~Story: Becoming a Diaper Boy, Parts 56-60

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Jun 2, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/2/99

The next time Tommy went with Marvin and his family to
the cabin was when Marvin's father decided to have a "boys
only" outing. He hoped to get everyone together for this
event. He even arranged to have the following Monday and
Tuesday off from his work after that weekend so that he
could spend more time with the boys.
Adam and his friend Peter had been invited to join
them, but Adam's parents didn't want to drive him and his
friend over as they lived several miles away. Carl and
Mitchell were still on grounding and were not allowed to
leave their house. Only Ryan was able to join the other
three boys, so Marvin's father went ahead and planned the
outing anyway.
While Tommy was away with Marvin and Max and their
father for the weekend, Nancy stayed with Heidi. Over the
latter part of the summer, Heidi had become busier with what
was starting to turn into a little business that she had
created just by offering to make and sell diapers to all of
Marvin's, Max's and Tommy's online friends. Word had gotten
out about the diapers and pretty soon, Heidi found herself
making some unexpected cash that summer.
It started when Marvin and Max added a little blurb to
their web page, which simply said that Heidi would make and
sell diapers, just like the ones that she had made for her
brothers to wear. To avoid having to pay for commercial
rates through their Internet service provider, the
"advertisement" was kept low-key, and detailed information
would be e-mailed upon request. In spite of this low-key
approach to advertising her craft, Heidi was receiving
several requests daily to send information about the diapers
she made. A few days later, the money and the ordering
information started coming in. It was a modest start with
just a few orders every now and then, but then the volume
began to increase and Heidi find herself unable to keep up
with the pace on her own. Her mother tried to help out when
she could, but having to work forty hours a week at her
present job left her with limited time and energy to assist
When Heidi received a single order for twenty diapers
early that week, she couldn't believe it was for real, so
she wrote back to verify the order, which turned to be a
legitimate order, especially when a check for six hundred
dollars had arrived in the mail shortly afterwards. The
order was given to her by a parent who explained that she
had five boys, the first three of whom suffered from bladder
infections and needed to wear diapers. The other two
youngest boys were "jealous" because their older brothers
all wore diapers, as the letter explained, and they just
wanted to wear diapers, too.
Just as preparations were being made for the first
large order, another sizable order came through the next day
from someone who organized a group of teen boys in his
community who wear diapers. The e-mail explained that they
frequently visited web sites such as Marvin's and Max's and
were interested in getting some of the diapers, so they all
pooled their money together and submitted an order for forty
diapers, along with a check for twelve hundred dollars!
Heidi was overwhelmed at the thought of making sixty
"Well, if I help you and Nancy helps, then that would
mean twenty diapers for each of us to make. Or see if you
can get Lani to come and help you, that'd make it fifteen
each. I think we could get them done over the coming
Heidi's mother located an outlet in town where she
could buy materials in bulk quantities as the local fabric
stores could not meet this high of a demand. The materials
arrived via next day service and by the time Saturday had
rolled around and the boys were gone, Heidi could begin
working on the two large orders that she had received.
Nancy had helped Heidi with completing some of the
smaller orders that were finished up Friday night and she
was ready to help out with the big orders the following
Lani had also been contacted to see if she would want
to help out.
"I have to watch Carl and Mitchell this weekend," she
said disappointedly.
"Well, they can come with you, can't they?" Heidi asked
"I suppose," she said hesitantly. "Just that if their
parents call and I don't answer, they'll know something is
When Lani was told what her share of the profits would
be from helping to make the diapers, she decided that she
would take the chance of being caught away from Carl's and
Mitchell's house and bring them along with her.
Saturday morning, Lani showed up along with Carl and
Mitchell. Both of the boys were wearing just their diapers
and T-shirts and had walked all the way from their house
through the subdivision, drawing attention from kids playing
in the street, most of whom pointed and laughed at the boys
for being in conspicuous diapers. They were diapered quite
heavily-- wearing six diapers each-- so that they could go
all day long without Lani having to come change them while
she was in the middle of working.
"They got their pants and shorts taken away for the
summer," Lani explained to Heidi and Nancy as she brought
the two boys into the house. "They didn't need them, anyway,
and it was intended to make sure they wouldn't leave the
house, but, well..."
Carl and Mitchell appeared to be quite subdued and they
said little while they were there. Heidi told them that they
could play in Marvin's and Max's room while she and the
other girls were making the diapers. When Carl and Mitchell
went into Marvin's and Max's bedroom, they saw all the toys
that were mostly for younger kids and they didn't want to
play with any of these. Instead, they went through some of
the diaper stories and pictures that Marvin and Max had
collected and they started reading the ones that they didn't
have themselves. This kept the two boys occupied for the
afternoon, not to mention aroused. Back in the sewing room,
the three girls and Heidi's mother were busy cutting,
folding and stitching material for the sixty diapers they
set out to get finished up.
Other than a lunch break, they kept working on the
diapers all day and got most of them finished by the time
Lani had to leave and return Carl and Mitchell to their
house before their parents got home. Both boys were wearing
some very ripe and well-filled diapers by the time they
finally went home, and they couldn't wait until their poop-
covered bottoms were cleaned up and wrapped in dry, soft
cotton again.
When Lani returned, she was surprised to see that
Carl's and Mitchell's mother had already returned home.
"Uh oh, shit!" Lani said. The boys were feeling just as
nervous as they went into the house.
"Where have you and my boys been all day?" Carl's and
Mitchell's mother asked Lani sternly.
"Well, I had to leave," Lani said sheepishly.
"All day? I called four hours ago and there was no
"Okay," Lani said as she prepared to confess to her
absence. "I went to go help Heidi with something. At least I
took the boys with me."
"So the boys could see their friends? I see."
"No, it's not that," Lani tried to explain. "The boys
weren't even there, they're all gone for the weekend with
their Dad."
"Sorry, Lani, but the idea for the boys' grounding is
for them to stay home. Even the fact that their pants and
shorts have been confiscated isn't enough to make sure you
kept them home!"
Lani was then given her pay for that week and told,
"I'll find someone else to watch my boys for the rest of the
summer, thank you for your services, Lani, goodbye."
Lani went back to see Heidi and to tell her that she
had lost her baby-sitting job because she had been caught
leaving the house with the boys. She complained not earning
any money now and pondered some other possible opportunities
for summer work.
"Well, things are picking up around here," Heidi said,
"and I have some new orders to take care of in addition to
the ones that we are already making. If you want, you can
keep helping me make diapers."
"Sure," Lani said, agreeing to help out Heidi on the
diaper production, not just for that afternoon, but for the
remainder of the summer as the orders continued to come in.


Meanwhile, Tommy was back at the cabin with Marvin, Max
and their father, as well as Ryan. After having attended a
cabin outing with his friends once without wearing anything
but diapers, Tommy left his shorts home on his own and his
Mom had also bought some swim diapers of his own. They were
just like the ones that Marvin and Max wore, plain white and
similar to a pair of pull-on incontinence briefs. Ryan,
however, was still being a hold-out on going in just diapers
and he wanted his shorts to wear around the place in spite
of being assured that it was okay to go around in just
diapers at Silver Shores. He hadn't been told about the
nudists, however. The three other boys wanted to see the
surprised look on Ryan's face.
On their way up to the cabin, they passed by the
roadside stop where Heidi and her mother usually needed to
get out and use the restroom. Being that the four boys and
Marvin's and Max's father all had diapers on, there was no
need for anyone to stop for this purpose. It was the first
time Roger could ever remember passing by the place without
Even before they got to the entrance to the Silver
Shores area, the boys spotted a group of kids skinny dipping
in a creek just off the side of the road.
"Did you see that?" Ryan pointed out. "Those guys were
totally naked!"
"You ain't seen nothin' yet!" the other three boys and
Roger all thought to themselves as they were about to turn
into Silver Shores.
As they went along the main road, Ryan looked out his
window and noticed more people swimming and wading in the
lake without wearing any clothes.
"Is this a nudist place, or what?" Ryan asked.
"Funny you say that, Ryan," Roger said to him. "Tommy
thought the same thing on his first time up here. It isn't
really a nudist resort, but people can get away with it
here, which is why the boys can go around in their diapers
Marvin, who was sitting up front with his father, was
looking out his window as they approached the first grouping
of cabins where Marvin and the others had met Mike and Todd
on their last trip up. As they drove past, Marvin saw that
the tent was still up behind the cabin. Just as they were
about to drive out of view, Marvin saw one of the two boys
going around outside and he appeared to be in a diaper.
"Daddy, can you go back?" Marvin asked his father.
"What for?" his father asked him.
"I think I saw Mike, that kid we met last time, and I
think he was wearing a diaper! Can we go back and see?"
"Well, let's get up to the cabin, first," his father
said. "Then I'll change you boys, then you can all go to the
lodge and eat and go swimming. Maybe you'll see Mike there.
If not, I'll run you down by his cabin when I pick you up
later tonight.
"Okay," Marvin agreed. He couldn't take it off his
mind, however, that Mike may have been in a diaper when they
went past, and it was driving Marvin crazy, wondering if
Mike had been diapered, and if so, what had led to this.
