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RFC: A Beginner's Guide to TinySex on the FurryMuck

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Jul 14, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/14/96

I have been joking around about this document on the muck for a few
weeks, and was surprised that some furs really wanted to see such a
document. so I sat down and wrote it today, and here it is. please feel
free to add/comment/flame/suggest anything about it, as I think perhaps a
document of this type is long overdue


A Beginner's Guide to TinySex on the FurryMuck
Beta version 1.0 by 7.14.1996
General preliminary release for open comment and discussion.
This is a freeware document, to be distributed electronically or
otherwise with no restrictions. Feel free to repost in any appropriate
forum for comment but be aware this is a document in development and
subject to revision.


This is addressed to furs who have the intention to explore the
possibilities of sexual interaction through role-playing characters on
FurryMuck but have not had experience in such matters. It is by no means
a definitive document on the many ways such interaction can be shared
and enjoyed, and is meant to provide basic guidelines for those who have
not indulged in this form of interactive role-play or have begun to
indulge and are confused as to how to go about it.

This document is written with the FurryMuck in mind, as it is the only
role-playing muck I indulge in. I have played there for more than two
years and think I know a little about the subject this document is
concerned with, and will welcome gladly any criticisms or adjustments
you think the document may need. However, some of the salient points
this document is trying to make may be applicable to other furry and
non-furry interactive role-playing environments as well.

I will use the term 'yiff' in this document instead of the word 'fuck',
because it's more polite. The word 'yiff' has a rich history of use for
various things in furry fandom, and will be used here to refer to sexual
roleplaying between characters in general. There is no explicit or
hard-core examples in this document - it speaks of sexual matters in
very general terms and should be appropriate for all age groups,
although it is intended for a mature audience.

Also note the terms 'character' and 'player'. A character is an entity
on the FurryMuck. A player is the RL (Real-Life) human who is sitting at
a computer keyboard somewhere in the world creating the character's

This document is slightly disorganized, and was written in one sitting
from notes compiled over several weeks, and may contain typos. Any help
in reorganization and 'tweaking out' would be greatly appreciated. There
should probably be something in here about @age statements but frankly I
find the whole @age controversy distasteful and have no comment
concerning it as of yet.

I intend to hang this document off my web site once an appropriate
period of public comment has been allowed to occur on it's contents. I
will submit it to the FurryMuck for inclusion to their site if they
think it would be an appropriate thing to have there. I do not know at
this point and I have not asked, either.

A Few Important Points

The first myth to explode about the FurryMuck is that not every fur is
there for sex! This is the primary mistake made by many newcomers who
will sidle up to just about any fur they meet and rub themselves up
against them and expect a positive response. You should not be surprised
if you get soundly thwapped for such behavior, even if you think the
description of the character is designed as a turn on. No means no, and
don't you forget it! The best way to make a permanent enemy on the
FurryMuck is to continue to come on to them when they tell you to back
off. Always ask first!

The second myth to explode is that when TinySexing with a fur, you are
not necessarily having sex with, or even turning on, their player! Many
furs prefer to play IC, or In Character, and will make a point of saying
they are OOC, or Out Of Character, when responding to a particular
question. This is a role-playing environment, after all. Many players
may also have several different characters that they will play on the
FurryMuck, with different personalities, and the different characters
will not necessarily react to the same situation the same way.

In contrast to this, many players consider their characters 'personal
furries', or furry extensions of their own personalities, and will drift
in and out of character as they role-play. They may even make a point of
telling you that your character's actions are turning their player on
(or not) as well as their character. How you handle this is up to you,
of course, and will be explored a little later on in this document.

The Approach

The first thing you should have at your disposal when you intend to find
a yiffing partner on the FurryMuck is plenty of time and a good sturdy
net connection. Don't think you can strike up a relationship and work
your way through a sex scene in half an hour! This can happen when two
furs are very familiar with each other and can skip the foreplay because
they know how to please each other, but for the beginner, lots of time
is important.

---- Sidebar: The Horrors of a Slow FurryMuck ----
Another thing that might help, especially if you are very new at
yiffing, is to make sure the FurryMuck is running reasonably fast.
Depending on the number of characters logged on, the load on FurryMuck's
server that day, and the state of the internet in general, the muck may
be running slow or fast. If you are typing actions in and it takes two
or three minutes for the muck to respond, it is probably not a good day
to be TinySexing. Come back later!

