DEATH BATTLE! - Goku VS Superman (Kal-El, Shimshon (Man of the Sun)

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Aug 13, 2013, 8:51:30 PM8/13/13
Goku and Kal-El, Shimshon (Man of the Sun) are in Dragon Ball Universe.

Both not faster than light without consequences in the finale (Diana, Wonder Woman, had mercy on Kal-El and "retired") of the Tournament of Tenkaichi Budokais.

Both at full power, Goku SS4 Magic (merged with Dragonball Power) vs. Kal-El 2011, respectively 52, whose eyes are intensive red now.

The Moderator counts down: 3, 2, 1, Fight!

And Kal-El burns around the sky with his heat vision because Goku breaks his neck and ketch ups at same time his brain and heart with his telekinesis.

Goku wins in 0,000001 sec.

After the victory Goku brings back Kal-El at life and thanks him for the "great" fight and Kal-El flies pissed on into his DCU back and hopes never to have fight again vs Goku.

May somebody make this video and put this at YouTube?

If you get money for this, please donate it for idiots (stupid DCians (DC authors and DC fanatikers) who know telekinesis by Kal-El, but not by others.

Thank you very much,


Dec 8, 2013, 11:38:54 PM12/8/13

Goku is stronger, faster and more durable.

1) Strength

a) The 40-ton rumor.

In Book 36 Goku had to be at least a 50lbs-Shirt. Whether in addition also his 50lbs-wrist pads we do not know. Not even if they were even still weigh 50lbs and not replaced with higher weights. And if 40 tons per dumbbell is meant or jointly.

In Book 1 Goku lifted (Age 12) Bulma's Renault 5 Turbo, tare 970 kg + Bulma 65 kg = 1035 kg, and threw both several yards away. Strength of 1.5 tons?

Later, he crushed a rock. Strength of 5 tons? After training with Roshi, he plowed the area with an about 1 ton heavy boulder. Strength of 10 tons? Later he moved an about 10 ? tons boulder.

If we stay at 10 tons, it is likely for Goku (Age 18) not be a problem with 250lbs clothing (5.67 tons) to fight in Book 15.

Therefore, in Book 18 he fell on his knees on Kaio's planet with x 10 = 56.7 tons of clothing. But could still stand without problems without effort.

Nevertheless, it looked different in Book 36 with only 2 x 10 tons = 20 tons after he overcame 100 x Gravity in Book 23. Goku said 10 tons to be impossible? Although he carries 56.7 tons of clothing? Did he mean 10 tons x 4 + 5.67 tons x 10 = 456.70 tons? This weight might have been impossible for him. And with 40 tons x 4 + 5.67 tons x 10 = 1,656.7 tons, it could then easily cope with SS1. But these are only speculation. How heavy were his clothes at this time, and what he was wearing (wrist pads?), we do not know.

Kal picks up on Krypton perhaps 0,415 tons. On Earth (x 33) just 13.695 tons without solar energy.

Therefore, Spider-Man could beat with his 20 tons-punches Kal through the city after he was bathed by Lex Luthor in red sun radiation.

[But it is surprising that he after he was no energy beings anymore, has not used his 13.695 tons-power to dressed to fight as a super hero after he as a martial artist but should be as well. Others with much less force did it: Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Batgirl, Captain America, etc. Is Kal "naturalized" and Earth's gravity has his muscles demoted? Intimidated by the punches, that he received from Spider-Man?]

Goku : 1,656.7 tons (w/o ki)

Kal : 13.695 tons (w/o Sunpower)

Goku 1 : 0 Kal

b) The 6.6 quintillion tons rumor .

Kal pulls with solar energy and Green Lantern the earth and gets the whole score.

[GL can move an entire planet alone without problems, in weakened state still playing with a moon.

How well that GL does not exist and is not Parallax. ScrewAttack would have no place in a new universe.]

