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Dec 29, 2009, 7:02:15 AM12/29/09
Not sure if there are any aussie dm fans here, maybe someone might be able
to help me, What is the main reason that the band has not toured this
country since '93 or 94 for the SOFAD tour? Since then, for every album they
have released, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of this region have
been forgotten about.
They seem to only tour Europe, the US and UK. Unfortunately Radio in this
country doesn't play anything by them(including the so called "Youth
Network" JJJ), so maybe this is one reason(yes I guess I am answering my
question here), but surely there be other reasons why the band won't play
here, they have alot of fans in this part of the world, some of them sick of
being disappointed time and time again from missing out on them, not
everyone can afford to travel O/S to see them(which alot of aussie's and
kiwi DM fans usually have to do, like for the current SOTU tour).


Dec 29, 2009, 7:36:29 AM12/29/09
jojo_of-da_3rd_dimension schreef:

> Not sure if there are any aussie dm fans here,



not an aussie and can help you with any verifyable explanation. Maybe
they do not wanna tour as extensively anymore as in the sofad-days. That
tour nearly killed the band (alongside dave's addiction, fletch mental
stability and alans dissentment).
It's all cost and benefit now, they are not into (re)developping markets
anymore. They only seem to tour high grossing area's nowadays alongside
countries with a fanbase with the potential for growth like in eastern

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Dec 31, 2009, 5:26:13 PM12/31/09
I think Australia is too far for them to come. Big trip, lots of money
spent etc. With the GFC and internet for downloading, I reckon that bands
are not doing it as well as they once were. DM have been around 30 years.
There is not much left for them to conquer...... !! I would love to see
them again live in Oz, but not if they were to play the latest album - it

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