If you just want a cheap quick yiff, there are several meeting places on
the muck designed to facilitate this. I will not tell you where they
are, you will have to ask furs on the muck or stumble across them
yourself! These would be the muck equivalent of pick-up bars, where you
could meet a fur and just start having sex with them. If that's what
they're there for, they will be more than willing to let you know it's
what they want. Generally there are a few experienced furs who like to
do this sort of thing but they are in the minority. Most furs who yiff
seem to prefer to take their time when they play.

When entering a room for the first time and you see alot of furries you
don't know, the quickest way to get a handle on the situation is to type


This will give you a list of the character names, their genders, and
their species, and will allow you some choice as to who you think you
might be interested in talking to.

Most furs provide ample clues for you that you can use to find out if
they might be interested in yiffing with your character at all. The
first and best is to simply look at them. In this example, where the
furry character's name is 'Bhob', you simply type

look Bhob

Bhob's description will then scroll across your screen. Most furs will
know you are looking at them through a notification capability provided
in the look command, and they may even look back at you to see what
you're all about. You can read the description and generally find out a
little bit about the character from their appearance (or ALOT about them
if they have a very large description). You might also get a good clue
as to how good a writer they are.

Let's talk about that for a moment because it is rather important.
TinySexing on the FurryMuck involves a certain amount of writing skills
and imagination. You have to know how to compose a sentence and put
words together to make a complete thought that other furs reading your
words can understand. It helps to have a keyboard buffer that allows you
to examine your sentences and correct mistakes before hitting the
carriage return key and letting the words fly. If you have poor typing
skills or can't spell worth a darn, you might find you have difficulty
getting your point across to other characters.

Minor typographical mis-spellings when typing words to another character
are forgivable, except when the mis-typed word completely changes the
meaning of the sentence! This can be funny at times and it's okay to
joke about it. Use your judgement, and don't flame a fur for
mis-spelling some words occasionally. Spelling flames are considered the
cheaptest shot to make in internet communications, and won't win you
very many friends at all. Players are imperfect and make mistakes all
the time, and minor spelling mistakes should generally be ignored. Don't
forget, especially when a TinySex role-play is getting interesting, that
some typos come from excitement, or another phenomenon often referred to
as 'one-handed typing syndrome,' which we won't get into here at the

Getting back to the descriptions - if the character's description is
sloppy and poorly written, it may reflect on their writing and
compositional skills and give you an idea of how good their player is at
mucking. This is not a hard and fast rule - many furs simply can't get
the hang of the text editors on the muck enough to do a good job at
writing their description. Some make brief descriptions on purpose to
make them easy and quick to read, and you should ask them for more
information if you want to know more about what they look like.

Many characters also have several different descriptions that they will
'morph' back and forth between to reflect their various physical states.
Some characters simply have clothed and nude descriptions, or an
additional sleeping description, and some characters have radically
different descriptions if they are shape-shifters and can shift species
and even genders. Don't assume that how a character looks today is how
they will look tomorrow or even five minutes from now. While it is
considered rude to look at a character over and over and over again
(yes, I know, you can't get enough of that erect nipple description, can
you?), generally a character will provide evidence that they are
changing form with a description of something happening to their
character (a morph message) and you can take this as an indication that
they have changed form, and should be looked at again. See 'morph #help'
for details.

With the spread of multiple-capability net connections such as PPP it is
possible to interact with a character in the telnet environment of
FurryMuck and also view their character's portrait at the same time.
Many furs have their own web sites, or have portraits of themselves in
the various ftp sites dedicated to furry art that are available around
the net. If you find this enhances your experience and helps you paint a
mental picture of the character then go for it, such multi-media
interaction should be exploited if available.

There are three additional ways to find out stuff about a character
without speaking to them. The first two, 'wi' and 'wixxx' are general
descriptions about basic aspects of their personalities - turn-ons and
turn-offs, if you will. By typing

wi Bhob


wixxx Bhob

then you will get a quick description of what the character is all
about, and especially with 'wixxx', what sort of sexual things they
might be into. If 'unknown quantity' comes up then it means the
character has not set the flags involved with 'wi' and 'wixxx' to
provide the information. See 'wi #help' or 'wixxx #help' for details.

