The Posters Came From The Walls

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Nov 25, 2009, 8:02:25 AM11/25/09
For anyone who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, there's a special one-off
screening of the Posters Came From the Walls, the documentary about
Depeche Mode fans from around the wolrd, at the Tyneside Cinema on
Tuesday 1st December at 8.50pm!

The Posters Came from the Walls (15)

Touching, funny and sad stories of faith and devotion from around the
world are told in this brilliant documentary from Turner Prize winning
artist Jeremy Deller and Nicholas Abrahams. In Russia, May 9 is
Victory Day, a national holiday. It’s also the birthday of Dave Gahan,
lead singer with Depeche Mode, and a group of Muscovite fans have
declared it Dave Day, gathering together to celebrate the group with
singalongs and club nights. In the countries of the former USSR,
Depeche Mode’s music has been treasured since it was only available on
illegal cassettes in the 1980s. In Tehran, fans take huge risks in
listening to their music in a country that has banned all Western
music; in Mexico, fans have seized upon religious inferences in the
band’s work, and even in the UK the church of St. Edward King and
Martyr in Cambridge holds services for goths where they play Depeche
Mode records.

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