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I was wondering if you could post this story to the NG. I can monitor the group through deja
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The Babydoll Universe: The Downfall of Agent Scully
                        By Hal
          Special Agent Dana Scully pulled into her
parking garage and sat listening to the radio. The announcer was
detailing the events of the infamous "Babydoll Trial". When she had
first heard of the Babydoll movement, Scully had dismissed it as a fad.
No modern woman was stupid enough to fall for all that post feminist
rhetoric and the wardrobe that went with it.
          She sighed as she thought of the history of
women's fashions over the last 30 years. In the late 60's and early
70's, the argument was that the miniskirt had liberated women. No longer
restricted to long dresses and confining foundation garments, women
embraced the miniskirt as a symbol of freedom and liberation. Millions
of women supported this concept thought Scully, never realizing that men
and their piggish desires were behind the whole thing. Men reveled in
the new fashions, enjoying unrestricted views of attractive legs. The
skirts also restricted movement, as women fought to prevent the
accidental exposure of their underpants. Yes, thought Scully, a very
clever bill of goods had been sold to women the world over.
          By the mid-70's, the women of the world thought
they had it all figured out. They doffed their miniskirts and started
wearing pants. Scully smiled to herself ruefully. Yes, women started
wearing pants, but they were skintight, showing every curve. Many styles
didn't even have pockets! Men fashion designers, the pigs, had made sure
of that! so women had traded short skirts for tight pants, and still
wound up being ogled and on display! Of course, it took years for this
realization to dawn on them. By then it was the 80's, and the whole
"Madonna" trash wardrobe thing was going on. "Underwear as outerwear"
was all the rage. Even the miniskirt had made a small comeback! Scully
shook her head. Again women had been fooled. By the early 90's, most
women took no chances. Conservative business suits were all the rage. No
high heels. Women were taking the fashion industry by the horns and were
determined not to let go.
          Towards the end of the 90's, the "post feminist"
movement had begun to spring up. The basic argument was that the modern
women was firmly in control of her own sexuality. She could wear what
she wanted, when she wanted. She didn't have to hide behind mannish
suits. She would be judged on her abilities, rather than what she wore.
Yes, the post feminist women could do anything she wanted to and get
away with it--or she'd sue. That was the real lesson that young women
were learning in modern society. If a man dis-agreed with what a women
was saying or doing he was either branded a sexist and silenced, or
faced paying punitive damages as a result of civil litigation. It was a
sweet set up.
          However, out of all this came the "babydoll
movement". Woman by the thousands were embracing the sexy/innocent
allure of dressing like little girls. Scully was appalled by the whole
concept. How could women abandon everything they worked so hard for,
leave behind their power suits for short dresses and ruffled panties?
She couldn't imagine walking down the halls of the Hoover building in
mary janes, wearing a short sailor's dress that exposed her childish
white cotton underpants with every step. Why, no one would ever take her
seriously again! Mulder would laugh at her, and Assistant Director
Skinner would probably treat her like a little girl! Scully trembled at
the thought. However, the idea of wearing children's clothes was both
exciting and repugnant to her at the same time. She began to wonder what
she would look like, her power suit exchanged for a babydoll dress, her
pantyhose replaced by cotton tights, and her pumps traded in for mary
jane shoes.
          At first, she had tried to ignore these strange
thoughts. However, as the weeks went by, she had finally decided it
wouldn't hurt to try an outfit on. Ordering the clothes off the
internet, she had waited impatiently for them to arrive. She had been
delighted when she received the notice that a package was waiting for
her at the post office. After picking it up, she had turned on the radio
and had heard all the lurid details of the trial. With a sigh, she
gathered up her package, locked her car, and went up to her apartment.
          Trembling with excitement, Scully stepped into
the childish white cotton panties and pulled them up her legs and over
her firm tush. Glancing in the mirror, she noticed the small red floral
design that adorned the garment and smiled. These were just like the
underpants she had worn as a little girl! From the pile of clothes on
the bed, she took a matching vest and drew the cotton t-shirt over her
head. With her face blushing red with delicious embarrassment, she
tucked the vest into the waistband of the panties. Memories of her
childhood flooded back as she looked at herself in her little girl
underwear. It was a far cry from the grown-up undies of silk and satin
that she was used to wearing! She opened the package of white cotton
tights and shook them out. She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled
them up her short but shapely legs and over her thick cotton underpants.
