Sadistic Google!

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Nov 17, 2005, 1:26:54 PM11/17/05
What if the government or a company would begin
installing cameras on the streets for using the recorded
information for free business and or government purposes?

That would be something called "Orwellianism" and
would bother the public and such act would possibly
represent crimes against humanity for ignoring people's
freedom and dignity to live in peace.

But how come the Internet does not count in this
regard? People turn to the Internet, and the first thing that
happens is that their chit chats get archived and
distributed by say, Google Inc. It hurts. In fact Google
specializes on collecting all public materials, builds search
engines to them, and attaches advertisements to the

How long can Google's archiving of private personal
conducts in say "usenet, one of the founding elements
of the Internet", where people turn for personal
questions and carry discussions in specific purpose
discussion forums go on without people turning to deal
with the privacy violation millions run into and left

Can Orwellianism be a justified business? No. Its
the truth.

Sure, the world adapted to not mix politics with the
Internet and leave all questions for resolution by
technological institutions. But what Google does is
Orwellianism after all, something that represents crimes
against humanity due to the global violations, and not
just some "marketing knock on the door" annoyance.

Should the FTC could look into this matter? Of course.
Please write to them.

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