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Jan 8, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/8/96
We've had so many newbie posts over the last couple of days that
I figured I'd better throw in mine, after lurking for a good month or so...

[I wave a claw gratuitously and the world swirls around me, changing the
post into third person]

Baxil, never one to be shy (well, actually...boy, I'm such a
liar), calmly walks into the Dominance. "Good day, everyone," he
announces heartily (as heartily as can be managed from a 40' nose-to-tail
frame). The green's scales shine in the sunlight. "I've been hanging
around the Dominance so long, (well, actually about three weeks now) that
I guess I should get the introductions out of the way. My name's
Baxil -- pronounced more like "Ba-heel", if it matters. I enjoy poetry,
stories, music, and friendship, and I would like to again comment how
great it feels to have found this place, where dragonkind can chat in
safety from those disbelievers and self-proclaimed Saint Georges."
Baxil looks at the circle of dragons starting to gather and
launches into a small nip of his life story. "I don't know where I'm
from originally," he starts, "but it was a place of great magic; one
where humans and dragons and weres and elves (etc.) lived together...
well, not always in harmony, but in coexistence. Unfortunately, some
rather nasty events took place, ...and I guess some magic was
involved...I ended up on Earth."
He twirls his tail up absent-mindedly and continues.
"Unfortunately for me, I was born into the body of a human. But luck
smiled upon me. I was able to contact others like me, others who could
teach me magick, and eventually I learned to contact spirits from my
homeworld. Since then, I have learned enough to get in touch with my
true form, and I have started searching for others. I found the
Dominance late last year, and I was overjoyed to find a place where I
could actually resume my true body (my Earth form still has its limits)
and talk with others of my kind."
"And that's my story," he finishes. "I've enjoyed what little
contact I've had so far, and look forward to the years I'll be able to
spend here in the Dominance." Baxil smiles at the surrounding dragons,
and awaits the inevitable questions...

-Tad L. Ramspott
uramst00 @
Brevity is the soul of wit -- so I changed my macros into micros.

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