gang stalking!

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Apr 13, 2006, 10:58:17 AM4/13/06
hi everyone, new member here, from melbourne in australia.
Where to start? to explain my story would require many thousands of
words so ill try to keep it breif for the first posting.

I have been pursued on and off by these 'gang stalkers' for quite a
number of years, since about the year 1998. My first run in with these
scumbags was when i was with a carload full of friends driving around,
we had stopped at a remote location just out of town to have a few
drinks , smoke and talk. Suddenly out of nowhere there was about 20 or
30 (no over estimation) cars driving into this remote location, very
late at night.. for no logical reason..

We thought they wanted to fight or steal our car or something in that
order, so we prepared ourselves, and sat in the car in wait of trouble.

We sat in the car for 5 minutes or more, and we noticed that all the
cars drove around in circles around this block of land and eventually
came to rest, parked all over the place with their lights on, and also
they ALL had only one brake light in operation... which seemed odd..

Ok. We was at this stage quite confused as to why they were here if not
to fight us. We drove off and expected them to follow us yet they didnt.
While driving home we tossed all sorts of ideas around as to why they
did that, but the final guess as to their motives was "to make us scared
or 'trip us out" so to speak.

OK, nothing much until a few years later, when i was living in another
I had gotten into the habbit of walking to the supermarket early in the
morning, around 3 am or so, to get some vegetables etc. Iv always been a
'night person'.

I started noticing parked cars on the side of the road, along my path to
the supermarket quite regularly, more than is normal, for this town and
at this time. What was even more strange was that their brake lights
were on, (only one side) and no one was inside the cars.. Instantly i
connected the incident with a couple of years ago. and the same fear and
confusion set in that first did.

I tried to figure out what it was all about, i thought it was police
investigating me for drug offences and they were for some reason trying
to 'let me know they were investigating me'. I could come up with no
better explanation, as at the time i was involved with the 'drug scene'.

ok, this happened on and off, but it was very clear it was directed at
me, although i told very few people about it for the obvious fear of
being called crazy. It continued until i left this town completely, and
moved about 2 hours away. the gang stalking continued quite
relentlessly, if i am riding my motorbike to the shops for instance,
cars will just slam on their brakes in front of me just after turning a
corner.. but not just once a week or every two weeks, this is happening
more often that that! And the parked cars with nobody inside and the ONE
brake light on along where i walked or rode my bike was happening quite
often. quite often they also leave their HEADLIGHTS on, which i have
come to know as brighting.

Please keep in mind that i never even knew of these websites until only
one year ago. I didnt even know the term "gang stalking" existed, but by
chance i came accross some sites describing the process and knew it was
what was happening to myself. Since one year ago iv noticed that the
amount of gang stalking websites has dramatically increased.. ten fold

A few of my friends and friends of friends have also become targets and
noticed identical tactics. We dont know how to trace it to the source
and dont know if that would be a wise idea.

I lived in an apartment at this time.. And the neighbor (which one i
dont know) would use very loud power tools in the very early morning, it
seemed to happen when i was very tired or got to bed late.. I can not
connect this to the other obvious gang stalking signs like the brighting
but it crossed my mind it was someone diliberatly trying to disturb me..
who knows.

Once i was on public transport and a strange fellow who told me he was a
professor said he was "studdying me". he was rude and arrogant, i
laughed at him and figured he was a skitzophrenic of some type. But it
seemed strange.

This phenomonon did drive me literally crazy, of course there was other
contributing factors, but the stalking was a main one.

thanks for listening, please contact me if you feel the need at

i would be delighted to chat with some other victims of these scum bags
on my MSN, just add me to your list. thanks.

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