Marvin knew from having heard dozens of stories from other
kids who wear diapers, the reasons and circumstances for
each kid he knew varied greatly. Marvin told the rest of the
group what he thought he had seen, and they all wanted to
know, too, except for Ryan, who had no idea who anyone was
at Silver Shores.
When they arrived at the cabin and took their
belongings in, the four boys all had their diapers changed
by their father, One at a time, he set each boy on Heidi's
bed and took care of their dirty bottoms. He put each of
them into their swim diapers. The diaper bin was quickly
filled with a heaping pile of smelly diapers. Ryan wasn't as
used to the smell as the other boys were, and he kept
fanning his face.
Ryan was also reluctant to allow Marvin's father to
change his diapers. He was used to having Lani, Heidi and
even Nancy taking care of him, and being that they were
girls, he enjoyed the attention they gave him. Ryan felt
that having an older man changing him, and that he wasn't
used to having a father figure around him all the time, made
him uncomfortable.
"What's the matter, Ryan?" Roger asked him gently.
"Nothing, I'm just..." he paused.
"Your just embarrassed because I've never changed your
diapers before," Roger said to him in a way to try to make
him more comfortable. "Just relax, all you boys are the same
underneath, and there's nothing at all to be embarrassed
Ryan tried to let himself relax as Marvin's father took
off his big, baggy shorts and then his tight plastic pants
and the four thick layers of diapers Lani put on him before
he left. Ryan wished he had only been wet as he felt uneasy
about presenting to Marvin's father a messy set of diapers.
The diapers were merely dropped in the bin with the others.
Instead of letting the diapers soak, they were rinsed out
and bagged right away to be taken to the laundry facility.
As Ryan didn't have any swim diapers of his own, he
borrowed a pair from Marvin. He didn't seem to mind having
to wear the swim diaper and he seemed comfortable with the
idea that he would be wearing one in the pool, mainly
because he intended to wear his swimming trunks that he had
brought along over the diaper.
"Lose the swim trunks," Marvin advised Ryan.
"Is that all you guys are gonna wear?" Ryan asked,
surprised that the other three boys were going to wear just
their swim diapers.
"At least we're wearing something," Tommy said. "Half
the people here swim naked, and some go swimming in just
their underwear. And there are those who do wear swimming
trunks. Take your pick, anything goes."
"I'll keep my swim trunks on," Ryan said as he pulled
them up over his diaper. The swimming trunks fit loosely
over Ryan's naked body, but the swim diaper made his trunks
fit more snugly. The four boys then went out to the van to
be driven down to the swimming pool.
"I hope that jackass of a lifeguard isn't on duty,"
Marvin said on the way to the pool.
"If he is, and he gives you boys any trouble, then just
to go to the lodge and talk to the general manager,"
Marvin's father said.
"But whatever you do, Max," his father continued,
"leave your diaper on." Roger had learned of the incident
when Max removed his messy diaper after speaking with the
manager about the previous run-in with the lifeguard.
Marvin and Tommy got a good laugh out of that one.
Ryan, wondering what they were talking about, asked what was
meant by this statement. Marvin happily explained.
"Last time we were here, Max took his diaper off and it
was full of poop and he dumped it all over in front of the
lifeguard!" Marvin said, barely able to talk as he was
laughing so hard about the incident.
"I wouldn't count on that lifeguard being there," Roger
told the boys after they stopped laughing. "When I talked to
the general manager last week, he said he had received
several other complaints about the lifeguard, so I hope
they've canned him by now."
Ryan couldn't believe his eyes when he watched Tommy,
Marvin and Max all casually stroll into the lodge, each of
them donning their swim diapers, which he thought made them
look like they were wearing some really thick underwear.
Ryan was all the more glad that he decided to wear his
swimming trunks as he couldn't imagine walking into a public
place in a diaper.
Ryan looked around as he followed the rest of the group
back to the laundry facility in back. He saw a couple people
sitting at the counter buck naked, most people acting as if
the fact that they were naked didn't phase them. A group of
boys were playing pool in their underwear, and one of them
was without even his underwear.
"I can't believe this!" Ryan exclaimed.
"If you make a big deal out of it, people will notice
*you* more than anything else," Marvin politely advised Ryan
to get used to seeing people without clothes on.
After the boys' father dumped the load of dirty diapers
into the machine, they went into the restaurant and grabbed
a table with a view of the lake. Roger had a note that had
been personally handwritten and signed by the general
manager, entitling each of them to a free meal and drink to
compensate for the lousy treatment the lifeguard gave the
kids on the previous visit.
"Wow, you mean we all get to eat for free?" Ryan asked.
"All because of a lifeguard with an attitude," Marvin
"Well, I do carry a lot of clout here, too," Roger
said. "Who do you think helped design the lodge here?"
There was a short pause, and then Ryan looked at Roger
and said, "*You* did, Mr. Oppenheimer?"
"You can just call me Roger, Ryan," he said. "Yes, I
did help design this facility."
"My dad's an architect, remember," Marvin reminded
After the boys finished eating, they headed straight
for the pool while Roger returned to the laundry facility to
check on the diapers that were being washed. The boys
dropped of their towels as well as their shirts and shoes.
They did have to wear plastic pants over their swim diapers
because of the recent incident in the news, however, which
the boys didn't mind at all. Ryan was surprised to see that
there were both boys and girls in the same changing room,
though it made sense when he considered the fact that the
place was nudist-friendly. He noted that few people still
opted to use the privacy stalls that were provided.
Marvin knew that he would be alone if Ryan didn't want
to join him, since he knew that neither Tommy nor Max would
be willing to play in the deep end with him. Before they
went out to the pool, Marvin asked Ryan how much of a
swimmer he was.
"I can swim a little," he said. "Not much, though."
"Do you go off the diving board?" Marvin asked him.
"No!" Ryan said, as if to be saying, "Are you kidding?"
"Ah, man!" Marvin said, feeling bummed out. "At least
when the girls are here, they swim with me."
"I'd join you if I were a better swimmer," Tommy said
apologetically, "but you know that I'm not a swimmer."
"I know," Marvin acknowledged.
"Look over there!" Ryan said as he pointed.
"You mean, those two naked girls?" Marvin asked,
assuming that this was what Ryan was pointing to. "You see
them all the time here."
"No, that's not what I was looking at," Ryan said.
"Look underneath those trees. You see those two boys?
They're wearing diapers, just like you guys."
Marvin took a look and saw two distinctly diapered
behinds as the two boys were standing before two other
people, which were assumed to be the parents.
"See? What did I tell you?" Marvin said to Ryan. "Don't
be afraid to go around in your diapers here."
Max then suddenly went up behind Ryan and yanked his
swimming trunks down, leaving Ryan's swim diaper fully
exposed. Ryan felt his face turn red as he realized what had
just happened as he felt the elastic band of his swimming
trunks quickly slide over his thighs and then his knees
before they dropped to his ankles.
"I got you!" Max said as he laughed as Ryan.
"Max!" Ryan yelled as he reached down to pull his
swimming trunks back up."
"Sorry," Max apologized when Ryan gave him a nasty
"Oh come on, Ryan," Tommy said as he patted Ryan on the
shoulder. "Just lose the swimming trunks, and I think you'll
feel better about yourself once you've gone around in just
your diaper for a few minutes. How do you think I got to
this point? Back when I first started wearing diapers, I
didn't think I'd *ever* be doing this!"
"Yeah, and there's already at least five of us here in
diapers, six if we count you," Marvin tried to persuade Ryan
to loosen up and leave his swimming trunks off. Ryan still
wouldn't budge and he insisted on leaving his swimming
trunks on.
"I betcha that's Mike and Todd," Max said as he looked
again at the boys, who had since then turned around so that
their faces could be seen.
"I can't tell; I need my glasses," Tommy said.
"You're right, that is them!" Marvin said. "Let's go
over and see them."
While the boys walked around to the opposite side of
the pool, they went past the lifeguard, who was off his
perch and carrying on a casual conversation with two teenage
girls who were flirting with him. They were the same girls
that Marvin thought Ryan had his eyes on. The lifeguard was
a different person than the boor of a lifeguard they had the
time before. This one was obviously much more friendly.
"What happened to the jerk who was here a couple weeks
ago?" Marvin asked the lifeguard.
"Oh, I think I know who you're talking about," the
lifeguard said in a friendly, laid-back voice. "He got too
many complaints and they got rid of him because he was such
a jerk, yelling at everyone and kicking people out of the
"Yes!" Marvin thought to himself, glad to know that he
and the other boys wouldn't likely be harassed about wearing
diapers in the pool.
"Just wondering, is it okay to wear diapers in the
pool?" Marvin asked the lifeguard. The two girls giggled as
they admired the group of boys who were all conspicuously
donning such thickly padded swim attire, with the exception
of Ryan, even though his swim diaper could be seen above the
waistband of his trunks.
"As long as you're wearing plastic pants or you have a
plastic liner on your diapers, you'll be fine," the
lifeguard said in a straightforward manner.
"I remember hearing about what he made you guys do,"
the lifeguard said. "He kicked out everyone who was wearing
diapers. He had an attitude towards just about everyone for
one reason or another, but he was really mean to all the
diaper kids."