The third is 'pinfo', or player info, which was designed to provide
information about the character's player. Furs use 'pinfo' for many
different things, and some not at all. So if Bhob has a pinfo, just type

pinfo Bhob

and you will get some information about the player, such as email
contact, age, RL address, or whatever the player cares to divulge.

Important to note that some players put their tinyplot preferences in
their pinfo. A 'tinyplot' is a way of describing a scenario that can
occur on the muck through interactive play between characters. If in
their pinfo the character says they don't indulge in any kind of sexual
play, you should respect that. See 'pinfo #help' for details.

After using all these clandestine ways to 'sniff out' a character and
get a general idea of what they're into, the best thing of course is to
simply introduce yourself and make your intentions known. Honesty is the
best policy generally, and the worst any fur can do, especially if you
ask politely, is say no. Even if they have a stark raving detailed nude
description, and say in their wixxx and pinfo that they're into every
form of sex known to the universe, they STILL might not be interested in
having any kind of sex with your character at all, and may politely
decline, or even tell you to get lost. Deal with it and move on.

Say, Act, Whisper, or Page?

FurryMuck is an example of Virtual Reality, or VR, and the point of the
game is to provide a platform for the role-playing of furry characters,
which don't exist in the real world, at least not yet. Some players are
quite serious about role-playing their characters and give them very
complex personalities, and some use their characters simply as a way of
chatting real-time with other players. In any case you should treat a
furrymuck character as you would treat a real-life person - with respect
and dignity. When you meet them you should first find out if they are
busy with anything else at the moment before trying to interest them in
any kind of sexual play.

There are as many styles of play as there are players, and every player
has their own individual w ay of interacting on the FurryMuck. There are
so many possiblities and approaches to yiffing with another character
that I won't even try to get into it. It is interesting to note,
however, that there are several ways that you can go about it.

If you are alone in a room with your yiffing partner, then you should
feel free to 'say' and 'act' out your actions, since it is only the two
of you who will see the words. However, if you are in a public place, it
is possible to 'whisper' sex with your yiffing partner, and this
involves whispering the actions back and forth with nary a soul the
wiser. If another character is curious as to your and your partner's
apparent silence you should be aware that they can look at your 'wd'
listing and determine if you are idle are not, and if they see you are
active but silent you can be assured they will know something's up. You
can camouflage this with the occasional public comment to keep people
guessing, and if you can carry on a normal public conversation while
having a yiff in whispers then more power to you.

Another way to yiff is through pages, or messages sent to characters on
the muck who are not in the same room as you are. This can be applied in
the same way as whisper sex, and there is no real distinction between
the two. Of course the inverse is possible with all these possibilities,
and you can be having a yiff with a partner in the room with you and be
having a pleasant non-sexual conversation with another remote player
through a page-conversation. This can come in handy when you want to
converse with another player who logs on while you're in mid-yiff, but
don't want to invite to your room because of, well, you know... privacy
and all that.

FurryMuck yiffs are like real-life yiffs - there is a time and place for
everything. You shouldn't yiff in a public place with public actions -
if you want to say and act out your yiff, get a room, or keep it to
whispers and pages. There are of course places where public sex is
allowed and encouraged on the muck, it all depends on your level of
exhibitionism if you want to take advantage of such venues.

The Act Itself

As stated before, there are many different playing styles and this
document makes no endorsement or recommendation as to which is best or
preferrable. You must rely on your own judgement when relating
one-on-one with another furry character, and you should treat them like
a real person and not assume anything.

Ask questions when you are curious, and be honest when answering
questions asked of you. The only sticking point I will make on this is
the fine distinction some players make between IC and OOC, and it's
probably okay to ask delicately ONCE how the character prefers to play,
strictly IC or a combination of IC and OOC, if you cannot glean this
information from their description and pinfo. A character who plays
strictly IC may get annoyed if you step out of character alot, and might
not want to play with you because of that.

