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May 22, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/22/99
Hi, I am starting my first ever story and will continue after chapter one if
the story is liked. This story is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with Child
pornography of any description.

One more word from you susan and I'll spank that bare bottom again said susan's
mother harshley, now put your dummy ( pacifier ) back into your mouth and face
the corner like I told you!!.

The fifteen year old sullenly returned her dummy back to her mouth sobbing to
herself and turned to face the wall. Her mother looked at her pretty 15 year
old daughter standing facing the corner, her bare red bottom on full display
with her navy school skirt pinned up at the back with a pink nappy pin. Around
Susan's knees was the soddon nappy and pink frilly baby pants that her mother
had pulled down prior to her bare bottom spanking.

For the past few weeks, susan had been continually wetting the bed and her
knickers for no apparent medical reason and her mother had ran out of patience
with her daughter. On the previous friday, Susan had been sent home from school
with a note from the school nurse explaining that she had wet her knickers in
class and not for the first time that week. This was the last straw for Susan's
mother and she then decided that as Susan was acting like a baby she would be
treated like one.

On the saturday morning , Susan's mother began to prepare for her new baby
before susan was awake. Many of the required items had been bought the evening
before and whilst Susan slept, her mother began removing all her big girl items
from the wardrobes and drawers. Leaving only Susan's school uniforms hanging in
the wardrobe. She did however remove the girls navy blue school knickers as she
decided that Susan will not be needing these for a long time.

Susan stopped and remembered her time at hardy school for girls. She remembered
the strictness of the school and how any disobediance of the school rules were
punished by over the knee spankings, slippering or caning and always on the
bare bottom. Knickers were always taken down and this she remebered from her
own experience had been most humiliating in front of her classmates and on one
occassion the whole school during assembly. The reason for her sending her own
daughter there 20 years on was the level of education aquired and the old
school values that were still present. Even today, the school performed spot
checks on school uniform. Girls were lined up and the headmistress would
personnally inspect each girl. All girls wore Navy blue skirts, white blouses,
white knee length socks and black patent shoes with straps. School ties were
worn correctly and navy cardigans were worn buttoned up. During inspection
each girl was ordered to raise her skirt and allow the mistriss to check she
was wearing her regulation navy blue school knickers. If girls were wearing
underwear that was any different, she was ordered to remove her knickers at
once and report to the headmistriss for 3 strokes of the cane on her bare
bottom. After her punishment, she would spend the rest of the day without
knickers and would have to go to the nurse at end of the day to reclaim them.
Many of the girls had tried it on in the past and paid the price of being
caught. Not only were they caned, but if they had PE or outdoor games that day,
they were often very embarressed. The correct uniform for indoor games was a
white Sports top and navy knickers, if you had been unfortunate to have had
your knickers confiscated earlier that day, then the pupil would be running
around the gym without underwear and often with the three tell tell stripes
across her bottom. Outdoor games such as hockey and netball were played in the
same uniform but the girls also wore Navy games skirts. many times as the girls
skirts rode up during games, the bare bottoms were exposed to tell the school
they were being punished.

Susan's mother gently prodded her sleeping daughter, " Susie wake up darling
its time for mummy to get you ready." Susan woke up and found her mother
sitting on the side of the bed. Why had she called me susie the girl wondered,
she hasn't done that since I was a small child and she knows I hate it now.
Susans mother pulled back the sheets and discovered that she was wet again.
Susan's nightie was bunched around her waist and she was laying in a very wet
patch. Her small bush of pubic hair protuding just reminded her mother of how
young and pretty she was. " I will go and run you a bath while you remove those
wet sheets and nightie" her mother said and off she went to the bathroom. Susan
did as she was told and followed her mother into the bathroom to find a soapy
bath waiting for her.
" Thanks mum" she said and went to close the door but her mother stopped her
and ordered susie into the bath. " I'm quite capable of bathing myself mother"
susie exclaimed as her mother picked up the sponge and began washing her
daughters back and neck.

Susans mother now provoked decided to explain to her daughter how things were
going to be now!!.