"How many have you seen here in diapers?" Tommy asked
the lifeguard.
"Not counting babies and toddlers, I'd say at least a
dozen," the lifeguard said. "Is there some gathering for
boys who wear diapers or something?" the lifeguard asked,
implying that all the kids he had seen at the pool in
diapers were boys.
"Just us three-- well, four, counting Ryan," Max said.
"Don't tell him that!" Ryan whispered to Max.
"Well, Ryan, your diaper *is* showing," Marvin said.
"So anyone who's seen you knows you're wearing one."
Ryan said nothing as he pulled his trunks up high
enough to cover up his diaper underneath. He didn't realize
how he looked having his swim trunks pulled up so high until
Tommy pointed it out.
"Give it up, Ryan," Tommy said.
"Don't they look cute in diapers?" one of the girls
said to the other.
"Yeah, though I've never seen anyone older than a baby
in diapers before," the other girl said naively. "Do you
guys wear diapers because...you just wear them, or...?"
"No potty training," Marvin told them.
"So you really use them, too?" the first girl said,
somewhat surprised after she thought the boys merely wore
them for the sake of having something to wear.
"Of course!" Max said. "We pee and poop in them!"
Marvin blushed. The girls just laughed and thought this
was cute of Max to come right out and say what he and the
others did in their diapers.
"Come on, let's go see Mike and Todd," Marvin said,
hoping to get away from the girls as he felt embarrassed.


The four boys walked over to see their newly-found
diaper buddies at Silver Shores, eager to find out how they
managed to get into wearing diapers in the presence of the
adults who were accompanying them.
"Hi guys!" Marvin said to Mike and Todd.
"Hello," they both said at the same time. They both
seemed to be content and the fact that they were wearing
diapers didn't seem to bother either one of them.
"You're in diapers now, both of you!" Marvin said to
"Are these the boys you were telling us about, Mike?"
the lady asked Mike. It wasn't known whether she was Mike's
aunt or his mother until Mike addressed her as "Mom."
"Pleased to meet you all," the two parents said to the
other boys.
"So what happened? How did you guys get into diapers?"
Marvin asked.
"Well, my aunt and uncle found out about you guys, and
they got mad at us and then they told our parents. They
talked it over, and then everybody decided if me and Todd
want to wear diapers, fine, just as long as we change
ourselves and keep ourselves clean and wash our own
"You got some cool parents!" Marvin said to Mike. "Most
kids aren't as lucky as you guys."
"From what you told me last night, you guys are
*really* lucky!" Mike said.
"Well, from the way your potty training went, Mike,"
his mother said to him, "I was beginning to wonder if you'd
end up wearing diapers all the time; turns out I was right
in the end."
"Wanna come swimming with us?" Marvin asked Mike and
"We're gonna be heading back soon," Mike said. "We just
changed ourselves and we're resting before walking back."
"You walked down here in just your diapers?" Tommy
asked him.
"No, we just went swimming in them," Mike said as he
held up his blue shorts before slipping them on.
After Mike and Todd left with their parents, Marvin,
Max, Tommy and Ryan returned to the pool. Marvin went to the
deep end on his own while the other three hopped into the
shallow area and joined in an impromptu game of water polo
with several other kids.
Marvin wasn't alone for very long as he had met up with
the two girls again. He stood at the top of the ladder of
the high diving board and became aroused as he looked at the
bare behind of the girl on the diving board as she had bent
over to prepare for her dive.
After they had made a few more rounds, the girls let
Marvin go first. They could see his erection trying to push
through the front of his swim diapers, which, in turn,
aroused them. They liked looking at his diapered bottom as
he bent over to make his dive.
About an hour later, Roger returned to pick up his boys
and their friends from the pool and ran them back to the
cabin. The first item on their father's agenda was diaper
changes. He figured at least one of the four boys would have
been messy by now for as long as he let them go swimming,
not to mention that Heidi wasn't with them to take care of
them in case they needed to be changed. As the four boys
filed into the cabin, he watched them and he figured there
had to be some poop underneath at least one of those four
diapered bottoms trotting in through the door.
It turned out that three of the four boys were poopy
when they were changed out of their swim diapers and back
into their regular diapers. By the time he got to changing
Tommy, he said, "You boys are getting pretty good at pooping
your diapers all at the same time."
While Tommy was being changed by Marvin's father, he
was asked, "how would you like your diapers, Tommy-- thick,
very thick, extra thick, or super-duper-diaper-pooper
Marvin and Max laughed.
"How thick is this is `super-duper-diaper-pooper?'"
Tommy asked Marvin's and Max's father.
"Very thick-- just like Heidi does them-- and besides,
it doesn't matter, that's what you're going to be getting,
anyway!" he said with a grin. With this, he pulled out a
tall stack of diapers from Tommy's bag. Tommy couldn't tell
how many diapers he pulled out, but it was going to be at
least as thick as what Nancy and Heidi typically diapered
him up in whenever they felt like really going all out, and
recently, that seemed to be every time he was changed.
"Good thing you brought a lot of diapers along!" Tommy
was told by Roger.
Tommy watched each layer get pinned on top of another
diaper underneath. He observed the diapers stacking up on
his stomach. Marvin and Max both watched. Max was rubbing
the front of his diaper and he was obviously too aroused by
the sight of seeing Tommy get diapered to resist his urges.
A double set of plastic pants had been put on top of the
massive diapers before Tommy was dismissed from the diaper
change. He was diapered just as heavily as Marvin and Max.
Only Ryan's diaper was wet without having soiled it.
Roger offered him the same "choices" before diapering him.
Ryan just said, "whatever," and he was diapered quite
excessively, much too thick for his shorts to fit over them.
"Whether you like it or not, you're stuck in just those
diapers for tonight," Marvin told Ryan.
"I know," he said. "I'm okay now since we're inside,
but I can't get myself to go outside in them like you guys
do," he said.
"How was the swim, boys?" Roger asked them all as he
prepared to make some hamburgers for them on the barbecue.
"Fun!" Marvin said with a big grin on his face. Tommy
said he enjoyed his swimming, too, but he was more reserved
in his expression.
"How about you, Ryan?" Roger asked him.
"It was okay," Ryan said, sounding less enthusiastic
than the other boys.
"Really, you don't seem to sound like you had very much
fun," Roger said.
"Well, I just don't swim very good, and, well, I sort
of wished I hadn't been such a wimp and not gone around in
diapers," he said.
"Remember that big hill I told you about last time I
was up here?" Tommy said to Ryan, referring to the bike ride
that he took with the others on the previous outing.
"Yeah, what about it?" Ryan asked.
"I thought about doing it for awhile, but I was afraid
to until I finally did it, and after I did it I felt so much
better. I watched everybody else go for it, and so I did. I
hope we can go riding with Carl and Mitchell again, I think
I'm ready to take on that big hill."
"What does this have to do with anything?" Ryan
"Well, you said you'd like to go around in just your
diapers, right?"
"Well," Ryan hesitated. "Yeah, I mean, I like wearing
them, and I did feel kind of funny still wearing my shorts
when all you guys had on were diapers," he said.
"Okay, then this is your hill, and after you take that
big ride down it and discover that you can safely make it to
the bottom, you'll feel better and more confident."
"Okay," Ryan said as he took this in and pondered the
"Tomorrow, when my Daddy goes fishing, just wear your
diapers, leave the shorts behind. My Daddy will probably
diaper you too heavily for you to wear them anyway."
"I don't know," Ryan said.
"Remember, think of a big hill," Tommy told him.
"We're not even going just down here to the lake to go
fishing, too many people fish there and do other things,
anyway," Marvin said.
"So where are we going?" Ryan asked.
"It's a place called Trapper's Lake, and it's my
Daddy's secret fishing spot, almost nobody thinks of going
there to fish. We've never seen anybody there."
"Let's go outside," Max suggested. "Daddy ought to have
our food done soon."
The four boys proceeded to walk out to the deck and sit
on the chairs that faced the lake. They continued to talk
about building Ryan's courage and self-esteem.
"You've come a long ways, Ryan," Marvin told him. "You
really have. You like wearing diapers, just like the rest of
us do, and you may end up having to wear them all the time,
so you might as well learn to get the most out of enjoying
having them on."
"I know," Ryan said. "It's just something I have to
work on."
"Well, tomorrow, we'll make sure you leave your shorts
behind and you'll be diapered plenty heavy!" Marvin said.
"Okay," Ryan said, agreeing to take the next step he
felt was necessary to building his confidence.
A few minutes later, Roger appeared before the four
boys with a spatula in his hand.
"Okay boys, who wants a burger?"
"Me!" came four simultaneous boys' voices of varying
"Come and get it!" he told the boys, as the food and
drinks were all waiting inside the cabin. The four diaper-
donning boys charged back into the cabin and each of them
grabbed a hamburger and fixed it to his own tastes. They
also had potato chips and pop, served in baby bottles, of
course. Ryan didn't mind drinking out of one this time.