Take the time to get to know the character and don't just pounce on them
and get your rocks off. Some characters prefer to get to know their
yiffing partners before they get intimate with them, and some characters
will yiff just any ol' fur. Some characters can form extremely tight
bonds with their yiffing partners, especially if the relationship spans
months or years, and the bonds may extend to their players, or not.
Don't forget the player of your yiffing partner may be married or
pair-bonded, or have no interest in real-life sex at all with you. Tread
lightly when breaching the VR wall into RL, and don't be surprised or
offended if the player of your yiffing partner doesn't want that wall

One Thing At A Time

Make one move at a time when yiffing. I can't stress this enough, as it
is the universal rule in any role-playing situation. Don't rip your
clothes off and get an erection and stick it somewhere in one pose,
that's just plain silly and rude! Always make one move at a time, and
always 'approach' a move and allow your partner to respond before moving
on to the next thing. Instead of just doing something, describe the
movement in a way which says you intend to do it, which allows your
partner to decide whether they want to have it done to them or not, and
gives them the chance to respond positively to the intended action, or
discourage you from doing it. This is just simple manners, and prevents
unnecessary discontinuity.

It is important that you are on the same page as your partner when
yiffing - that is, that you both have a clear idea of what is going on
at any given time. This will occur if the previous suggestion of one
thing at a time is followed. You should do a brief action, and then wait
for a response. If you type in that you are taking your clothes off and
snuggling up against your partner and feeling them up, they might be
typing at the same time and respond that they are going across the room
and taking some toys out a drawer and putting batteries in them.
Complete discontinuity! The scene will be much more believable if played
out slowly and carefully.

The problem of discontinuity is amplified when three or more furs are
involved in a yiff (yes, this occurs, regularly even). Orgies are
complex things, and some furs prefer them for the excitement they
provide in a yiff. Having two or more players type hot words at you can
be more fun than one, but the problem of continuity must be addressed
even more carefully. To participate in a multiple yiff requires great
concentration and a certain amount of luck.

Disconnections and slow connections are a way of life on the internet,
and when two furs are involved in a yiff and one gets disconnected, it
is a simple matter of the connected fur to wait patiently until the
other fur re-connects and the yiff is resumed. However, when three or
more furs are in a yiff, and you get disconnected, the remaining furs
may decide not to wait and continue without you! If you are lucky enough
not to lose one of your yiffing partners in this manner, there is still
the matter of keeping track of who's doing what to whom. If you are the
type of role-player who ignores physics you might be able to get away
with actions that would be impossible for any kind of critter, but most
furs would call you on such niceties as talking with your mouth full, or
wandering over to tickle someone else while you're joined with them in
some way. If you are going to participate in a multiple yiff you have to
make sure you stay semi-believable, or it becomes meaningless and dada.

Size also matters. Not that kinda size, silly, character size! Some furs
are average human height, around six feet, but some are very small, like
mice, and some are very large, like dragons. Furs who are non-standard
size will appreciate if you take the size differential into account, and
especially the species differential. A non-morphic equine, for example
will not be able to hug you back if you hug it in the 'standard' way,
but will make appropriate head and body movements. This all goes back to
assessing the character by looking at them and seeing what they are
before you try and share pleasures with them.


Yikes! How long should you wait before your character has an orgasm?
This is the question that has plagued mankind for it's whole existance,
and the FurryMuck ain't that much different. Styles and actions will
vary, and some furs will orgasm in a single pose, and some will stretch
it out over several poses. It all depends on your feeling and emotions
and your sense of how the scene is going. If you intend to have an
orgasm you shouldn't wait forever, as you may frustrate your partner.
You should give them some indication that you are going to have an
orgasm so that they can respond appropriately.

As for multiple orgasms, or things not necessarily involving orgasm like
bondage, well, whatever turns you on, as long as you partner is happy
with your actions.


That delicious moment afterwards. You've just had your first bit of
TinySex and are wondering what comes next.

Is this the end? Hopefully not. One of my pet peeves is when a yiffing
partner orgasms, and then immediately leaves or disconnects without even
a 'thank you'. This is rude in the extreme, and if you do this you
probably won't have a second session with that character. If the scene
was good and took a long time to do, and you are tired and need to
sleep, be sure to let your partner know that you had a good time, but
need to take a break for awhile. (Some players may have pleasured
themselves while the characters yiffed, and may need to 'clean up' a
bit.) This sort of thing is understandable, and you shouldn't be too
difficult about it if your partner requests to sleep after a yiff. It
means you did a good job and tired them out! You should be proud of
yourself and kiss them gently and let them sleep.