If Kal can move 6.6 quintillion tons with solar power and GL, the 481,927,710,000,000,000 times his body strength, then "Spirit moves Mountains", Goku can move with KI (1,656.7 tons x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 6,626,800 tons x 481,927,710,000,000,000 =) 3,193,638,500,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

Goku : 3.1936385 Septillion tons (w/i ki)

Kal : 6.6 quintillion tons (w/i Sunpower + GL)

Goku : 2 : 0 Kal

[If the battleground in the DBU:

Goku : 6,626,800 tons (w/i ki)

Kal : 13.695 tons (Suppaman+)

Goku : 2 : 0 Kal]

2) Speed

Thanks to Akira Toriyama's common sense, and intellectual inability of DC writers, DB characters are not allowed to be faster than the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s), but DC characters.

The limitation falls away because we have chosen as battleground the DCU.

a) Running speed:

Raditz dodges just Piccolo's "Light of Death". If its beam has the speed of light, then Raditz is fast as light, then also Goku, who like Raditz, a Saiyan.

In Book 26 Goku dogdes Frieza's Death Beams without being hit. Either Frieza's Death Beams slower than Piccolo's "Light of Death", or Goku is faster than Raditz. But faster than the speed of light does not allow AT.

Unlike DCians that will reveal themselves as DCtards, we are willing to accept that authors, in this case AT, are only human and that some error has allowed.

If we accept that faster than light is not allowed, then KI - rays are only as fast as sound (352.17 m/s) in DBU.

352.17 m/s x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 1,408,680 meters/sec = 5,071,248 km/h

So Goku would be no match for Kal.

If we accept that KI - rays in DBU have only 99 % of the speed of light, then Kal is no match for Goku.

Speed of light x 50 x 2 x 4 x 10 = 4000 times the speed of light.

From the Sun to the Earth would need Goku just 0.12 sec

Kal but 114 sec. And only in flight.

Goku : 4000 times the speed of light

Kal : 2.5 times the speed of light

Goku 3 : 0 Kal

b) Flying speed:

The same as running speed.

Goku: 4000 times the speed of light

Kal: 5 times the speed of light

Goku 4 : 0 Kal

[If the battleground in the DBU, neither Goku nor Kal have the speed of light!

Goku : 1 times the speed of light

Kal : 1 times the speed of light (Suppaman+)

Goku 3 : 1 Kal

b) Flying speed:

The same as running speed.

Goku: 1 times the speed of light

Kal: 1 times the speed of light

Goku 4 : 2 Kal (Suppaman+)]

3) Durability:

Difficult to determine this.

Goku: 34.7 sextillion MT ?

Kal: 10 octillion MT ?

Doosmday killed under a yellow sun Kal. That meanns, Doomsday would have a 10 octillion MT supernova punch?

Against so much bullshit no one comes to mind!

In general, Kal was exposed to a yellow sun burst has only strengthened his aura and was swept away like a wave.

Matter of opinion as to what you take for values.

In Goku's durability I come up with different computational models on far less.

Kal resisted a planetary collision.

53 quadrillion MT x 100 = 5.3 quintillion MT

He could survive with enough distance, Black Holes and Supernovas.

In Book 27 Goku SS1 resistance smiling 70%-Freeza's Death Beam that can destroy a planet.

53 quadrillion MT / Frieza's Powerlevel 530,000 x 70%-Freeza's Powerlevel 900,000 = 90,000,000,000,000,000 MT.

90 quadrillion MT x 2 x 4 x 10 = 7,200,000,000,000,000,000 MT

Goku : 7.2 quintillion MT

Kal : 5.3 quintillion MT

Goku 5 : 0 Kal

[If the battleground in the DBU:

Goku 5 : 2 Kal (Suppaman+)]

In a "real" good Death Battle in DCU, Goku would be the winner.

Collaboration between ScrewAttack and Kanzenshuu, Superman Homepage, The Tao of Dragon Ball, Superman and Team Fourstar has produced only one thing: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

See this sense- and brainless stupid video.
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