship, or consult with a fortune-teller
who really can see one's future. It has often been said that "If it ain't sold
at NexTown, it don't exist!"
Folk of all natures can be found wandering the worlds... humans, elves,
centaurs, aliens, intelligent animals, ghostly things that want nothing more
than a quiet cup of tea and a good conversation, warlike entities looking for
new worlds to conquer, even the occasional dragon. It is not all that uncommon
to see an argument between a western-style gunslinger and a wizard settled in
the street, either with great noise and messiness, or with "custard pies at
ten paces!" Have fun, explore, and see what happens... chances are, it'll be
*different*, to say the least.

FoxMUCK (Report by Ashtar) 4242 4242 <URL:telnet://>
Any adventerous vulpines want a new piece of turf to explore? Well stumble
right on into the FoxMUCK, the 100 percent all vulpine MUCK! Once there,
contact Greycloak and he will create an instant character for you!

NIMH Muck (Report by Jonathan) 3333 3333 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Set in the world of the book "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH," or of the
movie "The Secret of NIMH." [N.B. The muck formerly known as "Secret of NIMH
muck" has been @rec and @shutdowned, after parts were taken from the DB and
put it on the new server. Also, the web page is being moved to a new server,
so has been taken down temporarily.]

African Tails MUCK (Report by Simba @ African Tails MUCK) 1994 1994 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Based on Disney's "The Lion King". Unlike other TLK Mucks, ATMuck's time
frame is set during the period of Scar's reign, before the end of the movie.
In addition to having a wizstaff that works with the players daily to keep the
muck running smoothly, we have new features (such as ANSI color support) that
most other mucks do not support. With no building quotas and dedicated wizards
(most nights you can find all five wizzes on at some point) who not only help
run the muck, but RP too, we hope we've created an environment where players
can enjoy themselves and not have to constantly be concerned with the politics
behind the muck.

Mithril Muck (Report by 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A fantasy furry muck in the late to mid-medieval period. The basic stuff
is well laid out and has good descriptions. Plenty of space to build with a
good qouta. Mainly RP oriented though there's other stuff too. They have a
good wiz staff. They are thinking about doing a system as well with stats,
attributes etc in addition to the already cool atmosphere there. E-mail
<> or <> with desired character
name, password, real name, DOB, state and/or country, along with your email
address, or connect for a guest character to look around.

Animal Village MUCK 8000 8000 <URL:telnet://>
Based on modern times, with all sorts of animals who live in Animal
Village. Very anthropomorphic.

BaltoMUCK (Report by Aury) 1222 1222 <URL:telnet://>
Explore the town of Nome or a large forested area as a heroic husky, a
mysterious wolf, a tricky fox, or any other Alaskan animal in this MUCK based
on the movie "Balto". Features ANSI color and a streamlined character
application process (no registration necessary).

Phoenix (formerly AniMUCK) (Report by Spuds McCat) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
A low-lag furry-friendly MUCK where pretty much anything goes -- within
reason, that is. There's an area for kids, one locked to adults, and soon a
mud style adventure area too, as well as a fantasy area and the general
"stuff" -- parks, apartments, etc.

FurVilutionMUCK (Report by Jonathan) 4202 4202 <URL:telnet://>
Opened October 10 1997, this MUCK's story revolves around the battles and
adventures in Exelisso, A Self-Contained Environment: the last existing life
on earth lives there. The main sides are the Rebels, lead by Nomad Calhoon, a
RedFox, against Yngro and his Criminal Empire. The inhabitants are caught in
the middle.

Tall Grass MUCK (Report by Amaterasu) 8787 8787 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A role-playing MUCK set in an alternate feudal Japan, populated by a
limited assortment of furry races. Players take on the role of furries living
and working on the war-torn island of Fukakusa ("Tall Grass"). Role-play is
consent-based and free-form, using no established system. Players are
enouraged to create interesting stories with their role playing. Characters
are created via an online application that avoids numbers and statistics.

Summergreen MUCK (Report by Sunshine) 10000 10000 <URL:telnet://>
It's similar to Redwall MUCK, but smaller. It has different names for the
places, because it doesn't have copyright, but it is role-playing, and has
some different places, too.