If you are still active after they sleep, it is a nice gesture to send
them a quick bit of mail saying how nice it was to yiff them - the muck
equivalent of flowers, I guess. It is also a nice gesture to remember
that you yiffed them the next time you see them! Any player who
appreciated the nice words you typed at them will remember you and seek
you out for more nice words in the future.

You have to remember that, just like in real life, a character may yiff
with you, and then decide later that you're really not their type and
they don't want to yiff with you anymore, even if the yiff seemed
enjoyable. You should respect these sorts of things and not pester the
character in the future - it will only annoy them and make them take
steps to assure that you cannot bother them. If you really go out of
your way to be annoying or spiteful you could find yourself in a heap of
trouble with the wizzes, who don't want to be bothered by such
trivialities and will toad you if you really become an antisocial pain.
If a fur doesn't want to play with you anymore there are thousands of
others who might - thank the fur for a good time, wish them well, and
move on.


There are many furs who think TinySex is lame and stupid, and
participated in by people who can't get any in the real world. There are
also furries who think this sort of behavior is damaging to the
reputation of furry fandom, and will go on at great lengths to say such
behavior is wrong and should not be allowed. This is a rather narrow and
unfair view to take of the subject. I have made this document in an
attempt to provide guidelines for furries new to the genre, who might be
interested in exploring the possibilities of yiffing, but don't want to
be labelled as pariahs by the non- or anti-yiff crowd. In my humble
opinion the problems the anti-yiffers grouse about are due to the few
clueless and rude yiffers who go around and do the things which are
recommended against in this document, such as inappropriate public
yiffs, and discourteous, discontinuous yiffing.

Some people are handicapped or unable to participate in normal social
interaction for whatever reason, and yiffing is their only form of
release. Some people are in perfectly happy monogamous relationships and
like to explore other forms of sexuality in VR that they would not
indulge in real life. Some people are shy or reserved in real life, and
find that the relative anonymity role-playing on the muck provides lets
them explore sexuality at their own pace. And some people just like to
yiff with their minds instead of their bodies - it's all a matter of

If you want to yiff, rest assured your yiffing partner is out there
somewhere, you just have to find them. Don't be shy, but don't despair,
either. If you are honest in your intentions generally you will get what
you want, maybe even more than you want! A VR relationship on the
FurryMuck can be a rewarding, even life-long, experience. You just have
to project a caring attitude, and make an effort to share the experience
with your partners. All sorts of relationships can be explored, from the
tenderest snuggles to the most extreme bloodsports, it all depends on
your taste and ability to communicate.

Happy yiffings!

end document

"I'd like... I'd like nothing better but to thank everybody in the world
who was never never better uh than a little bitty squirrel. Good night,
pizza lovers..." - Gibby Haynes, "White Man Sings The Blues", P


Jul 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/16/96

Seymont ( wrote:
: I do sort of wonder if anyone who needs a guide for 'such things'
: can actually be helped...

well, that's the whole point of the exercise, really. I can't stop stupid
people but I can help people who want help. the furs who requested this
doc so far think it's cool and helpful. there is a need for sex education,
and on the muck it's more of a manners thing than talking about condoms is
in the real world

coupla quick notes for the next revision (which I'll wait on until there's
more comment):

1. 'yiff' is out. hafta be politically vulpine correct, it seems :) I'll
use TSing/TinySex instead. a coupla furs pointed this out to me. 's too
bad, I like using yiff the way I do. it seems like such a nice word when
used that way. really sums it up nice for me, ya know? but whatever...
yiff is outta da document entirely next time

2. make a note that FurryMuck doesn't like a rep as a 'sex muck'. this doc
might not help that rep much but I'll make sure it doesn't hurt :)

3. TinySex is safe sex. very important point to make that I missed

4. didn't really go over genderbending that much. might be good to add a
section called "Things Are Not Necessarily What They Seem"

keep them cards an letters coming. I'm keeping track of this thread but
it's probably wise to mail comments as sometimes things get funny over
here at the netaxs news disk and I'd hate to miss anything

please note I want to keep the doc as simple as possible. I'm already
editing redundant things down, so we won't be getting into the furry karma
sutra at all - that's for a different document altogether, "The Advanced
Guide to TinySex on the FurryMuck", which I have no intention to write
(although I encourage it's existance)

Peter Torkelson

Jul 16, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/16/96

George Turrittin wrote:
> Ho boy... well-written, yes, and also written (originally) with humour
> in mind, but do we really need it?