She adjusted the waistband and again looked in the mirror, her hands
sliding over her trim hips, feeling the strange material. She noticed
with glee that the tights were quite translucent, the panties with the
small red flowers clearing showing through. From the diminishing pile on
the bed, she next took the dark blue sailor's dress with the red trim on
the sleeves and drew it over her head. She smoothed the dress in place
and gasped in pleasure as she noticed that the hem barely came below the
waistband of her tights! She turned around and glanced at her ass over
her shoulder. She saw that a generous portion of her white cotton
underpants would be on full display--which is just as it should be, she
thought with a smile. She opened the shoe box and took out the black
patent mary janes. She buckled them on and then observed her handiwork
in the mirror. In less than 10 minutes, the 26 year old F.B.I. woman had
gone from a sophisticated Special Agent to a six year old little girl!
Scully looked at the pile of her adult clothes that now lay abandoned on
the bed. Her power suit, silken panties, and lacy bra looked strangely
empty, as if waiting for someone qualified to wear them again. The
pantyhose that had once gripped her in delicious confinement lay
unclaimed on the floor, silently mocking her. She turned away and went
to her dresser. With swift and efficient motions, she placed the plastic
beret in her hair, pulling it high on her forehead. Going again to the
mirror, she looked at the little girl staring back at her. With no-make
up on, she looked quite young, her lithe body hardened by a regime of
daily aerobic exercise. She twirled around on the heels of her
mary-janes, undies peeking out from the hem of the short dress.
          "My underpants are showing", she said aloud to
the empty room. She thought of the office where she worked. She was
always so careful about what she wore. Her conservative business suits
were an advertisement to the world that she was a modern, no nonsense
career woman, fully able to take care of herself.
          Looking at the little girl in the mirror, Scully
felt a sudden pang of guilt. She was betraying everything she believed
in! if anybody saw her like this, she'd just die!. She remembered the
fights she had had with her mother while growing up. They had fought
over everything from pantyhose to make-up. Her mother finally realized
the she was now all grown up. Scully shuddered thinking what would
happen if her mother ever saw her like this. She'd be lucky if she ever
wore a pair of pantyhose again!
          She went out in the living room and layed down
on the sofa. There was a large mirror on the wall beside it so she could
see herself. As she lay on her back in her little girl clothes, her
hands found her most private places and she pleasured herself. She
started to moan and gurgle, her hips beginning to buck. Her hands felt
the thick cotton of her tights and underpants, and she pushed urgently
through the thick material at her sensitive mound. With a cry, a rushing
orgasm ripped through her, and she let out a moan of satisfied pleasure.
After several minutes, she turned and regarded herself in the mirror.
She saw a woman with her faced flushed, her little girl dress pushed up
high past her waist, her childish underpants and tights on full display.
Scully felt a deep sense of shame. She got up and went back into her
grown-up bedroom.
          Stripping off the childish clothes, she went in
to shower. As the warm water ran over her, Scully thought about the days
events. What harm had it done to wear they outfit? She was an adult, she
could do what she liked. It would not do to be seen in public dressed
like a little girl, but she could sure have some fun in private. She
grinned at the thought. From the internet site she had learned that
there was a large warehouse that specialized in the "babydoll" look that
was near her aparment. Tomorrow after work she would stop by and see
what they had. She wondered idly if they would even have diapers. She
was shocked at such a thought.
          "There's no why a diaper is getting next to MY
ass!", she
said aloud.
          Work the next day was un-eventfull, and Scully
left the building at her usual time. She soon found herself at the
warehouse. At the door, she glanced at her reflection. She saw a pretty,
red haired woman in a stylish pant suit. She was only 5"2, but her heels
gave her added height and authority. She felt comfortable, her lacy bra
cupping her small but firm breasts. Her shapely ass was encased in tight
pantyhose, and her most private places were caressed by silk. Scully
smiled at the reflection of the determined and capable career woman, and
went inside.
          "Welcome to our warehouse, Miss" said an older
woman in a friendly tone. "Come in and look around. I'm Mrs. Garvy and I
own this place. We have just about everything a person could want, so
don't be shy about asking for anything!" Mrs. Garvy turned and walked
off, her heels making a sharp clicking sound against the hard wooden
floor. Scully entered and looked around. The room was cavernous, an old
warehouse that had been converted. It was filled with rack upon rack of
every conceivable fetish clothing item. Several people milled around,
looking at the various garments. With a thumping heart, She made her way
to what was obviously the adult baby section. She tried not to look to
obvious as she glanced at the packages of adult disposable diapers and
plastic pants that were neatly layed out on the tables. She couldn't
imagine ever wearing such things, but she was still strangely drawn to
them. She spied an adult footed sleeper and her heart nearly skipped a
beat. All the clothing she had dreamed about was right here in front of
her!! However, the old war had resumed within her. I can't buy any of
this, she told herself. It would be too embarrassing! I would be
admitting in public that I wanted to wear diapers and be a baby again.