A few minutes later, Toby and Jared were seen walking
past, wearing just their diapers, which appeared blueish in
the dim light of the setting sun. Their sister April was
with them, too.
"Hey guys!" Marvin shouted and waved. "Where you
"Down to the pool," Toby answered. "We wanna get in a
swim before it closes for the night! Wanna join us?"
"We just got back a little while ago," Marvin said.
"We've already been to the pool."
"Okay, well, we'll see you tomorrow!" Toby said.
"That depends," Marvin said.
"What do you mean?" Toby asked.
"We'll be gone fishing most of the day."
"Really, where are you going?" Toby asked.
"Trapper's Lake," Marvin replied.
"Now don't you be givin' away my secret fishing spot!"
Marvin's father told him lightly.
"I know where that is, my Dad used to take us there.
Well, good luck, see you all later!" Toby said as he and
Jared left and started running to catch up with their
After Roger joined the boys on the deck to eat his own
hamburger, he and the boys had a lengthy talk about wearing
diapers and what it meant to him to be a diaper boy all his
life and how he hoped the boys would have the same,
enriching experiences as he had when he was growing up.
Roger read the boys some stories that he had brought along,
reading from the glow of a yellow bug light surrounded by
dozens of moths swirling around it. In the background, the
bug zapper was going full steam and the crickets chirped in
harmony out in the darkness. The trees were silhouetted
against the fading light of the evening sky, the lake
reflecting its final glow for the day. A nearly full moon
started rising over the mountains to the east. The scent of
pine from the trees filled the cool air. It was the perfect
summer evening, everyone concurred.
The boys all listened to their dad as he started to
read aloud a favorite story of his. The boys had never heard
it before, though it sounded familiar to Marvin and Max.
They thought that it was a story that their father had
written about himself, but the names were all different.
When Marvin could no longer stand it, he asked his Dad where
he had gotten the story as it sounded too similar to what he
knew about his own father's experiences with diapers.
Roger then confessed to his son and said, "You're
right, Marvin, this is a story about me. I've been working
on a story of my own, since you two boys inspired me to
write it. I finished it just before I planned this trip and
I meant to use this outing with you boys to share it with
"I like your story, Daddy," Marvin said.
"Me, too!" Max agreed.
"Nice story!" Tommy said. "Please read some more."
Ryan didn't comment on his own, but when asked, he said
that he was really enjoying listening to it.
"Well, since we're going to be here for a few nights,
I'll have time to read the rest of it to you, it's pretty
"When did you work on your story, Daddy?" Marvin asked
his father.
"Well, you think I only use the computer for my work?"
he asked the boys rhetorically. "My laptop comes in handy on
my lunches, too."
"Can I put your story on our web page when we get
back?" Marvin asked.
"Sure, son, I was hoping you'd offer to do that," his
father said. "I'm glad you inspired me to tell the world
that I am still a diaper boy, just like you all are."
Roger and the four boys stayed out on the deck and
talked some more about their feelings about being in diapers
all the time. Even Ryan opened up and talked about his
feelings more openly than he ever had done before. Everyone
could tell that Ryan was starting to come to terms with what
was further becoming a want as well as a need for wearing
diapers. By the time the moon was high enough in the sky for
the water of the lake to reflect it, they went in for the
Marvin and Tommy took one crib as they had gotten used
to doing. Max took his crib, of course. Ryan was offered the
chance to sleep in the bed that Heidi normally slept in and
everyone assumed that this was what he would want to do. How
surprised everyone was when Ryan chose to join Max and sleep
with him in his crib instead.


Early the next morning, the boys were all sound asleep,
two of them paired up in each of the cribs. Marvin and Tommy
had nestled up close to each other as the small crib forced
them to do this. Max and Ryan were also keeping warm next to
each other in Max's crib. All four of them were oblivious to
the wet diapers they were wearing.
The morning light was filling up the sky, though the
sun was not yet high enough over the mountain to cast its
light down on the forest. Only some of the songbirds and
other fauna were awake, as was Marvin's and Max's father. He
had changed his diapers, showered and prepared for the
fishing trip he had planned. The van was loaded with all the
gear and food that he and the boys were expected to need for
the day.
The tranquility of the bedroom, silent except for some
light snoring and the sound of the wind blowing through the
trees outside the window, was suddenly disturbed when Roger
came in and yelled, "okay boys, up and at `em!"
"Uggh," Tommy groaned as he rolled himself off of
Marvin. "What time is it?"
"Too early," Marvin mumbled. "Go back to sleep."
Max and Ryan were both still completely asleep. Roger
mimicked a bugle with his fist over his mouth and made bugle
sounds, an impromptu reveille, as he walked up to Max's crib
and pulled away the covers. The two boys looked so adorable
as they were huddled up against one another in their thick
diapers. Roger could smell the odors from their butts
hitting his nose.
"Wake up, sleepy-butts!" he shouted as he patted each
of them repeatedly on the rear as if they were bongo drums.
"Time to get you guys in dry diapers so we can get going and
catch all the good fish!"
By this time, the four boys were awake. Roger had left
the room to start some hot water and do a couple other
things. Marvin briefly told Tommy about the dream he had the
previous night.
"You know those girls we were with last night?" he
started. "I had this most awesome dream! They were
completely naked and all, just like how we saw them last
night. Anyway, they took us to their cabin and then they
took off both our diapers and they told us they'd get us
some clean diapers, but they said we'd have to wait until
they got to play with us for awhile without our diapers on,
and well, my dream sort of got X-rated at that point and
well, let's just say my diapers got wet in a different sort
of way because of what they were doing to us."
"Nice dream!" Tommy said as he subtly moved his body
back and forth to rub his erection up against his diapers.
"Maybe someday we'll meet them again and it won't be
just a dream!" Marvin said.
At this time, Roger returned to the room after he had
retrieved some of the clean diapers that had just been
washed. One at a time, the four boys were all changed. The
diaper bin was completely full of wet, soiled diapers by the
time Ryan was pinned into a very heavy stack of diapers.
Each of the four boys were diapered as heavily as when they
went to bed the night before so that they wouldn't need to
be changed much, though plenty of extra diapers were brought
along just in case.
Just before they took off, the boys all enjoyed a cup
of hot chocolate out on the deck along with their father who
was sipping on his coffee after having placed a bin full of
dirtied diapers out on the deck to soak for the afternoon
while they were gone fishing.
"How'd you all sleep?" Roger asked the boys. "And don't
say, `like a baby!'" he jokingly forestalled the expected
"Well, that's just what I was gonna say!" Marvin
"How `bout you, Ryan? What did you think of sleeping in
a crib?"
"I didn't mind," he said, feeling slightly embarrassed.
"I sort of liked it, actually."
At this time, the four boys had finished their hot
chocolate and filed into the van. On their way out the front
of the cabin, they saw Toby and Jared in their diapers,
joined by April. Ryan acted a little uneasy about being seen
in such heavy diapers by the others, but he realized he
would only draw more attention to himself if he had run off
and hid, and he knew he would have to overcome this
inhibition once and for all.
"Are you guys going fishing now?" Toby asked them.
"Yeah," Marvin answered. "As soon as we have breakfast
at the lodge. We'll probably be back late this afternoon,
and then if we feel like it, we'll go swimming."
"We're gonna walk down to the lake," April said as she
led her two diapered brothers behind the cabins and down the
"Don't piss off the golfers!" Marvin warned them.
"And don't moon them like Max does!" Marvin added just
as they were about to disappear behind the top of the hill.
After the boys got into the van, Ryan spoke.
"I thought we were just going fishing," Ryan said.
"We are," Marvin said.
"You said we're going to the lodge to have breakfast?"
"Of course, we gotta eat first," Marvin said.
"So that means I have to go into the lodge like this?"
Ryan said as he pointed at his lap and the thick bulge of
white cloth that protruded prominently from between his
"Yep!" Marvin said. "But hey, you've seen us go around
in diapers and nobody seems to really mind."
"But those were just your swim diapers that you were
wearing last night," Ryan pointed out. "We're all diapered
for real this time."
"We've done it lots of times, and anyway, if somebody
notices or stares, it's not like they know who you are or
anything. I don't know anyone from my school whose family
also has a cabin here. Just relax, we'll walk through and
sit down and then eat, simple as that."
The group arrived at the lodge a few minutes later.
Ryan tried to position himself in the middle as he walked
with the other boys. They followed Roger into the lodge and
they walked back to one of the tables that overlooked the
lake. Ryan looked around, seeing that the lodge was mostly
empty early in the morning. A few guys were seated at the
counter sipping coffee and otherwise minding their own
business. Another family was seated on the other side of the
lodge near the pool tables.
Marvin's father handed him the remaining supply of
quarters from the laundry facility that had been used the
night before so that, while waiting for breakfast, Marvin
and Tommy could play some pool. Marvin had to put the
quarters in his shirt pocket as he had no other pockets to
speak of. They got up and went over to the pool tables to
shoot a game or two. Max then got up and ran over to them.
Ryan remained seated, glad that he was mostly out of view of
being seen in his diapers. He especially didn't want to walk
over alone and be seen up close by the people who were
seated nearby. Ryan watched as Tommy and Ryan bent over the
pool table and stuck their diapered behinds forward as they
lined up their shots.
