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Oct 16, 2013, 12:54:11 AM10/16/13
Over ten years ago, back when the Buu saga was first being broadcast on Cartoon Network, I made a short-lived fic to make fun of the dub of the Saiyan Saga.
It was a crossover with Justice League that I called "Dragon Justice League Z". Comcast still offered Usenet access back then, and I posted as SlickRCBD with some made-up domain to shield me from spam similar to how I have a Google account solely for Usenet whose corresponding gmail is never checked (my real e-mail is slickrcbd without the news). I don't recall if I had a gmail account yet, so I might have said to use my Yahoo, Hotmail, Graffiti, or (defunct free provider that gave a whopping 50mb of space in the inbox with pop3 access back in 2000, in contrast Hotmail only gave 2mb while Yahoo gave 4-6mb and Graffiti 30mb. They didn't start giving big inboxes until about two years after Gmail).

I've been trying to search Google Groups for those old posts since I seem to have lost them, but I can't find them. Does anybody have better luck coaxing them out of the Google search engine? At times like this I really miss Deja News that Google purchased and integrated into Google Groups.

If it helps, the fic had it that in the anime (I was spoofing the dub) when Vegita destroyed the bug planet, it opened a rift that sent them to the DC Animated universe of Justice League. To mock the plot of DBZ, I had it that Superman was taking the day off for a date with Lois that resulted in him getting lucky, with a running gag of them desperately trying to contact him but he's ignoring his communicator.
Meanwhile I was retelling the plot of the Sayian Saga using the Justice League characters instead of the Z-Fighters while making liberal use of the dub "nobody's actually getting killed" stupidity and mocking the heck out of it. I had Nappa blow up a city like in DBZ, only for the JL to make a comment like "good going on the last minute save with the teleporters. You got the city evacuated just in time" while Nappa makes the canon comment.

I also had it that the media was censoring and dubbing things, and a conversation where one of them was saying "Why the HFIL do I keep hearing HFIL on the TV when I say HFIL? What the HFIL is going on? I must be being Dubbed!"

Anyways, somebody asked me about it and I couldn't find the files. I was going to upload them to either Pit of Voles or Mediaminer. I recall I got bogged down with community college papers and never finished it.
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