The public Scully would never submit to that kind of humiliation. The
secret Scully longed for it with all her heart. As she looked at the
garments, she tried to imagine how they would look on her, how they
would feel. The thought of wearing a disposable diaper filled her with
both dread and excitement.
          "Can I help you with anything?" said a voice,
startling her out of her thoughts. She turned a saw a young woman of
about 20, wearing a trim miniskirt, suntan pantyhose, and modest pumps.
The overhead lights danced over her shapely legs, and Scully found
herself drawn to the enticing sight.
          "", she said stammering. "I was
just looking around" The young woman, Mrs. Garvy's daughter, had heard
this one before. The woman before her was obviously a first timer, just
coming to grips with whatever hidden desire had brought her here. She
looked smart and sophisticated in her trim business clothes. At this
point, Mrs. Garvy came up and said,
          "Eileen, would you please take over the
register? I'll help this young lady". Eileen nodded, and smiling, turned
and walked off. Scully looked at Mrs. Garvy, a blush starting to flow
across her face. Before she could say anything, Mrs. Garvy said,
          "Now Now Miss... no need to be embarrassed. We
don't pass judgments here...are you interested in diapers?" Scully's
blush turned bright scarlet. She had to say something. She would just
give some excuse and leave.
          "Well, she mumbled, "my grandmother is rather
old and she has some special problems...." Her voice trailed off as she
saw a frown pass across the face of Mrs. Garvy. Speaking harshly, the
older woman said,
          "Don't lie to me child!!! tell me the truth--
these diapers and baby clothes are for yourself, aren't they?" Scully
could not meet her eyes. She was both angry and excited to be spoken to
like this. Anger won out, as she turned to walk away.
          "I don't know what you're talking about...if
you'll excuse me, I have another appointment" She was startled as she
felt her arm being gripped tightly.
          "What are you doing?", she whispered loudly,
afraid that some of the other customers would hear her. Mrs. Garvy just
looked set. She was used to dealing with reluctant customers and this
woman obviously wanted a firm hand. Well, she could provide that. She
grabbed a package of disposable diapers and plastic pants. While still
holding the protesting Scully, she propelled the girl to the aptly named
changing rooms.
          "If you want to wear diapers, young lady," said
Mrs. Garvy, "you might as well start right now!!" Scully was almost in a
state of shock. What was happening here? She soon found herself in a
large changing room. Mrs. Garvy had taken off her overcoat and was
frowning at her clothing.
          "My, My" said Mrs. Garvy, "I can see we need a
lot of work here...babies don't wear executive pant suits!" Scully
blushed, her hands going to her ass. She felt the taunt material,
knowing that underneath her silken panties and pantyhose tightly gripped
her sensitive skin.
          "Please," she said, "Don't take my comfort and
adulthood away!". Before she could react further, Mrs. Garvy had
unzipped her skirt and tugged it down!! Mrs. Garvy grinned as she saw
the girl's underpants come into view. With her skirt off, the protesting
Scully was led to a table. Laying on her stomach, she looked over her
shoulder at her pantyhosed ass and grabbed the waistband trying not to
loose her nylons. Mrs. Garvy batted her hands away and said forcefully,
          "Stop that child! lay there and be a good
little girl or you'll get the spanking of a lifetime!!" Scully was
thrilled to the core-- all her fantasies, all her desires seemed to be
coming true. However, she still had a large element of fear. A total
stranger had taken her under control and she was not sure she liked it.
She still had serious reservations about wearing diapers. Reservations
or not, there seemed little she could do about it now! Her blazer was
removed, along with her silken blouse. She was then on the table in just
her pantyhose, panties, and lace bra. Every inch of her blushed beat
red. Mrs. Garvy looked down at the prone girl and traced the seem of her
pantyhose down the crack of her firm ass.
          "qoochie qoochie goo!" she said. Scully moaned
in shame. This was to much!! rolling off the table, she ran in a panic
out the door. Her bare nyloned feet could not find a purchase on the
polished wooden floor and she slipped, landing hard with her nyloned
legs in front of her. She immediately got up and started running,
straight into the arms of Mrs. Garvy's daughter, Eileen. Eileen caught
the struggling girl and smiled. The panicked girl in her underwear bore
little resemblance to the determined and stylishly dressed young woman
who had come in only a short time ago. Mrs. Garvy came up just then and
Eileen said,
          "I've got her mom--everyone else has left. I
don't know where she thought she was going, running around in just her
underpants" Scully looked at the two women and knew she was caught.
