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Apr 1, 2020, 5:27:38 AM4/1/20
Hi, All

(0) According to 1985-jan-15 Micro Adventurer p. 15, ‘An Elite crew’, col. 2, par. 4

‘[...] competition [...] Dangerous can enter [...]’


(1) According to 1984-dec Your Computer col. 3, ‘Hal joins the Elite’

‘Hal Bertram has become the first to reach “Elite” status [...] On Saturday, 3rd November, at 11.39 [...]’


(2) According to https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/15od2s/i_am_david_braben_cocreator_of_elite_creator_of/c7ocnpc?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x, Mr. David Holdgate claims to have been 'the fifth person to get Elite status on my BBC B. I lived in Trumpington[,] and cycled into the Acornsoft office on Market Square, nearly causing a traffic accident on the way in! I just walked into the office[,] and handed in my details.'


(3) According to 1984-dec Acorn News p. 3, ‘Elite – the game everyone's playing’, col. 3

‘The best rating during September was “dangerous”, but by [the end of] October, 40 “elites” had turned up in a total of 400 postcards.’

According to my best calculations, based upon this quote, it seems as if the first, original Elite-simulator combateer might have attained their Elite rating sometime around 1984-oct-17-wed, about a month after the original simulator's release, which was apparently on 1984-sep-20-thu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_(video_game)).

(This seems to indicate that Commander Bertram might actually not have been the very first Elite combateer, but perhaps the first to report in during 1984-nov...?)


If any commander has any further information regarding this topic, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Specifically, I would like to establish contact with Commanders Hal Bertram and David Holdgate, as well as the first and any other commander who was one of the original Elite combateers who might have submitted their credentials for the original competition in 1984. (I have left a message for Commander Holdgate on Reddit, but it doesn't seem as if he goes there often anymore.) I would like to inquire as to how each of them did it, and any other anecdotes they might wish to share regarding that time.

Thank you kindly.

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