Ritual hanging of dogs in Spain

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Jan 21, 2003, 4:01:17 PM1/21/03
Spanish Greyhounds (also known as Galgos) are used in Spain every year, for the popular sport of lure coursing, from September to January. At the end
of the season, their owners dispose of them, often by hanging them from olive trees, causing maximum suffering and prolonging their death,
all in the name of tradition. This is legal in some areas of Spain where there are no laws
protecting dogs used for sport. I urge you to read these articles and spread the word as much as possible. There are also many ot
her ways to help as
outlined below.

This 1999 article written by Anne Finch for The Ark, (A Publication of The Catholic Study Circle For Animal Welfare) explains the situation from the


This was a recent investigation by WSPA in 2002, on the hangings:


This is the latest report, after efforts were made by many organizations, to convince the Spanish Government to change legislation and protect
galgos from further abuse.


Obviously, nothing has changed and to this day, the dogs are still being tortured by their owners, at will. The end of the hunting season is upon us
and it saddens me greatly to know the fate of these innocent creatures.


* Send a letter to the President of Spain, José Maria Aznar
at jma...@presidencia.gob.es

You can write your own or use this on line form letter. just type in your information and
customize it any way you wish, then hit send and it will be
sent automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the subject is very alarming, we urge you to be polite, as this proves
to be a more effective way of communicating your concerns to the officials and will benefit the
dogs in the long run.


* Send a copy to the Secretario Tecnico del Grupo Popular en el Congreso de Diputados, Teofilo de Luis
at grupo....@gpp.congreso.es

* Also send a copy to t
he Government's Group at the Spanish Congress
at ester.f...@gpp.congreso.es

*Send a letter to Spanish Tourism Offices:


* Sign the on line petitions:



* Send donations t
o the refuges in Spain (SOS Galgos or Scooby) who are working so hard to care for the dogs abandoned or turned over by some hunters.
You can also sponsor a dog or contribute to the care of one you pick out from pictures on their web sites. If you send donations through the AEGA,
you can earmark them for whichever refuge you wish and your donations will be tax deductable.




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