          "Please, she said "there's been some kind of
mistake. I've changed my mind-I don't want to wear diapers!!" Mrs. Garvy
just laughed.
          "I'm afraid it's a little late for that my dear.
Besides, you'll feel much better once you're diapered!!!" Protesting,
Scully was led back to the changing room and her lacy bra was removed.
Lying on her stomach, Mrs. Garvy gripped the waistband of her hose.
          "Babies don't wear pantyhose" said Mrs. Garvy,
peeling the hose off her like a banana peel. Finally, her silken panties
were yanked off, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. She
watched, agonized, as Mrs. Garvy took her pants, blouse, pumps, and
adult undies and casually threw them in the large trashcan by the door.
          "You will not be needing them", said Mrs. Garvy
with a smile. Scully squirmed naked on the table. Her fantasy was coming
true, but she was not sure she liked it. Eileen had opened the package
of disposable diapers and handed one to Mrs. Garvy.
          "Diaper time!!!", exclaimed the older woman.
Scully could only lay on her back, her eyes transfixed on the hideous
garment. How could something so innocent look so menacing?
          "Lift your hips, baby", said Eileen. She
complied and Mrs. Garvy slid the diaper under her. Scully had no choice
and lowered her ass onto the eager pads. Mrs. Garvy quickly fastened the
tapes. Scully moaned. She was in diapers!! The diaper kissed her skin,
molding itself to her firm ass. She felt the bulk between her legs and
found she could not keep them together. Mrs. Garvy was drawing the
plastic pants up her legs and she was again instructed to raise her
diapered hips. She did so and the plastic pants were then on her. The
stunned girl was then directed to get up off the table. Scully rolled to
her feet and glanced in the mirror.
          "I've been diapered," she whispered, her hands
touching her thickly diapered ass. None of fantasies had prepared her
for this moment. The diaper was hot and uncomfortable, the plastic pants
biting deep into her waist. A diaper t-shirt was drawn over her head.
Mrs. Garvy directed her to put on a pair of white ankle socks and mary
jane shoes, which she did. Scully sat motionless as Mrs. Garvey helped
her put her blazer back on.
          "Come with me", said Mrs. Garvy. The diapered
Scully waddled after her, her normal equilibrium off. She caught sight
of herself in a mirror, looking ridiculous in a parody of her business
suit. It was the "Babydoll Look" alright! They went to the adult baby
section and she was told to pick out the garments she wanted. Despite
her recent diapering, Scully was becoming excited. She picked out
various baby outfits and clothing that appealed to her. Mrs. Garvy and
Eileen then brought the garments up front to the register. Before she
knew what was happening, the garments were wrapped and paid for. Several
packages of diapers and plastic pants were added as well.
          "We always try to give the customer what they
want", said Mrs. Garvy smiling. "Now that wasn't so bad, right?" Scully
could only nod. She was a mass of conflicting emotions. Part of her
wanted to take off the horrible diapers and part of her wanted to stay
and be treated like a little baby. Eileen helped her on with her coat.
          "But I can't go home like this!", exclaimed
Scully. "I can't go out into the street wearing disposable diapers--
suppose someone see's me?" Mrs. Garvy just smiled.
          "If I were you, I'd keep my coat buttoned!--.
besides, Eileen took the liberty of going through your purse while we
were getting you changed. She called someone to pick you up-- after all,
little girls don't drive!". Before Scully could react, she heard a voice
behind her.
          "Dana Catherine Scully, look at you!... when
these nice people called and explained your situation, I just had to
come!". Scully turned beat red with humiliation. They had called her
mother! She's never get out of these diapers now!
          "Mom, I can explain all this, I...hey! what are
doing?". Her mother had come over to her and had inserted a hand into
the waistband of her plastic pants. Scully flushed when she realized her
mother was checking her diapers!
          "Mother!", she cried in anguish. "I'm NOT a
baby--I'm not going to wet myself! I....owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!", she cried,
as her mother grabbed her ear.
          "You listen to me Dana," said her mother. "I'm
your mother and you'll do what I say. We're going home now---not to your
apartment, but home. I'll fix your old bedroom up and you'll be my
sweet, well behaved little girl. If you give me any trouble, I'll give
your little behind a spanking you won't soon forget!" Scully was
speechless. Two hours ago she was an F.B.I agent. A career woman. Now
she stood in the charge of her mother, wearing diapers and plastic
pants! How had things gotten so out of hand? Crying loudly, her mother
took her by the hand and led her home to her new life.

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