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Oct 24, 2018, 8:52:08 AM10/24/18
Paul Saberton died recently. The story I got from Chris White on the Phone that the death was caused by Organ Failure in the body, as he had gone through an encounter with bathing and apparently been left in a bath too long or something like that. He suffered from MS, and it just became too much for him to cope with. He had been taken to a hospital in Sydney and that is where he lived his final moments. I had met Paul Saberton in late 1996 in the foyer of the United Pentecostal Church in Chifley in Canberra. Paul was a 'Father and Son' Pentecostal Christian. It is the doctrine that God alone is God, but the first thing he did was begat a son, after his likeness and image, who was the Logos or Jesus. It is not a Trinity doctrine – there are two beings, the father and the son, which both have full deity associated with them. Only the Father had existed eternally till that point. This was the Christian doctrine of God I had come to, after leaving Trinity belief behind me in Potters House, and then leaving Oneness doctrine behind me when I left the United Pentecostal Church. The plan was to start a church with Paul, but Paul was also part of 'The Message' which is the William Marrion Branham movement, which teaches serpent seed doctrine, where Eve had sex with Satan as well as Adam, Cain being Satan's child and Abel being Adam's child. The doctrine was abhorrent to me, and while I agreed 100% with his doctrine on what the bible taught about God, I was never going to join the message, which was and is a cult as far as I am concerned. The Father and the Son doctrine I believed in 1999 when I left Christian faith, and in all my thoughts about the New Testament to this day I still regard it as the teaching of the New Testament and the original church community. Father and Son, in the end, is wrong though – not because it is not the doctrine of the Christian Bible. It 100% is. It is because Christianity itself is flawed, a rival to God's Torah faith, and misaligned agaisnt truth. The deification of Jesus is idolatry. It is really the end of the issue as far as I am concerned. Paul was biblical, though. He had the biggest King James You've ever seen, which Amy Grant would be very proud of him for having. It had wide margins, with a proliferation of notes he'd made over the years, and where that bible is today, God only knows. Perhaps in the shelves of a salvos bookstore, or resting in his mother's collection, who I think is probably still alive. Paul was biblical, and so was I, and we chatted forever on biblical doctrine, having lunch here and there around the traps, me occasionally doing a little bit of gardening with him, maybe once that I can definitely recall, and going to places, like goodberrys, to play chess, after we'd played tennis at the Weston Creek or Belconnen tennis courts. They were like sedate summer days I recall, when I nursed on the teet of Pentecostal Christian faith in its heyday, and I would still be doing that if Jesus was indeed the Christ and saviour. Paul never made a huge amount of money. I think he lived by faith, and left that business in the hands of the Lord. He did gardnening, and later one, after we fell out of touch, I think he was doing computers again for a bit, before the MS became a problem. I didn't see him again after a certain point for many years, and we only stayed in touched via telephone. But in the last year of his life I called him a few times, and he'd share his faith and his woes in life, and try as I might perhaps it was the Lord's mercy which took him when it did, because he'd pretty much had enough. Paul was a very friendly and loving man, but he would deny those outside of Christian faith as lost, based primarily on his predestination beliefs, or Calvinism. There was perhaps and idea that in the new earth there were others, for in the new earth dwelt righteousness, as Paul said to me more than once in our latter conversations. I don't know for sure his last view on the issue. But he was a genuine Christian, he believed his faith, he practiced it without fakesness, and he applied it to his life in a way which was real and could be an epistle seen and read of men. He was the real thing. Mum didn't like him that much – he had an edge which rejected Catholicism, and I think mum probably gathered that much a bit. But regardless, though I do have some scratchy memories of his atitude also, he was a good enough friend, and this chapter is dedicated to his memory. In the end, if Paul is Torah like enough in his walk with God in eternity, he might have the strength to go the distance of eternal life. It might be in him. I don't know for sure. But I am pretty sure that, whatever else, he will be there for a good long while. Our paths may cross again in eternity, and they might cross forever in eternity. It could end up being the start of a beautiful friendship. But I don't know for sure, as in the end, as a Noahide, idolatry is idolatry, and Paul was guilty of that much in his worship of Jesus also. I hope the best for the future of Paul Saberton, and time will tell of the legacy of this son of the Saberton clan. May he rest in peace. And may his memory, for his good deeds anyway, live on for a good long while. Cheers.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Canberra, Australia
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