Alfandria (Report by Aetobatus) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A MUCK system dedicated to the preservation of dragons everywhere.
While Alfandria is based on (and, in fact, derives its name from) the newsgroup and IRC channels, it is meant as a meeting place for
any sort of creature looking for somewhere to hang out a bit. While the
Alfandria system has been online to a small group of builders since October,
1997, the grand opening to the public was on January 1, 1998, and everyone is
welcome to stop by and have a look.
Alfandria is a social MUCK by design, and inherits quite a bit from its
larger predecessors, including the Fuzzball server code and most of the major
publicly available MUF code. Building, while not unlimited, is not highly
restricted, especially for areas of general use to everyone on the MUCK.
An online registration system is available on the same server, on port
8889. Users wishing to register must have a valid E-mail address to complete
the registration process.

Dark Dreams MUCK (Report by Otter) 1666
198.137.301.12 1666 <URL:telnet://198.137.301.12:1666>
Web page:
Look around: you see shadows, and dark corners, but you see nothing else.
And why is it that some are afraid to go out at night, or during a full moon?
It's because creatures of darkness are lurking in every alley, behind every
tree, just waiting in the shadows for someone to make a mistake and lose their
way. But even still, these creatures have to hide their identities, lurk in
the shadows, sleep by day, or act like normal humans to hide their moonlit
Well, not here! DarkDreams is based on creatures of the night: Werewolves,
Vampires, things that go bump in the night!!! It is here in this world of
darkness that they have come, come to RP and not have to HIDE. The time is set
in the Present, if not slightly in the future. The world seems to be healthy,
like pollution has not yet been a problem here. Nature is still untouched in
some areas, letting the ones who live there take who ever dares to enter. But
there is also the great underground, ghost trains running through dark tunnels
into the darkness below this earth like place. Growing quickly is space; soon
the darkness can expand perhaps to other regions in a quest to bring out the
hidden life of the darkness.
In short, the theme is DARKNESS, things found only in man's fears, in
horror films, books, and out there in the unknown darkness of city steets or
dense jungles. Creatures that look like man but have hidden secrets: perhaps
they howl at night, or prey on the blood of the living. It is here that they
gather and live, no longer having to hide. Here they live out man's deepest

Frontier Galaxy MUCK (Report by Stahi) 8888 8888 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The Fist of Eroupa and the United Confederacy of Planets wage a bitter war
against each other. Each has reasons to fight, each has their right to battle.
And neither is showing signs of letting up soon, as the immense resources on
both sides add fuel to the fire that is war. This is the great Galactic War.
However, the war has not caused all efforts and energies to go to war. Life is
still valued enough that some groups have extended beyond simply war.
Things have calmed down a little, and it's currently a time of 'cold war'.
However, the tensions are rising, and with the fearsome pirates known as the
StarClaws causing terror to both the FOE and UCP, things could blow up at any
moment. Constant pirate activity and corporate influence cause an interesting
time. If you're a high-caliber Science Fiction RolePlayer, who can play
soldiers, fighter pilots, starship captains, pirates, independents, and any
other job. (No humans, all Furry) Then this MUCK is for you.

DarkFurr (Report by Mystique) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Once, many ages ago, the world known as DarkFurr was a lush and green
forest world, barren of all sentient life. That changed when humans came,
arriving in large ships that could sail between the stars. They came to make
the world their own, they carved it into tiny kingdoms, each ruled by a tiny
Serving the humans were our ancestors, creatures arisen from normal
animals, given sentience through a strange magic called Genetic Manipulation.
Some of our ancestors they gave hands to grasp tools, feet to walk upright and
sometimes wings or strangely colored fur to suit the humans whims, others were
given nothing but sentience, forced to walk beside the human on all fours as a
a glorified pet. Our ancestors were the slaves of these humans, some treated
them with kindness, but to most our forefathers were nothing more than tools
or pets to live or die at the whimsey of their human masters.
While our ancestors labored to make the humans lives comfortable, the
humans themselves engaged in petty politics, squabbling and fighting over
small parcels of land or pointless ideology. One of the small squabbles
erupted into a full fledged war that raged across the planet, the humans
released horrible weapons, canisters filled with disease that killed millions.
Oddly enough, only the humans were affected, their slaves and our forebears
were unharmed by the diseases the humans released upon each other.
When it was over, nearly the entire population of humans, had wiped
themselves out, those that remained rapidly degraded into little more than
savage animals, raking and clawing at each other for food, shelter and other
basic necessaries.
Nobody knows why or how, but it was during this time of darkness that
magic came into the world, changing all in its wake and opening vast holes in
the very fabric of reality that allowed the elves, dragons, unicorns and
others of their ilk to come through to the newly cleaned world of DarkFurr.
The former slaves of the humans, though frightened were used to hard work and
adversity, and unlike their former masters, they did not hide or squabble with
each other, but worked together to form a brave new world. Slowly, the Furs as
they came to call themselves started to harness the power of magic and used it
to help guide their growth and learning.