IHMO? Yes. And I don't think it is nearly as humorous as you took it.

> It reminds me a bit of "Tank
> Vixens", actually: i.e., a parody which unfortunately turned into
> exactly what it was intending to satirize. Now that you've posted it
> to the Net, though, it's there forever, and we'll never see the end
> of it. FurryMuck's got a reputation as a SexMuck, but people don't
> seem to understand that we don't call it "SexMuck". Sex is prevalent
> on a lot of MU* systems, but on FurryMuck people tend to be the least
> subtle about it. I'm not on a campaign to eradicate it, but I am on a
> campaign to try and reinforce the many non-sexual aspects of
> FurryMuck in people's minds. We have now taken a step backwards,
> similar to Rko_Lynx's CF7 con report (which was also done with
> positive intentions). All this can do is reinforce the stereotyping
> that FurryMuck is a Muck for Sex and not for Furry. We can expect
> another Wired-Magazine-like deluge of horney new users very soon now.

Did you actualy read the document, or just the title? The "guide"
repeatedly stated that there were people on the muck with no interest
in yiffing, and that you should respect them, and further, that you
should not go about yiffing in public areas.

It had a lot of clue that a lot of the people you likely would
complain about could use. Basic social skills that, while they may
seem obvious to some, are not to others.

I think it is well writen, AND needed, becuse of furry's so called

Sort of like sex education, this is VR sex education. And it stresses
respect for the word NO. Something I think is all too much ingored
sometimes, and something that I wish was stressed in schools a bit

Message has been deleted


Jul 17, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/17/96

woo hoo! thanks george. was sweatin wondering when the first negative
review was going to arrive... this makes things a little easier. I was
beginning to think no one had anything bad to say about it. unfortunately
all you pretty much did was complain, so I have to argue with you now.
don't worry, I'm gentle, though. boojum's a good teacher :)

George Turrittin ( wrote:
: Ho boy... well-written, yes, and also written (originally) with humour

: in mind, but do we really need it? It reminds me a bit of "Tank

: Vixens", actually: i.e., a parody which unfortunately turned into
: exactly what it was intending to satirize.

aw darn. you missed it, then. it's neither satire nor parody, it's meant
to be a help document. admittedly the subject matter it's helping people
with can be humorous, and I speak in humorous overtones at times to
prevent it from sounding like a kinsey manual or something, but overall
it's a serious document

if I didn't think we needed it I wouldn't have written it. it addresses a
problem which from the tone of your post sounds like you may be concerned
with as well

: Now that you've posted it

: to the Net, though, it's there forever, and we'll never see the end
: of it.

if I never mentioned it again it would be forgotten in six months

generally things get posted to usenet for others to comment on. this is
something that I wrote that I thought I did a fairly good job on, but
felt it could still use some comment and adjustment, so that's why it's
here. I don't intend it to be like the periodically posted FAQs - like I
said, I'll put it on my web page when it's done to my satisfaction, maybe
other places. people can put it where they want on the net, it's
freeware. but usenet seemed the best place to work on it as groupware.
and I was right, I've gotten some excellent feedback that will make the
revision much better, and it's only been out three days

: FurryMuck's got a reputation as a SexMuck, but people don't

: seem to understand that we don't call it "SexMuck".

I think pretty much everyone understands that we call it 'furrymuck'

: Sex is prevalent

: on a lot of MU* systems, but on FurryMuck people tend to be the least
: subtle about it.

exactly the reason the document was written, to help correct obvious faux
pas in furrymuck sexual behavior and make it a little more subtle

speaking of faux pas, that first sentence, "The first myth to explode
about the FurryMuck is that not everyone is there for sex!" is a BIGTIME
faux pas - a subtle double negative that got by me cos I was trying to be
clever with the writing. It should say something like "The first point to
make about the FurryMuck is that not everyone is there for sex!" The
meaning is clear from the whole paragraph, but MAN was I embarrassed when
somefur pointed that out to me :)

so much for exploding myths :)