"Why don't you go join your friends?" Ryan was asked by
"Well, I'm still not quite sure about going around in
diapers like the rest of them do."
"Ahh, who's gonna care here?" Roger said to Ryan. "But
do whatever you're most comfortable with."
Max then came running back over to the table.
"Ryan, come play a game of pool with me!" Max said.
"Why don't you go, Ryan, it'll be a few minutes still,"
he was told.
Ryan conceded and decided to get up and walk through
the lodge in just his diapers in spite of the fact that he
would probably be seen, so he tried to ignore this. He
caught one of the girls glancing at him as he walked by the
other family. He caught some of the conversation between her
and her mother.
"It's not polite to stare, Amanda."
"I know, Mom! I just think they all look cute in
Ryan listened for another moment and then he started
playing pool with Max. Ryan was nervous and he couldn't play
very well, and Max had half of his balls sunk before Ryan
finally got his first one in. At this time, Marvin looked
across the lodge and he could see the waitress setting the
plates on their table. Roger motioned them to come back.
Marvin and Tommy had finished their last game. Marvin then
quickly knocked the rest of the balls into their pockets and
caught up with the rest of the group to eat breakfast.
After eating breakfast and returning to the van, Roger
and the four boys drove out of Silver Shores and continued
up the road that led farther into the mountains. While
Marvin and Max knew where they were going, neither Tommy nor
Ryan had any idea where they were. The road was getting even
more narrow and steep, though the van had enough power to
handle the road. They got to a turnoff and went along a very
bumpy and steep road that followed a creek as they went up a
hill. At the top was their father's favorite fishing spot,
Trapper's Lake. Because of its isolation, it was seldom
visited by two or more fishermen at the same time, and
according to Roger, the fish were always biting.
When the boys got out of the van, they had sun screen
applied to their arms and legs. So far, the boys had all wet
their diapers but none of them had pooped in theirs yet.
Marvin and Max helped their father carry the fishing gear
and the food. It was still a fairly long walk from the end
of the road where the van was parked up to the lake. Ryan
was only used to being heavily diapered at home and when
visiting friends at their houses, so he wasn't used to
having to walk such a distance in his very thick diapers. He
trudged along behind the others who were carrying fishing
poles, tackle boxes and ice chests for the pop and food.
The finally reached the shore of the lake. It's water
stood so still it reflected the mountains behind it with
little distortion; it was almost mirror-perfect. Every now
and then a fish would be seen jumping out of the water and
sending ripples all about the lake's surface.
While the fishing gear was being set up, Max started
skipping rocks.
"Please don't do that, Max," his father told him
mildly. "You don't want to scare the fish off, do you?"
Everybody was thirsty from the long hike up to the lake
and they each cracked open a soda and drank them down before
the poles were out and the lines were cast into the water.
With only three fishing poles, the boys had to take their
turns watching their lines. During the first hour they
nabbed three fish and then they moved on farther down where
there was more shade.
All was quiet for awhile when suddenly, one of the four
boys was heard ripping a loud, wet and juicy fart in his
diapers. As Marvin was sitting next to his dad and down a
little ways from the others, everybody knew it had to have
been Marvin who loaded his diapers.
"It's a long walk back to the van if you want to be
changed," his father told him.
"I'm okay," Marvin said as he reeled the line in and
cast it back into the water.
After a couple hours, everyone decided to take a break
since the fish weren't biting as heavily in the afternoon
sun. They made some sandwiches and drank more pop, which
would eventually cause them all to wet their diapers more.
The afternoon continued to pass and the sun was
starting to get more intense, so they moved to the other
side of the lake where there was more shade. By this time,
Max had become restless and he wanted to go exploring in the
nearby hills. Marvin and Tommy were also getting tired of
sitting on the lake shore all afternoon and they wanted to
get out and stretch their legs. They decided to go exploring
in the trees surrounding the lake. Only Ryan decided to stay
close and keep Marvin's and Max's father company.
"Don't go far, boys," they were told. "I'm going to
pack up my gear in about an hour and we'll head back."
Marvin decided to lead the others up along a small
stream, where it appeared there had been others who walked
through the area as a trail had been formed. The hill became
steeper and Tommy found his face pressed up against Max's
diapered behind as they negotiated a steep hill. Max also
decided that this was a good time to fill his diapers,
giving Tommy a good opportunity to hear and smell a diaper
being filled up with poop up close.
"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Tommy said to
"No," Max said innocently with a chuckle. "When you
gotta go, you gotta go!"
"That includes me," Marvin said as he bent over and
pooped his diapers some more and then he continued walking
with the others. Tommy was due to mess his diapers soon, and
about ten minutes later, everyone could hear Tommy crapping
his diapers.
"Well, now we all have an excuse to go back soon,"
Marvin commented
The boys had reached a fork in the path.
"Which way do you suppose we oughtta go?" Max asked the
"How about we go back?" Marvin said as he was getting
concerned about the time.
"We just started, and you can even see Daddy and Ryan
from here," Max said.
Max decided to keep going after choosing to take the
right fork of the trail, even though Marvin and Tommy kept
reminding him that their father was going to leave before
too long. They walked a ways farther up the mountain, well
out of sight of the lake. By this time Tommy was starting to
feel faint.
"God, it's happening again!" Tommy exclaimed. He
started feeling dizzy and he was breathing hard and seeing
stars. He knew he would have to stop and take a break or
else he might collapse from heat exhaustion. He found a
grassy spot in the nearby shade and lied down.
"As soon as Tommy gets to feeling better, we need to
head back," Marvin stated imperatively.
"I need a drink of water," Tommy groaned as he waited
for his symptoms to subside.
"Hey guys!" Max shouted as he came running back after
having gone ahead on the trail.
"What is it, Max?" Marvin asked him.
"There's a place up ahead!"
"A place?"
"Yeah, like some buildings and stuff," Max described.
"Out here?" Marvin questioned him.
"Yeah, and it looks like somebody lives there," Max
"Well, maybe we can see if they have some water for
Tommy, so he can make it back. How far is it?"
"Just over that next hill," Max pointed. "Come on!"
"You feeling better, Tommy?" Marvin asked him.
"Yeah, a little, are we going to go back, or what?"
Tommy groaned.
"Max says there's a place up ahead, maybe someone's
house, so maybe they can give you some water first if
there's anyone there."
"Sounds good," Tommy said as Marvin helped him get up.
Marvin and Tommy then caught up with Max and they slowly
walked up the hill.
The four boys reached the crest of the hill and then
walked down the trail and approached the buildings, which,
upon closer inspection, were a series of ramshackle
structures inside an enclosure. The closer they got to the
strange place, the less hospitable it appeared. There was
even a loosely constructed barbed-wire fence about eight
feet high surrounding the buildings. Several large sheets of
plywood were leaving up against the fence from the inside,
attached to the barbed wires.
"I don't know about this place," Tommy said
apprehensively. "I think I'll make it back if I just take a
couple rests along the way."
"Let's see if we can just get you some water, whether
or not anyone's here. Who cares if it looks like a total
"What if there is someone here, and they catch us?"
"They'll understand," Marvin said. "Besides, you just
need a drink of water."
"Yeah," Tommy agreed as his parched throat reminded him
of his need to quench his thirst.
"Let's see if we can find out where you get in this
place first."
The boys walked around the complex, but they could not
find a break in the fence where they could get through and
not snag their plastic pants or scratch their exposed skin.
They then walked around to what appeared to be the front of
the complex, where the largest and best-looking structure
stood. The boys could hear activity going on inside the
structure as well as the outside of the complex within the
enclosure, so they knew that there were people here.
"Well, knock on the door," Marvin told Max as the boys
stood hesitantly at the door, which had six deadbolt locks
securing it. This level of security appeared odd to the
boys, since it was unlikely that anyone would be in the area
to break into the place.
"I wonder what they'll think when they see three boys
standing out here in diapers?" Tommy said.
Marvin decided to get this over with. Tommy needed a
drink right away, and Marvin was getting thirsty himself, so
he knocked.
"I wonder how good the water is here," Tommy said.
"At a time like this, it doesn't matter, Tommy," Marvin
"I wonder who lives here?" Max asked.
"From the looks of this place, probably some Paul
Bunyan lumberjack-looking dude," Marvin said.
The boys stood still as they heard somebody from the
other side releasing the six deadbolt locks. Nobody knew
what to expect to see when the door finally swung open. How
surprised the boys felt when a girl of about thirteen or
fourteen, dressed in a black leotard, came to the door.
"Hello, boys!" she said in a somewhat sinister tone.
"Decided to come back, eh?"
"Come back? Uh, we've never been here," Marvin
"Really, then who escaped?" the girl asked the boys.
"Escaped? What's going on? We just need to see about
getting a drink of water," Marvin said nervously.
"Sure, come on in!" she said as she led the three boys
into the place. After she closed the door she immediately
secured the six locks.
"They're back!" the girl shouted.
"What's going on?" Marvin asked the girl.
