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Jul 27, 2015, 9:58:24 AM7/27/15
I'm hoping Theun (aka Jongware) will see this and see this soon ^_^

I've been trying this awesome awesome (did I mention awesome?) script "PerfectPrepText" for InDesign, and have encountered an issue that unfortunately decreases it's usefulness to about 1% for me.

The issue is actually simple to explain: It doesn't play along well with Hebrew.
It takes the PerfectPrepText_DO script an eon or two to work through... even on my Cintiq Companion Enchanced (which isn't a bad device where specs are concerned). But that's nothing - for such an amazing prep I'd be willing to go walk the dog while I wait ;)

The real issue is that it reformats the Hebrew text wherever it was locally overriden (changes the font itself and some of it's attributes).

Is there any way to fix this please? This script would make my world so much better and faster (and hey, it may even make the dog happier ;) ).

Will appreciate any help,


Jan 17, 2016, 7:02:26 AM1/17/16
This is off-topic for this forum which is about the Elite series of computer games. Please don't repost on this subject. Thankyou.
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