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Aug 28, 2021, 5:25:47 PM8/28/21
What does Kerun/Keru even mean? Like, I know this is my draconian name and all, but what does that even mean after all? hmm.. gonna have to look into that.

Also why did I go by Keru when my name is only 1 letter longer? Like-
*sits down*
..I don't even know at this point. Sometimes I do things that make no sense, like flying in public, so it would be something i'd do.

Also, why does my hostname have to be so.. bad? Like, who is named Ethan, like really, that's the most generic name ever. I bet he knows like 8 people named Ethan, why can't he be cool like me?

Seriously, I'm awesome.

Okay, enough of this for now, I better stop before I end up getting mad and attacking someone or doing something dumb because of my ego.

(DC2.Dw Gm L-- W T+ Phlftwv Sku Cbr+ B- A? Nf H $ Fc R+++ Ac+++! J+ S U--- I- V++[dark] Q Tc+++! E+++)
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