The outside of the building gave no indication to what
was on the interior of the structure. It was well lit and
furnished, much like any modern, well-kept house. There was
a television and some couches and chairs. Eight other girls
whose ages ranged from eight to sixteen, all of whom were
identically dressed, were also present. Four grown women
also occupied the place. They were dressed in normal attire,
however, most of them wearing shorts and T-shirts.
"So, who are all you?" Marvin asked.
"Didn't you say you needed a drink of water?" one of
the women asked.
"Yes, that would be nice!" Tommy said.
"We could all use one by now," Marvin said.
"We don't think you boys deserve a drink for escaping,"
she said. If anything, you all deserve a hard paddling!"
"What is this about us escaping? And getting a
paddling? We're up here fishing with our Daddy, and we
decided to come exploring up here, and we came onto your
place because Tommy here, needs some water!"
"Tommy?" the lady questioned. "We don't have a Tommy,
do we? Who are you boys?"
"I'm Marvin, this is my brother Max, and my friend
"Take `em back and shackle `em up!" the girls were all
told. "I think the third unit has some vacant cribs." The
same girl who answered the door was given a different set of
Suddenly, Tommy, Marvin and Max found themselves
surrounded by the nine girls, many of whom of whom were
wielding large paddles. As they were being escorted through
the place, they looked at the girls in front of them. The
back of their leotards read "C.R.I.B." Underneath it was a
picture of a crib with the symbol that designated the male
sex inside of it. It was obvious that "C.R.I.B." was an
acronym of some sort. It was the least of the boys' concerns
at this moment what C.R.I.B. stood for.
The boys were prodded along and led towards the back of
the front building and then they were taken outside, where
they realized that they were now inside of the enclosure.
They were very nervous as they looked at the prison-like
environment. They all felt that they should have realized
what kind of trouble they were getting into when they saw
how the place was surrounded by barbed wire and plywood
boards, seeing that they were now on the inside of the
makeshift complex with no easy way to escape. The six
deadbolt locks, they felt, should have given some kind of
indication as to the activity that took place here, which
was yet to be determined. As they walked through the
complex, they saw some more girls in black leotards and more
adult women, all busy hanging diapers up on a series of
clotheslines. The boys had no idea where they were or what
was going on. Tommy tried to tell himself that it was a bad
dream, but he knew that this was for real.
The boys were led into one of the ancillary structures,
a mere shack by its appearance from the outside, and its
door was secured by several padlocks. As the door was
unlocked and opened, the boys were led into the place, where
inside, there were six other boys, three on each of the side
walls. They were all chained down in cribs, each with a
metal frame and metal bars. Underneath the cribs were
buckets that were filled with soiled diapers, just to make
the small shack smell even worse. The boys' mouths were
covered up so that they could not talk.
Most notably, the boys were all diapered in extremely
thick diapers, at least double the thickness of anything
Marvin, Max or Tommy had ever worn. Their diapers had been
very excessively pinned up with dozens of pins on each side
of them, many of the pins overlapping each other as they
were so densely concentrated. Their diapers also appeared to
be very wet and soiled, as if they hadn't been changed for a
long time.
The shack was hot inside and it smelled terrible. Some
windows that ran along the upper portion of the wall were
opened, but they provided inadequate ventilation. It was
obvious that the other boys were made to wear their diapers
for several hours, perhaps days at a time, without being
changed. Some of the boys had wet their diapers so much that
puddles formed in the bottom of their plastic pants. The
conditions under which these boys were being treated were
deplorable, at best. Tommy, Marvin and Max were very scared
and confused.
"What are you doing to us?" Marvin asked nervously as
he and the other two were taken to the back wall where an
empty rail stretched across it.
"Shut up, boy, or we'll give you a paddling that will
make your worst spanking seem like a pat on the butt!" the
girl threatened him.
"What did we do?" Marvin pleaded for an explanation.
"One more word, boy, and we'll all take turns reddening
that poopy behind of yours!" she threatened again. Marvin
knew that whatever these girls were up to, they meant
Each of the three boys first had their hands tied to
one of the three empty cribs in which they would soon be
placed and then locked down. Tommy, Marvin and Max then had
their shirts taken off and stuffed into an empty bucket
underneath their crib. Some of the girls had left the shack
to get some clean diapers for Tommy, Marvin, and Max. When
they returned, the nine girls split into groups of three for
each of the three boys. The girls stripped off the boys'
messy diapers and let them drop to the floor before they
were added to the bucket. The girls gave the boys' bottoms a
superficial wiping before re-diapering them. The boys also
received suppositories to cause them to mess more frequently
and voluminously. The boys weren't expecting this as they
felt the girls sticking their fingers in their butts to
insert the suppositories.
Next came the diapers. One girl handled the diapers
while the other two pinned up the diapers, inserting a
couple dozen pins in each side. The girls repeated this for
each diaper. They kept adding diapers until they could no
longer easily pin them on. Max was diapered the most heavily
as his body was the smallest and therefore could accommodate
the most diapers.
Next, the boys had plastic pants put on them. The pants
were made from a heavier vinyl material than what Marvin,
Max and Tommy were used to wearing. After the plastic pants
were put on them, their shoes were taken off and they were
boosted up into their cribs.
Lastly, the boys had their mouths covered up so that
they could not talk. They could only breathe through their
noses. They were all crying, wondering if and when they
would ever get out of this situation. It had been over two
hours, and as the sun slowly set behind the mountains and
darkened the shack, the boys could only think of, in teary
silence, how worried Roger must have been at this point.


Roger was getting very worried. The three boys had been
gone for more than two hours. He could no longer concentrate
on his fishing and he decided to run his gear and his catch
of the day back to the van. Ryan helped him carry everything
back. While they were there, Roger changed Ryan's diapers.
"This is not like them!" Roger said to Ryan in the
middle of the diaper change. "They'd never be gone this
long, I know my boys; they'd have come back by now!"
After Roger and Ryan got out of the van they started
walking up towards the lake to where they had seen the boys
disappear into the woods. At about this time, a thunderstorm
had rolled into the area, and quite unexpectedly as the sky,
once blue, turned gray and darkened. A loud clap of thunder
signaled the beginning of the cloudburst and the heavy
downpour that had followed. Roger and Ryan quickly retreated
to the van for cover. Ryan was scared as he sat in the front
seat next to Marvin's father.
"As soon as this storm passes, we'll go out and start
looking," Roger told Ryan.
"I'm scared!" Ryan whined.
"I know, I'm scared, too, Ryan," Roger said as he
patted Ryan on the head.
"I'm scared of the storm, too," Ryan said.
"Ahh, relax," Roger told Ryan as he tried to comfort
the boy. "We're safe in here as long as a flash flood
doesn't wash us away, and I don't think that'll happen."
The heavy rain continued for several more minutes,
sending a small rush of water down a nearby gully.
"Now I'm not so sure about not having a flash flood,"
Roger said as he started the van and drove it up to a higher
point away from the gully. Its tires were spinning in the
mud, but he managed to get the van to a safer location.
Lightning streaked across the sky and thunder boomed so
loudly that it could have shattered the van's windows, Ryan
feared. Both Ryan and Roger were mostly worried that the
other boys were stuck out in the woods somewhere, trying to
shelter themselves from the storm, or perhaps had been
washed away in a flash flood. While Tommy, Marvin and Max
were sheltered and safe from the storm, they were not at all
"Maybe I should have had Marvin and Max in Boy Scouts,"
Roger said. "I hope they're okay. I hope the boys at least
know not be near a tree when there's lightning."
While waiting the storm out, Roger decided to climb
into the back of the van to change his own diapers as they
were getting wet and ripe-smelling after having worn them
all day long. Ryan felt awkward as he sat in the front of
the van and knew that a full-grown man was right behind him
and changing his diapers. The van had already been stunk up
by Ryan's dirty diapers, and by the time Roger changed his
diapers, it smelled even worse. Ryan thought that Roger
might be offended if he opened a window, but he couldn't
tolerate the odor any longer, so he opened the window.
"You don't mind, do you?" Ryan asked Roger.
"Not at all, it does stink in here, and besides, the
rain looks like it's letting up now."
After the storm passed and the sun came back out, Roger
and Ryan set out to look for the missing boys. The rainbow
in the distance gave Roger and Ryan a sense of hope in
finding the other boys or hoping they would return. The
ground was wet and muddy, but neither of them cared, just as
long as the boys were found.
They started going up the trail they believed that
Tommy, Marvin and Max had taken. Had it not been for the
storm, their footprints would have guided Roger and Ryan to
where they went.
They reached the fork in the path and became confused,
uncertain which way to go.
"You go that way, Roger, and I'll go this way," Ryan
said as he pointed to the left fork.
"No, let's stay together," Roger told Ryan. "We'll
explore one path, and then if we don't see them after
awhile, we'll come back and explore the other."
They decided to take the right path. Knowing that Max
was the type of kid who liked to explore, Roger figured he
would want to take the steeper and more dangerous path of
the two, so he and Ryan opted to go this direction. The mud
made it more difficult to climb as Ryan and Roger kept
slipping. Ryan had fallen down. The slick surface of his
bottom, covered only in diapers and plastic pants, provided
little resistance to sliding down the slick and muddy
surface of the path. He stopped after going about a dozen
feet or so. He got up and tried to rub the mud off of his
butt. In spite of the difficult conditions, Roger and Ryan
continued up the path, stopping just short of the crest of
the hill, over which the complex would have been seen had
they gone just a little farther.
