Anyone here playing Frontier's Elite Dangerous game?

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Feb 25, 2022, 11:56:26 PM2/25/22
A weird week so far with skin cuts, wars, winter (ending soon), not that slammy but will be, etc.
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Rayner Lucas

Feb 27, 2022, 6:33:27 PM2/27/22
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Yep! Currently on my way back from a trip to the far side of the galaxy,
and planning to drop in on Sagittarius A* before heading back to

Highlights of the journey include:
- A mishap with a white dwarf, resulting in a rather embarrassing kaboom
and waking up back in Colonia. Oops.
- Discovering a CJ-type carbon star 2816 light years below the galactic
plane, a vast orange furnace way out in the depths where only half
the sky still has stars.
- Possibly the galaxy's gloomiest Earth-like world, orbiting an L-type
brown dwarf (far-distant red dwarf and neutron companion stars
presumably adding just enough heat for habitability).
- Getting flung straight through a star on exiting hyperspace, which I'd
thought was no longer possible but apparently not.
- A good few first Codex discoveries of various flora--I've spent so
much time trotting around alien deserts scanning things that I'd
frakkin' well better make Elite in exobiology after I hand all the
data in.
- A few terrifyingly fast neutron stars, not the lazily gyrating ones
but minuscule angry pinpricks blasting out a strobing tornado of
radiation from each pole.

Exploring is a relaxing pastime apart from the rare moments of sheer
terror, but it'll be good to get back to inhabited space after being out
in the emptiness of the outer spiral arms for so long.

Fly safe CMDRs!

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