" Firstly susie, as you cannot seem to stop wetting your bed and your knickers
like a little baby, you are in no position to decide whether or not you can
bathe yourself. I am no longer going to wash your soddon sheets and pee stained
knickers and have decided that as you act like a six month old baby, I am going
to treat you like one until further notice.
I will tell you this right now, this punishment is going to last for at least
the next six months and probably for 18 months"
Susan was ordered to stand up in the bath whilst her mother continued to wash
her daughter. She was about to protest when a her mother gave her a hard slap
on her wet bottom and told her not to say a word. Susan's mother then produced
a razor and soaped her daughters pubic area, " Susie you are now a baby and
Babies do not have any body or pubic hair " she explained. She then removed all
traces of Susan's maturity and continued to explain the new regime.

" Starting immediatly, you will be kept and treated like a six month old baby
girl. You will wear nappies and frilly pink baby pants 24hours a day and will
use your nappies for their intended purpose. You will not be able to use the
bathroom under any circumstances and I will make no secret of you baby status
to anyone."
Susie immediatly burst into tears and at the thought of having to wear nappies
and was utterly mortified as her mother continued. " In future I will dress you
, feed you, bath you, change your wet and dirty nappies and put you to bed. You
will be dressed in baby clothes at all times with the exception of school,
Whilst you are now a baby full time, your education is important and you will
continue to go to school but in future you will be wearing your nappy and
frilly baby pants under your school skirt instead of your navy blue school

Susan's mother continued, " Any disobediance or bad behavour will result in me
immediatly taking down your nappy and Baby pants and putting you over my knee
for a bare bottom spanking. And trust me I will spank you wherever we may be
and in front of whoever is present young lady. After any spanking, you will
stand in the corner for one hour with your nappy round your ankles and your
baby dress pinned up at the back. I won't care if we have or are expecting
visitors during this punishment, it will be carried out immediatly."

Susan's mother ordered the sobbing girl out of the bath and began to dry her.
She continued to explain the new life for baby susie, " I want you to know
susie that I will not keep your baby life a secret from anyone. Whilst you are
at home you will be dressed in your baby clothes and your nappies and frilly
baby pants will always be visible to whoever is present. If your friends visit
they will see you as a baby and you will be spanked in front of them and also
sat on the potty in front of them whenever it's neccessary.When we go out
shopping or to the park or beach or to visit any of mummys friends, you will be
dressed as a baby and again your nappy and frilly baby pants will be visible
for all to see."

Susie could not believe what she was hearing and cried uncontrollably as her
mother led her back to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She picked up
a large white fluffy nappy and slid it neatly under susan,s bottom. She then
picked up a tub of nappy cream and began to rub it into the girls now shaved
and hairless pubic area. Lifting the sobbing girls legs high in the air, she
began rubbing the cream into the girls small bottom and then sprinkled an ample
amount of baby powder into the girls nappy area. Quickly and expertly she then
drew the nappy up between the girls legs and pinned it tightly on either side
with large pink nappy pins.
Next she put susies's legs through a pair of pink frilly plastic baby pants and
pulled them up securely over the bulging nappy, tucking in all parts of the
nappy that were outside of the leg and waist holes. Susie tried to pit her legs
together but found the nappy so bulky that this was impossible. Next her mother
pulled a pair of white ankle socks over her feet. These had pretty pink bows on
either side and looked very babyish.
Then to susie's suprise and astonishment, her mother produced a short baby
dress with puff sleaves and a smocked top in pale pink and ordered susie to sit
up whilst she pulled the baby dress over the girls head and zipped it up at the
Susies mother then brushed the poor girls hair and tied her hair into two pig
tails with pink ribbon
To complete the baby attire, a dummy attached to a piece of matching pink
was put over her head and the dummy placed into her mouth.
Susan still in tears was then led over to the full length bedroom mirror and
stared in horror at the reflection of herself. her hair tied up in pigtails
with ribbons that matched her pretty but very short pink baby dress that left
her nappies and frilly baby pants clearly exposed. Susan looked every bit the
baby she was now to become and her mother delighted in continuing to expain the
new rules.