At this point they decided to go back and explore the
other trail that branched off at the fork. When they reached
that point, Roger decided that perhaps the boys had been
waiting out the storm and had since then returned to the
van. Their hopes of finding the boys were restored and they
headed back to the lake. When they returned to the van they
found that the other boys were not there, and there was no
sign of them having been there, either. The ground was still
wet and only the footprints that Roger and Ryan made when
they left were seen. Their worrisome feelings intensified
greatly. The sun started to disappear behind the mountains
and darkness would set in within a few hours. Roger grabbed
the two flashlights he kept in the van and then returned to
his search.
This time they took the trail that branched off to the
left. This trail ran along a ridge and appeared to be easier
to navigate. Unbeknownst to Roger and Ryan, this path only
led them deeper into the woods and farther away from the
complex where Tommy, Marvin and Max were being detained. The
trail continued for a great distance and remained relatively
flat as it seemed to lead to another lake in the distance.
They kept walking in spite of the fact that the sky was
about to turn darker, and the hopes for finding the boys was
Just before they reached the shore of the second lake,
Roger and Ryan both saw three boys up ahead of them. All of
them were bare-legged and their torsos surrounded in white.
The three boys could be none other than Tommy, Marvin and
"It's them!" Roger shouted. "What the hell did they
come way up here for!"
"Maybe they got lost," Ryan said.
"I dunno, but let's go catch up with them!" Roger said.
"Marvin! Max! Tommy!" Roger shouted. The boys didn't
respond as they were too distant to hear the shouts. Roger
then started running to catch them. Ryan ran behind him,
though Ryan had a difficult time keeping up as he was
wearing so many diapers that he couldn't run very well.
Roger then turned on his flashlight and started waving
it. This time the boys saw the light and they knew that
somebody was after them. The boys started fleeing, but they
were tired and hungry. Likewise, their diapers prevented
them from running very fast.
"Why are they running away?" Roger said, puzzled.
"Marvin! Max! Tommy!" he shouted. "It's your father!"
Ryan repeated the names and shouted, "This is Ryan!". The
boys continued running until they came to the end of the
trail, which was blocked by a large mound and several trees.
The boys were cornered and had no place to go.
As Roger and Ryan got closer to the boys, he shone the
flashlight at them.
"Marvin! What's going on? Why are you
It turned out that the three boys were not Tommy,
Marvin and Max, but the three other boys who had escaped
from the complex.
"Who are you?" Roger asked the boys.
"Who are you?" one of the boys asked Roger. "You're not
from C.R.I.B., are you?" the boy asked Roger. He was very
nervous and shaking.
"Crib?" Roger questioned the boy. "What do you mean?"
"Sir, I hope you can help us!" the boy pleaded as he
broke down in tears. The boy looked to be about twelve or
thirteen years old. His face and his legs were dirty as were
the other two boys, one who looked to be ten and the other,
about eight. All of them were extremely heavily diapered and
were in serious need of being changed.
"What are you boys doing out here? I thought you were
my boys, they've been missing and I thought you were them.
They were in diapers, too, just like you three."
"We escaped," the oldest boy said. "We thought you were
from C.R.I.B. and you found us and you were gonna take us
"What's this `crib' you keep talking about?" Roger
asked the boy again.
The boy sat down on a fallen log and the others joined
him. Roger and Ryan sat on a large, flat rock across from
them. The boy then explained to Roger what C.R.I.B. was.
"C.R.I.B. stands for `Correctional Reformation and
Infantilization of Boys.'"
"Sounds kind of like B.R.A.T.T.," Roger interrupted the
boy. "B.R.A.T.T. stands for `Boys Raised in Absence of
Toilet Training.' It's a radical feminist group with mothers
who keep their boys in diapers and raise them like they're
babies, while letting their daughters grow up and teaching
them to take control over boys and then men when they grow
"I know all about B.R.A.T.T.," the boy interrupted
Roger. "My Mom used to belong to B.R.A.T.T., but then she
decided that B.R.A.T.T. was too conservative, so she joined
another group called C.R.I.B., which is even worse."
"I can't imagine how that could be," Roger said. "I've
heard about B.R.A.T.T. and I've seen their web site, their
pretty radical and they have a very strong agenda. I'm glad
my boys aren't in that sort of thing."
"We all have to lay in cribs inside this shack with our
hands tied and our feet chained to them. They put us in all
these diapers and don't change us all day, sometimes for
several days, and it smells really bad, too. Even B.R.A.T.T.
didn't go this far, at least they don't tell your mom to
keep you chained down and locked inside a stinking shack all
day. I'm telling you, they exploit us boys and treat us like
total shit! And then also, all the girls go around in these
black swimsuits or something, which is so all of us boys can
see that they don't have to wear diapers.
"And this place is just horrible!" the boy continued to
explain. "It looks like some old cabin and some other
buildings that they're using to keep us locked up in, and
they don't change our diapers, and it really stinks bad in
there and..."
The boy then started crying again as he thought about
the treatment that he had been getting between B.R.A.T.T.
and more recently, C.R.I.B. Roger tried to comfort the boy,
but he flinched in defense.
"I won't hurt you, son," Roger assured him as he backed
off. Roger could see that the boy had been badly traumatized
from the treatment he had received. After the boy regained
his composure, he continued to talk more about C.R.I.B. The
other two boys just sat still and listened.
"There's twelve mothers there, about twenty-some girls
and probably twenty boys, maybe more" he explained.
"Where is this place?" Roger asked, feeling angered
that this sort of thing was going on.
"Over there somewhere," the boy pointed. "We got lost
and didn't know where we were. We were blindfolded when we
were brought here. We have no idea where we are."
"Well, that's Trapper's Lake over there, and this lake,
I don't know. I didn't know it was back here."
"Never heard of Trapper's Lake," the boy said, still
recovering from his crying.
"What's your name, if you don't mind that I ask?" Roger
asked the boy.
"Kevin," the boy said. "These are my brothers Steve and
Aaron." Aaron was the youngest and smallest of the three.
"Do you think you can help us?" Kevin asked Roger.
"Sure," Roger said. "Perhaps you can help me, too."
"How's that?" Kevin asked him.
"Maybe you've seen my boys out here," Roger said.
"We haven't seen anybody," Kevin said. The other boys
shook their heads. "You said your boys were in diapers,
"Yeah, two of them are my sons and one of them is their
friend. Ryan, here, is another friend of theirs."
"Why do they wear diapers?" Kevin asked. "You're not
from some B.R.A.T.T.- or C.R.I.B.-type group, are you?"
Kevin asked Roger, becoming suspicious and untrusting of
"No, no, no, not at all," Roger assured Kevin. Rather
than to explain the whole story about his boys wearing
diapers, Roger simply told Kevin and his two brothers that
his boys liked to wear diapers. The concept of "liking to
wear diapers" almost seemed unfathomable to Kevin and the
other two boys, though they were all secretly aware of how
diapers aroused them.
Roger then thought for a moment.
"Where did you say this C.R.I.B. place is?"
"Somewhere over there, I think," Kevin pointed to the
distant mountain.
"You know, I'm just wondering, maybe that's where my
boys wound up!" Roger said. "Do you think you can lead us
back there?"
"Oh God!" Kevin exclaimed. "I don't want to go anywhere
*near* that damn place again!" He started crying again.
"It's okay," Roger said, patting him lightly on the
back. This time he felt he could trust Roger and didn't
flinch when he was touched.
"You have me to protect you, just stay close, and when
we get to it, just stay back."
"You don't know this place!" Kevin said, still crying.
"It's like a prison! There's a fence and everything around
it, and they use all these locks on the doors!"
"Well, I just have a hunch that this is what happened
to my boys. I think they were in that area. Let's go."


It had only been a few hours since Tommy, Marvin and
Max had been thrown into the small shack and chained in
their cribs with the other boys who had been there since
that morning, as Tommy, Marvin and Max could deduce from
hearing the girls talking outside the shack. The girls were
heard talking about a lot of extremist feminist propaganda
that their mothers had drilled into their brains.
Having no way of moving or even talking, all the boys
could do was think. Everything that the girls outside had
been talking about sounded so familiar, particularly to
Tommy and Marvin, as they had both visited the web page for
B.R.A.T.T. They were well aware of B.R.A.T.T.'s extreme
feminist basis and its highly radical agenda, though neither
Tommy nor Marvin could recall seeing that a chapter for
B.R.A.T.T. had been established in their area. They also
recalled how the girls were wearing leotards that read
C.R.I.B. and included a logo that seemed somewhat like the
one that B.R.A.T.T. had used. All of this made Tommy and
Marvin think that C.R.I.B. was an organization similar to
and perhaps even affiliated with B.R.A.T.T.
In any case, all three of the boys felt that C.R.I.B.,
as well as B.R.A.T.T., gave the idea of wearing diapers a
bad name and that these radical groups' philosophies ran
counter to the notion that boys who wear and use diapers
should find them to be fun and pleasurable.