: I'm not on a campaign to eradicate it, but I am on a

: campaign to try and reinforce the many non-sexual aspects of
: FurryMuck in people's minds.

well I would hope you wouldn't want to eradicate it. it's pretty clear
from a real-world sociological standpoint that sweeping sexuality under
the rug or criminalizing it just creates more problems

so create a document on the wide-ranging non-sexual cultural aspects and
dynamics of the furrymuck. you have so much more material to work with
than I do

: We have now taken a step backwards,

no, we haven't. I have proposed a comprehensive solution to a perceived
problem. please explain how this is a step backwards, that I have talked
at length in public about sexual matters on the furrymuck. would you
prefer I said nothing and let the reputation and the problem go unchecked?
would you rather I just shut up and watch people bitch about it every so
often, rather than propose a solution? I'm very curious as to what you
mean by backwards

: similar to Rko_Lynx's CF7 con report (which was also done with

: positive intentions). All this can do is reinforce the stereotyping
: that FurryMuck is a Muck for Sex and not for Furry.

if you believe that you couldn't have read the document, you must be
reacting to the title. a couple of furs suggested genericizing the
document so that it covers more about tinyplots in general, which tinysex
is a subset of. I did not intend to write such a document as I think there
are much better role-players than myself who would do a better job at it.
I set out to write a document which would diffuse problems associated with
people starting out exploring tinysex on the furrymuck, and I feel I am
well along toward achieving that goal. it doesn't say anything about
furrymuck being a muck for sex and not for furry. it says that furries
care about the sexual well-being of their population enough to provide
some helpful guidelines

: We can expect

: another Wired-Magazine-like deluge of horney new users very soon now.

from a document posted to a.f.f. and a.f.f.m.? hardly. it has reached it's
intended audience, furs who know where to go to talk about furry things
and have an interest in the furry community. if I wanted a deluge I
would have posted it to 'news.announce.newusers' and made it much more
lurid and changed the title to 'FREE SEX ON FURRYMUCK'. perhaps a few
furry newbies will stumble across it here in the next few days as we
discuss it and tweak it out - probably not a deluge, though

the wired reporter wrote his report on furrymuck sex after one or two
visits, and had an editorial imperative to write an article that would
sell magazines. I have researched this stuff for over two years from a
perspective inside furry fandom, and have written this report to give
back assistance to that fandom. if I combine the experience I have drawn
upon to write this document, and the experience of the dozen or so folks
who have so far made helpful suggestions and comments, the next version
will compile perhaps thirty-six years of furrymucking experience

the resultant document, if anything, will make that 'deluge' take pause
and reconsider their actions

: Thanks.

I know you mean that sarcastically, but you're welcome anyway :) the first
flame on this document was alot milder than I expected, and it allowed me
to address some things that other furs may be concerned with as well

thank you :)

: _ _
: Tom Turrittin / Dronon Brassmane
: "If only the world was inflatable, opaque, and crunchy."


Jul 19, 1996, 3:00:00 AM7/19/96

George Turrittin ( wrote:

[ a TON of cool stuff ]


really, really excellent reply man. about half of what you say is great
stuff for the document - it needs rearranging and clarifying and
refining. yup yup. good suggesions. I'm on it

the other half I'm like nodding and smiling, okay, okay...

anyway thanks fur being constructive! :) I hope you give the revised version
a look as well, it is being recompiled with a few of your suggestions
taken into account. look for it in about a week


Oct 14, 2012, 5:00:56 PM10/14/12
As a newbie to FurryMUCK, I really appreciate this article. I have been looking for a serious treatment of the subject for some time. It seem that all I could find was anti-yipp crusaders or sensational-seeking media hound seeing yiffing everywhere. I appreciate the author's treating the subject with openness, humor, and honesty. I found the guidelines very enlightening, while also acknowledging the wide range of yiffing meaning to players. This gave me the insights I needed to understand the subject. Am I going to yiff, probably not. It is not in my image. But a long term romantic VR relationship - maybe.
I am internally grateful for the article. I will be re-reading it several times in the next weeks. I can see there are many subtleties in it that I probably missed at first reading. Many kudos and thanks to the author.
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