" From now on susan, this is how you will be dressed when you are not at
school. As I told you earlier, I don't care if we have company or not, or if we
are visiting, shopping or simply at home on our own. You will NOT touch or
attempt to remove your nappies at any time and I or whichever grown up is
present will change your nappies when they need changing. In future after I
have fed and changed you when you come home from school you will be put to bed
at 6:30pm every night unless we have company and I allow you to stay up until
7:30pm. If I have to go out and you can't come with me I will have a baby
sitter for you, who incidently will spank you in the same way as I will if you
are naughty. All bare bottom spankings will result in you standing in the
corner or put to bed immediatly."

Susan was then led down stairs and due to the thickness of her nappy she could
only waddle like a baby. Her mother sat her down at the kitchen table and
produced a baby bottle of warm milk for her. Before giving her the bottle to
suck on, her mother tied a pretty white satin bib around the girls neck with "
Baby" in large letters embroidered into it.
Susan sucked on the nipple of the bottle and began pondering how she was going
to manage on monday at school wearing nappies and frilly baby pants under her
navy school skirt. perhaps she could take them off when she got to school and
she still had a pair of navy Knickers in her locker she could change into. The
utter shame and mortification she would endure if her classmates found out was
too much for the poor girl to bear and she burst into fresh tears again.
Susan's mind began to wander back to the previous Monday at school, She had
been shopping with her best friend Jenny the weekend before and they had bought
some rather sexy underwear. Both had vowed to wear their new purchases to
school on the monday and had laughed with nervous apprehension at the thought
of a spot check that day and the resulting caning that would follow. Netherless
they had decided to risk it and with no spot check that morning were giggling
and making jokes during lessons. Susan had been warned to stay quiet and to
stop misbehaving earlier and her teacher was getting more than annoyed that her
warnings were going on deaf ears. Without further warning her teacher bellowed
" Susan bards come out here this instant " . Susan got to her feet and
proceeded to the front of the class to face her now fuming teacher. " I have
warned you enough times already today and now I'm going to give you the
spanking of your life" with that the teacher placed a chair in front of the
giggling girls and pulled susan over her lap with her bottom facing her
classmates. Susan's short skirt was pulled back over her back and her new
pretty undies were displayed to all. " Susan, these are not your regulation
navy blue knickers and for a serious breach of school rules you not only will
recieve a spanking from me, but will also be caned by the headmistress at break
time today". She then pulled susan's knickers down to her knees and proceeded
to spank her bare bottom until susan was screaming for her to stop and crying
like a baby. At the end of the spanking, susan was told to take the customery
position in the corner with hand on head. She was about to pull her knickers
back up when the teacher instructed her to leave them round her knees and stand
in th corner. The teacher then proceeded to tuck her skirt up above her red
bottom and leave her in full view of the class and whoever went by the
classroom door.
At break time, she was instructed to remove her knickers and hand them over.
she was then marched down the corridoor with her skirt still tucked into the
waistband and her bottom and pubic bush on full display to the other girls.
During break she was caned for improper uniform dress and spent the rest of the
day without knickers and with a very sore bottom.

Susan was awoken from this memory by her mother taking her bottle and replacing
it with another full one. This one tasted slightly differently but susan could
not place the potent laxitive her mother had mixed with the milk. Her mother
was looking forward to some interesting results later that day when she planned
to take susan shopping.

Susan's mind went back to her earlier thought, " What if I had been sent to
school wearing my thick nappies and frilly baby pants " she thought." How would
I have ever lived down being called up in front of the class and having my
teacher raise my schoolskirt and expose my nappy and frillies for everyone to
see " .Her thoughts continued down the same path, " Would my teacher have taken
down my nappy to spank me, What if it had been wet??. everyone would have seen
my baby smooth pubic area" The sheer thought of all of this was beginning to
frighten her and without realising it she flooded her nappies.

I may continue this story to conclude the weekend and what happens when susan
is faced with the prospect of attending her very strict school in nappies.

You decide if you want it to continue. Anybody who wishes to put it on their
web site has my blessing and anybody who could put some illistration to it has
my interest.

Feb 3, 2020, 5:37:01 PM2/3/20
please keep going its a brilliant story

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