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Jul 23, 2007, 9:02:26 PM7/23/07

the national
microwave telephone system owned by AT&T. Other specialists testified to
the same thing: purely domestic intercepts.

P223: "Technical know-how" for microwave communications intercept was
aided by William Baker, head of AT&T's Bell Laboratories and at the
same time an important member of the very secret NSA Scientific Advisory
Board. After all, it was Bell Labs under Baker that, to a great extent,
developed and perfected the very system that the NSA hoped to penetrate.

"The Rise of the Computer State", David Burnham, 1984, ISBN 0-394-72375-9
"A Chilling Account of the Computer's Threat to Society"
FYI note: this document's opening quote is from this book.

P122: For the last three decades the NSA has been a frequent and secret
participant in regulatory matters before the Federal Communications
Commission, where important decisions are made that directly affect
the structure of the telephone company, the use of radio airwaves and
the operation of communication satellites.

P317: 1962. Now, for the first time, NSA had begun turning its massive ear
inward toward its own citizens. With no laws or legislative charter to
block its path, the ear continued to turn.

P319: The Secret Service, the CIA, the FBI and the DIA submitted entries
for the NSA's watch list.

The names on the various watch lists ranged from members of radical political
groups to celebrities to ordinary citizens involved in protest against their

Included were such well-known figures as Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Dr. Benjamin
Spock, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Reverand Ralph Abernathy, Black
Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, and Chicago Seven defendants Abbie Hoffman
and David T. Dellinger.

A frightening side effect of the watch list program was the tendency of most
lists to grow, expanding far beyond their original intent. This multiplier
effect was caused by the inclusion

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