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Jul 23, 2007, 10:23:14 PM7/23/07

Due to their new 'Mexicanization policy':
* Mexico became the main gateway into the United States for illegal
* narcotics, with the amount of cocaine making the journey climbing to
* an estimated 210 tons last year.
* Mexico's drug arrests plunged nearly 65 percent, from 27,369 the year
* before the policy changes to 9,728 last year, according to data that
* the Mexican government supplied to the State Department.
* Cocaine seizures in Mexico were cut in half, dropping from more than
* 50 tons in 1993 to slightly more than 24 tons in each of the last two
* years -- the smallest amounts since 1988, Mexican government figures
* show.
* The GAO report charges that Mexico's greatest problem is, in
* fact, the "widespread, endemic corruption" throughout its law
* enforcement agencies. Earlier this month, in an indictment of his own
* department, Attorney General Lozano fired 737 members of his federal
* police force -- 17 percent of his entire corps -- saying they did not
* have "the ethical profile" required for the job. In a recent meeting
* with foreign reporters, Lozano said it could take 15 years to clean up
* the force.
* In November 1993, President Clinton signed Presidential Decision Directive
* No. 14, shifting U.S. anti-drug efforts away from intercepting cocaine as
* it passed through Mexico and the Caribbean, and, instead, attacking the
* drug supply at its sources in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.

The President himself ordered them to stop checking!!! This is in the same
leadership vein as Reagan declaring himself a "Contra".

And why did President Clinton change strategy?

He didn't have much choice. The Mexicans didn't want to work with us anymore.

We greatly pissed them

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