DSF (The Dark Side of a Fluff) (Report by Shawn Livingston) 7777 7777 <URL:telnet://>
A muck with several realms, allowing furs of all types to enjoy and find a
place for themselves there. There is RPing but this is a social muck as well.
The owner of the muck, Kaminto, is an intelligent, caring fur who really
wants to make furs happy, and does NOT allow his wizcore to make mortals on
the muck feel like they are somehow "privileged" to be on his muck...

Camelot (Report by Liz Kimber) 4201 4201 <URL:telnet://>
You travel back in time to the land of King Arthur and the realms of
Camelot, but just like Disney's Robin Hood, it's from an animal's point of
view (although the RP side is not enforced). It's looking for new population:
free homes with every character.

Castles&Coves (Report by Medusa) 1234 1234 <URL:telnet://>
In a time long forgotten where sorcery and the way of the sword meant
honor or infamy... where magnificent dragons ruled the skies in their great
flights... where Ladies and Lords controlled their lands, playing their power
against each other... where serfs worked their long hard days for the
nobility, or became the rogues who played off the nobles as a bard would his
lyre... where witches and wizards cast their spells to force the world to
their bidding and where warlords roamed across the countryside seeking
power... Yes, a time long since gone, but not forgotten in the land of
Castles&Coves! A 100% Anthropomorphic, Fantasy-Medieval Role Playing MUCK with
a social undertone. The Golden rule of Castles&Coves is: The Player is #1.

Circle of Life MUCK (From from the COLMuck web page) 4250 4250 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
Set in the year 3097, COLMuck is a mix between "The Lion King" and a few
science fiction movies (like "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Star Trek: The Next
Generation", etc.). In the game, two prides are at war. The United Species For
Freedom (USFF) battle against the evil Betrayers Of PrideRock (BOPR). These
prides are led by some familiar characters, Scar and Kisasian (BOPR), Simba
and Mufasa (USFF). The game involves much tech like phazers, blasters, etc,
vehicles, bioimplants, cyborgs and the like.
In short, the BOPR try to take over PrideRock from the USFF and get rid of
all USFF that exist. Also, there's a Neutral group, free to battle against
both sides, with both or on one side.

TalesMUSH (Report by Karolina Kristiansen) 6666 6666 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
"Welcome to a world of surrealism and fantasy, where dream and reality
mix... A land of myth and mystery. A land of druids, Fae, and ancient magic.
"Deep within a mountain range known only as HellGate, a paradise lies. It
is this womb of nature where the lost races of the world, the faerie, came to
live, away from the meddlings of mankind. But it was 500 years past when one
man came, and with him, a kingdom.
"As a citizen of this kingdom you find yourself surrounded by a land
holding onto its natural magic and beauty despite the influences of man. Over
generations past, from interactions with the magic and the Fae, humans have
gained an inherent magic of their own, many displaying minor powers of psionic
or elemental magics. There are rumors of some who have grown even more
powerful than the Fae themselves."
Please note that the term 'Fae' apparently applies to pretty much any
creature you can think up (with the obvious exceptions). Thus, a furry
character is perfectly all right, even though it is at the moment of writing
(July 1998) not allowed to have pure Fae characters, only halfbreeds or humans
with Fae blood. Also, your character has to be able to hide his or her
physical Fae features.

The Prides MUCK (Report by Tanzut) 8081 8081 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
The Prides Muck is a project that, after time, is hoped revive some of the
lost flavor for "The Lion King"-based roleplay. The website is simply an
overview of the ideas and themes that have spawned the Muck's, which will not
open its in-character areas to the general public until October. Its roleplay
will be based off of "Simba's Pride" and "The Lion King," taking some of the
grandeur from the films and putting them into Muck environment. Because we
want to base the muck upon "Simba's Pride", we have to wait until October,
when "Simba's Pride" will be released, to actually open the muck.
Player Creation is now officially ready, however, and people can obtain a
character through the application process as cited on the website or in the
newsfile on the muck itself. The staff is filled with people willing to help
with any problem that you may have, and there is nearly a full cast of feature
characters waiting to roleplay with the general populace come October.
We at The Prides Muck pride ourselves on our friendliness in helping
people to get characters, but we also hold our standards at higher levels than
the other "Lion King" based Muck environments. If you are looking for strong
roleplay with a multitude of friendly people interested in exploring the
themes granted by "The Lion King" and its sequel, then stop on by. Right now,
obviously, things are coming along slowly. We're hoping to have an average of
thirty people on nightly when the muck does open, and until then only the wiz-
staff and feature character cast are expected to connect regularly. Feel free
to make a stop at the website or at the muck itself. There's usually someone
there. Enjoy.

