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Michael Knight

Jul 13, 2010, 12:51:45 PM7/13/10
hi, i am looking for a real life female that love to wear
diaper,for a Daddy or Diaper Lover Relationships.

Ladies you must be in or near the States of California, in the area
code of 909. i live alone and very lonely guy.i haven't been with
any woman in over 20 years now,i am single white male age 41.i do not
drink or smoke. i am 5'6ft 225lbs,baby blue eyes dark brown hair few

ladies my idea of you in a person i want to be with in my life.

you must be between the age of 18 & up to 35

you must be this height that i feel comfortable to be with,4'10ft up
to 5'3ft

your weight from 100 upto 200lbs.

i never been with a blonde females,also never been with black
females,light brown female,mexican,Canada,Eroupean,Asian,South Korean,&
Japan Females

i want a ladies that Doesn't Drink & doesn't Smoke.

i want a Ladies that not for my Money,just my Love & my Heart to spend
the Rest of my Life with to have Kids to have Family.

i want a Ladies that knw how to Drive any car truck,RV.go places like
Camping,DisneyLand,Sea world,Las Vega$,Travel across the US..

i want a Real Ladies to meet online in Stings, i want a ladies
thatis very Honest,tell truth,not a mind game player,not a Pretending to
be my G/F,Loving,Sweet,Kind,Caring,Smart,UnderStanding,Good
Listiner,Sens of Humor,Heart of Gold. you don't have to be Riches or
Wealthy,Movie Stars,Porn Stars,Porn Adult 18 bare Legal Magz Stars,you
don't have to be Cute or Cuties fine Foxes,i wan you to be Just

You can Send me a Real Photo of yourSelf. i have a photo of me my are

send it at this E-Mail Address:

i hope any Ladies out that are interested in me for a Daddy or a Diaper
Lovers Relationships.

take care i hope to hear from you ladies very soon...

bye 4 now



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