Yellow Shark controversy

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Jun 29, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/29/97

David F Lynch, said:

>> Anyone who read Mike Keneally's revelation in his "autobiography" of
>> 300 lines or his comments about the Poddle book by Ben Watson knows
>> that FZ inserted some audience applause at the end of the
>> anti-abortion comment in the song on the Yellow Shark Cd.
>> To me, this is shocking. Maybe MK will change that comment and
>> retract it is quite a revelation.

>You gotta be fuckin' kidding me. I never had a doubt in my mind
>that the audience was applauding for the song and not the political
>statement (it _was_ at the _end_ of the song, recall). Seems like a
>complete nontroversy to me. Furthermore, the remark is decidedly
>_not_ anti-abortion!

I think I might have misplaced a word there. Clearly, on the
"Tritium Enriched Sewage" song, there is a comment that condones
abortion. In other words, the consequences of anti-abortion laws are
indicated in that song, and therefore, FZ was pro-abortion to a
lesser or stronger degree (I have no information on this).

The problem, (although I have no real stake in this matter), is that
it was stated that the YS video does not have applause after the
comment "accumulating after the total ban on abortion a few years
back", while the CD indeed has applause. Where did this applause
come from? MK says it was inserted right after that phrase. And, as
I've stated, if it was the case that that happened, then personally
I think that it is a very unfortunate aspect from an ETHICAL point
of view, in FZ's material. Perhaps, one of the strongest problems,
even worse than the material on the "Have I offended anybody?" CD,
which to me is not be taken seriously and is not offensive.


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