Toons, Furr, and Fluff (Report by Joseph Nebus) 7070 7070 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
New players welcome: features several communities in search of members,
among them an alliance of evildoers; a small but eager space community; a
locally-developed magical scheme; an underground squirrel city; and a Care
Bear neighborhood seeking both new Care Bears/Care Bear Cousins and also
people willing to play "canonical" Care Bear characters.
"A small but social environment, with nothing horrible or indecent or
outrageous going on; some find this appealing."

ChaosMUCK (Report by Raven) 3333 3333 <URL:telnet://>
Web page:
A themed roleplay MUCK based on the Saturday morning "Sonic the Hedgehog"
cartoon, StH comic by Archie, player fanfiction, and other works. Much work
has gone into making ChaosMUCK's roleplaying environment a great place for
player's artistic and creative expressions in a free and non-disruptive
environment. The individual tinyplots (plotlines created by the players) are
carefully regulated and are kept on theme to create as much continuity as
possible in line with the overall themes. There is, after much discussion,
more of room for original concepts including hints of anime and other themes;
HOWEVER, the basic premise is that all characters be 'Mobian' in origin. This
MUCK's theme is about MOBIUS and does not have to constantly revolve around
the canon characters. The staff works hard to keep the play balanced and the
twinkies out. The rules are simple, have fun but not at the expense of others.
Applying is as easy as coming up with a character, filling out the form found
on the homepage, and E-mailing it in!

Rhal's Handy List of Furry MU*s (Version 70 / September 4, 1998)
Name port IP numeric port
------------------------- ----------------------- ----- --------------- -----
African Tails MUCK 1994 1994
Alfandria 8888 8888
Animal Village MUCK 8000 8000
Bajor3D (formerly BajorMUCK) 1701 1701
BaltoMUCK 1222 1222
Camelot 4201 4201
Castles&Coves 1234 1234
ChaosMUCK 3333 3333
Circle of Life MUCK 4250 4250
DSF (The Dark Side of a Fluff) 7777 7777
Dark Dreams MUCK 1666 198.137.301.12 1666
DarkFurr 4201 4201
FluffMUCK 8888 8888
FoxMUCK 4242 4242
Frontier Galaxy MUCK 8888 8888
FurToonia 9999 9999
FurVilutionMUCK 4202 4202
FurryFaire 8888 8888
FurryFuzz 8888 8888
FurryMUCK 8888 8888
GhostWheel 6969 6969
Heaven's Door 2212 2212
Imbris MUSH (German language) 6250 6250
Lion King MUCK 7675 7675
Loneport 1112 1112
Mithril Muck 4201
Mumu Land 4321 4321
NIMH Muck 3333 3333
Pathways 8888 8888
Phoenix (formerly AniMUCK) 8888 8888
RealmsMUCK 7765 7765
Redwall MUCK 4203 4203
Serengeti Nights 4201 4201
Sherwood MUCK 1996 1996
Sociopolitical Ramifications 23 23
Space: The Furry Frontier 9999 9999
Summergreen MUCK 10000 10000
TalesMUSH 6666 6666
Tall Grass MUCK 8787 8787
Tapestries 2069 2069
TerraFrore 8765 8765
The Den 8888 8888
The Prides MUCK 8081 8081
Timescape 6300 6300
Toons, Furr, and Fluff 7070 7070
Trails 8888 8888
Tygryss MUCK 4000 4000
Unbridled Desires 8888 8888
Virtual Surreality 8888 8888

If you know of any other MU*s with a furry theme or which allow furry
characters, please let me <> know! Write up a
description, of comparable length to the entries above (brief or long) and
send it to me, and I'll include it in the next posting. Or if you have more
info on the ones listed skimpily, please send it! [Note that sometimes a
wizard will request that their MU* not be listed here.]
Part 1 of this post provides basic introductory information about MU*s.
More details about some of the MU*s are available from Rhal's Furry MU*s
connector page, at <URL:>

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