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Nov 23, 2005, 8:56:27 AM11/23/05
I'd like to complain about Google for Orwellianizing the masses (entire world) with its Groups Beta product. DejaNews began
archiving usenet in 1995 and a lot of people raised their voices at the time for privacy. Google purchased DejaNews in 2001 and
remained the primary corporate archiver of usenet. Until 1995 usenet was archived by Universities and moderate access was given to
the public at large. A usenet forum is like a 'net hangout' on a specific topic of interest, in a way like a 'net street' where
people can subscribe and hang out. By Google archiving usenet as a whole globally, and providing unprecedented access, it is exactly
like Orwellian cameras applied to the streets of the net, a deep human rights and humanitarian violation of dignity. Not only full
privacy cannot be solved technologically with the privacy features Google applies, but a company forces a membership, a membership
nobody signed an agreement with. What Google offers to the public is a unilateral emposed uncompetitive environment, creating a
reliance to all who turn to usenet with a personal, private interest questions to have their privacy ignored molested, and if a
privacy problem develops, having to turn to customer services of a company they never signed an agreement with, humiliated, cheated,
offended. The Groups Beta product is absolutely illegal in a consumer sense. Google not only acts as a pirate with usenet, but
recently they scanned millions of books from public libraries without checking for copyrights. They expect to build a similar piracy
on the net with millions of books expecting writers to turn to a company to resolve copyright, a company they never signed an
agreement with. Google goes to the limits and criminally violates human rights.

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