New "Dr Pepper & Cream Soda" (If you're reading this, you probably ought to try it!)

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Doug Elrod

Mar 18, 2020, 4:14:22 PM3/18/20
This is probably my favorite of the many Dr Pepper variants that have been released, definitely far better than Red Fusion, for instance. I found it in a 20 oz. bottle in a small pizzeria, but I expect it will eventually appear in your local convenience store, where this sort of thing generally debuts.

It's a nicely balanced blend of classic Dr Pepper flavor with a cream soda mouthfeel. If you discover a mixture of Dr Pepper and cream soda (say from A&W) that matches or beats this, please post the ratio here (in case this product goes away). I suspect you might have to start with *syrup* on one or the other side, though.

-Doug Elrod (

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