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Endora F. Treaster

Nov 8, 2007, 2:30:22 PM11/8/07
Reply by email, filling out this form and emailing it to me.
Trimming off the rest of this post is unnecessary.

I will guarantee anonymity except in cases of blatant abuse.
I will achieve anonymity by tallying the results in
uncorrelated tabulations and then deleting the emails.
(I know this loses interesting correlation data, but if
resondents want anonymity it's hard to avoid.)
I know that this anonymity promise depends on trust and that
you have no particular reason to trust me. Someday, I hope.
I will post results Saturday.

xxxxxxxx beginning of survey xxxxxxxx

yes( ) ( )no Should RoadRunner be subjected to some kind of UDP?
yes( ) ( )no ... active UDP (cancels) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... passive UDP (drop messages) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... all-groups UDP? (as opposed to specific groups)
yes( ) ( )no Are you a Usenet sysadmin? How big:_ How long:_
yes( ) ( )no Should another server be subjected to UDP? Who:_
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used more often?
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used less often?
yes( ) ( )no Would you have answered this survey without anonymity?

xxxxxxxx end of survey xxxxxxxx

's unusual abilities and
character. We sat alone on a mossy hillside overlooking a
bay of bluest water. The trees swayed to a gentle breeze and
wafted to us the scent of cedar and pine. For hours we
stayed thus, talking, discussing the past. My history was an
open book to him, now he told me of his. So the day passed,
and as the purple twilight came upon me, I knew that it
was time to go, time to return to the troubled Earth with
its bitter man and spiteful tongues, tongues that caused the
evils of Earth.
"Hank! Oh, Hank! He is awake!" There was the creak
of a chair being moved, and as I opened my eyes I saw
the big Negro looking down at me. He was not smiling now,
his face was full of respect, awe, even. The woman crossed
herself and bowed slightly as she looked in my direction.
"What is it? What has happened?" I asked.
"We have seen a miracle. All of us." The big Negro's
voice was hushed as he spoke.


"Have I caused you any trouble?" I asked.
"No, Master, you have brought us only joy," the woman
"I would like to make you a present," I said, reaching
for my money.
The Negro spoke softly, "We are poor folk, but we will
not take your money. Make this your home until you are
ready to leave. We know what you are doing."
"But I would like to show my gratitude," I answered.
"Without you I would have died."
"And gone to Greater Glory!" said the woman, adding,
"Master, you can give us something greater than money.
Teach us to pray!"
For a moment I was silent, taken aback by the request.
"Yes," I said, "I will teach you

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