Elton John - Blue Moves (DTS 5.1 Surround CD) Download

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Apr 13, 2010, 6:08:36 PM4/13/10
I have converted 'Here And There' into Surround 5.1
DTS and you can download it
from the following Binary Newsgroups.


or you can download it as a Torrent from the following location.


The file burns to a CD just like any music CD but you will need to be able
to decode DTS to listen to it. Below are full details.



Music : Pop : Lossless
Created by paulguk
Music : Pop : Other quality

Elton John - Blue Moves (DTS 5.1 Surround CD).

General Information
Type.................: Stereo To Surround Using Plogue Bidule and a High
Separation Conversion/Upmix Method
Title................: Blue Moves
Artist...............: Elton John
Year.................: 1976
Genre................: Pop
Type.................: Studio
Number of Songs......: 18

Audio Format.........: dts
Encoder..............: Surcode dts Encoder
Hz...................: 44,100
Channels.............: 5.1
Source...............: Lossless Files from The Stereo of the Retail CD


BLUE MOVES was Elton John's first double-album since 1973's GOODBYE YELLOW
BRICK ROAD and his last full collaboration with Bernie Taupin before taking
a two-year break from the lyricist. MOVES also signaled the end of a Golden
Age marked by a string of wildly successful albums (including the
aforementioned ROAD and CARIBOU) and non-stop, sold-out tours. This
melancholy 1976 release includes what would be EJ's last Top 10 hit for
three years ("Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word") and is loaded with
numbers reflecting the ennui and burnout both John and Taupin were
experiencing at the time ("Between Seventeen And Twenty", "If There's A God
In Heaven [What's He Waiting For?]"). Elsewhere, John and Taupin write songs
in tribute to Edith Piaf ("Cage The Songbird") and a depressingly
debilitated Elvis Presley ("Idol").
Despite the inclusion of these and other heart-wrenching compositions like
"Tonight", John's irrepressible upbeat attitude comes to the fore on tracks
such as the Caleb Quaye instrumental "Your Starter For.".. and "One Horse
Town", a peppy song about life in the rural South. Most gratifying is a
collaboration with the Reverend James Cleveland and his Southern California
Choir on the funky "Boogie Pilgrim".

CD 1.

TRACK 01 "Your Starter For"
TRACK 02 "Tonight"
TRACK 03 "One Horse Town"
TRACK 04 "Chameleon"
TRACK 05 "Boogie Pilgrim"
TRACK 06 "Cage The Songbird"
TRACK 07 "Crazy Water"
TRACK 08 "Shoulder Holster"

CD 2.

TRACK 01 "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"
TRACK 02 "Out Of The Blue"
TRACK 03 "Between Seventeen And Twenty"
TRACK 04 "The Wide Eyed And Laughing"
TRACK 05 "Someone's Final Song"
TRACK 06 "Where's The Shoorah "
TRACK 07 "If There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For )"
TRACK 08 "Idol"
TRACK 09 "Theme From A Non-Existent TV Series"
TRACK 10 "Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!)"

Note: These tracks are remixed into surround 5.1 and encoded into DTS. They
can be played through a stand alone home theatre decoder capable of decoding
a DTS signal provided that the CD or DVD player is
connected digitally to the decoder using either a digital coaxial or digital
optical toslink cable. If the player is connected using analogue cables you
will only hear white noise and could damage your loudspeakers. These tracks
can also be played on computers with player programs like Foobar (with dts
plugin), KM Player, VLC Player, etc.

This download contains a DTS encoded WAV file of the entire album and a CUE
sheet to enable burning to CD with the correct track pointers.

Ensure both these files are downloaded to the same folder (create a folder
if you like) and DO NOT rename the files.

If you have a popular burning program such as Roxio or Nero installed it may
recognise the CUE file so just double click it to load and then burn to a

Alternatively, you can install the enclosed (Free) program "ImgBurn" and use

Visit either of these websites if you're interested in creating your own
surround sound conversions:






Apr 13, 2010, 6:06:07 PM4/13/10
I have converted 'Blue Moves' into Surround 5.1


Feb 6, 2019, 11:24:26 AM2/6/19
good bless you...thanks so much !!!!!

John Barrett

Sep 26, 2021, 5:59:32 PMSep 26
I'm just discovering these links! OMG! I've been looking so long for some Surround versions of Blue Moves, Don't Shoot Me, Rock of the Westies, Caribou - and I see you've done Here and There! The links seem to be broken. I'm hoping you could repost them?! Please.

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