The suppositories had taken effect long ago and the
boys had messed their diapers many times, worse than any
case of diarrhea or food poisoning that any of them could
remember ever experiencing, with the possible exception of
Max as he experienced loose bowels the most often. Because
of Max's greater tendencies to have loose bowels, the
suppositories affected him the most and his diapers were the
fullest among the three boys. Max didn;t know how many
diapers he was wearing, but his wet poop and soaked through
all of them. The daylight outside was disappearing more as
the sun went down behind the mountains and it didn't seem
like anything was ever going to happen and they'd never be
free again.
Finally, someone came to the door and opened it.
Several girls came into the shack to release the boys from
their cribs of imprisonment, only to tie their hands behind
their backs again once their hands and feet were freed from
the chains attached to their cribs. Tommy, Marvin and Max
were afraid that worse things were yet to come.
The boys were taken back into the main structure and
they were seated at a table, all on one side. Finally, their
mouths were uncovered so that they could be fed and given
drink, which was laced with diuretics. The minute Max had
his mouth uncovered he loudly asked, "What are you trying to
do to us?!"
"Shut up!" the girl told him. "Boys don't talk around
"But what did we do?" he cried.
Without hesitation, Max's mouth was covered up again
and he was escorted back outside after the girl had asked
for the keys that had been used to open up the shack. Max
had these terrifying thoughts running through his mind. He
thought he was in for the worst since he had supposedly not
been allowed to talk since he was a boy. He was being taken
straight back to the shack where he had spent his entire
afternoon. The girl took him inside the shack and shut the
door behind her. Max was crying.
"Relax, little boy," the girl said to Max as her
demeanor changed very suddenly. She spoke in a soft,
soothing voice. Before, she seemed like a feminist teenage
girl bent on making boys' lives miserable, but once she had
a chance to be alone with Max, she revealed her true self
and who she really was.
"Don't cry, I'm here to get you out of this whole
thing," she said as she removed the cloth from his mouth.
Max remained speechless as he listened to the girl talk
to him and comfort him.
"I know you and those other two boys don't belong in
here," she said in a whisper. Max then spoke up.
"Why are we here, anyway?" Max asked her. The girl
shushed him and advised him to whisper.
The girl showed Max the back of her leotard so he could
see the logo.
"You ever heard of `C.R.I.B.?'" she asked him as she
turned her thinly sheathed and half-exposed rear end to him
and then turned back around.
"No, but it sounds kind of like a group I know of
called `B.R.A.T.T.,'" he sobbed.
"Well, C.R.I.B. is worse than B.R.A.T.T.," the girl
said. "My Mom used to belong to B.R.A.T.T., but she got
kicked out of it because it wasn't `strict enough,' so she
joined this other group, which stands for `Correctional
Reformation and Infantilization of Boys.' It was formed by a
former B.R.A.T.T. member who felt that boys needed even more
strict discipline than what B.R.A.T.T. advocated."
"So why *are* we here?" Max asked her.
"I think it's because they thought you three were my
brothers who escaped. I helped them to get out of here so
that they could go find someone to help them, and maybe get
the authorities up here to shut this whole thing down. I'm
afraid they got lost, and they even sent one of the mothers
out to look for them.
"Anyway, I don't like it here, anymore," the girl
continued. "At first I thought it was cool, girls rule, boys
are babies, that sort of thing, all the bullshit they taught
us and brainwashed us with, but all they're doing is
exploiting boys, and girls, too, and exploiting them in
different ways. I thought B.R.A.T.T. was pretty bad, but
C.R.I.B., well, it's worse, and I know my mother and all the
other mothers here will get busted for child abuse once the
authorities find out."
"By the way, what were you guys doing up here?" the
girl asked Max. Because this girl had seen so many boys in
diapers, it didn't it seem unusual to her that Max and the
other two boys were wearing diapers when they were abducted.
"We were fishing with my Daddy," Max answered, "and
then we got bored and decided to come up here, and that's
when we got caught."
"So is your dad around here?" she asked.
"We were down at the lake," Max said. "He's probably
out looking for us, or he's gone back to get a hold of
"Perfect!" the girl said, barely able to keep her voice
at a whisper. "If we can track down your Dad, then he can
help us!"
"So what are you going to do?" Max asked the girl.
"We're gonna bust out of this fucking place!" she said.
"I've had it."
"Then what?" Max asked.
"We go look for your Dad. I'm sure he must be awfully
worried about you by now."
"But what about my brother and my friend? They're still
in there!" Max said.
"Angie!" came a voice from outside the shack.
"Shit! It's my Mom!" the girl said. "Quick, get back
into your crib!" she said. She pushed up on his diapered
behind to help him get back into it.
"Lie down!" she said.
The girl then quickly and loosely wrapped the chains
around Max's arms and wrists to make it look like he had
been getting chained back down again.
"Angie!" the lady yelled at the girl as she entered.
"What have you been doing out here?"
"Well, Mom, this boy needed a little `attitude
adjustment', so I was busy swatting him."
"Really? So where's the paddle?" Angie's mother asked
"I, uh, did it with my hand!" Angie said.
"You've been acting funny, Angie, especially after your
brothers escaped! Now do what you need to do and get your
butt back in there!"
"Yes, mother," Angie groaned.
After her mother left, Angie unwrapped the chains and
helped Max out of his crib.
"We gotta go now!" Angie said as she and Max stood
behind the closed, but unlocked door. "Wait here!"
Angie looked around to make sure the coast was clear.
"Come this way!" she said as she opened the door and
took Max's hand as she led him out. They ran to the back
corner of the complex, where the barbed wire fence met with
a tree.
"Okay, I'm going to boost you up to that limb," Angie
said. Then, climb over the barbed wire and then jump down to
the other side.
"But what if I get cut?" Max said, fearing that he
might get hurt while straddling the fence.
"Well, as far as your crotch is concerned, I wouldn't
worry about that at all; your diapers will protect you
there, and besides, what do you care, as long as you get out
of here?"
Angie then had Max climb onto her back and then she
boosted him up to the limb. As he grabbed onto the limb, she
pushed on his behind to boost him up some more, ignoring the
fact that his diapers were full of poop and stinking badly.
Max then climbed out to the edge of the limb as far as he
could safely go, and then he let his body hang with his legs
straddling over the barbed wire fence. He knew that when he
let go of the limb, his inner thighs would likely be
scratched by abrasions from the barbed wire upon landing on
them. It was a small price to pay for freedom, he realized.
He let himself drop onto the barbed wire, and his thighs
were scratched and bleeding. He needed to get down. His
plastic pants were caught in some of the barbs, so he had to
negotiate these and pull the barbs out of his plastic pants
as he prepared to descend eight feet to the ground. He got
his other leg over the fence, incurring some more scratches
to his legs in the process, and then he let go and let
himself fall to the ground. Max fell back on his behind,
which was very amply padded and this cushioned his landing.
Angie then had to get herself out of the complex before
she was caught. She realized that she could not reach the
limb without something to boost her up. She didn't know what
else to do, so she ran back into the complex and wheeled out
one of the cribs and pushed it to the corner by the tree.
She climbed in it and then she stood up and reached up to
the limb.
While she was getting the crib, she grabbed the bucket
in which Marvin's, Max's and Tommy's used diapers and other
clothes had been placed. While their shirts and their shoes
were soiled from being placed with the diapers, at least
they were assured of having their clothes back. She hurled
it over the fence. Its contents spilled out on the ground,
which Max gathered up and put back in the bucket.
As Angie crawled out to the end of the limb and let her
body hang, she soon found herself in the same predicament as
Max, and unlike Max, who had plenty of diapers to protect
his privates from being pierced by the barbed wire, Angie
didn't have but a thin piece of material covering her
crotch. As Angie was more agile, she swung her body outwards
and then she let herself drop so that she could grab onto
the barbed wire to break her fall. She managed to escape
injury and she let go of the barbed wire and let herself
"Angie!" she heard from inside the complex as she had
just gotten herself back up after landing.
"We gotta get out of here!" Angie said as she ran the
opposite way from where Max and the other boys had come up.
"No, this way! My Daddy's this way!" Max shouted at
Angie. Angie then turned around ran ahead of Max down the
trail. Max had trouble keeping up as his very thick diapers
made it difficult for him to even walk, let alone run.
"Hurry up!" she yelled at Max. "They're gonna go after
"I can't run in these diapers!" Max complained.
"Maybe I can take them off for you!" Angie said as she
ran back towards Max. "Oh shit!"
"What?" Max yelled.
They're coming after us!"
"There they are!" one of the women yelled. "I can see
the boy's diapers, they're white and they stand out!"
"Well, go after them!" another lady yelled. "Send the
girls, they can run faster!"
"We gotta hide!" Angie said as she realized that Max
was unable to run with all the diapers he had on.
"Where?" Max asked.
"There's all kinds of trees, find a big one, stand
behind it, and don't move, and don't say a word!"
Angie and Max found a pair of trees next to each other
that were big enough to allow them to hide.
Minutes later, an impromptu army of about twenty girls
came running past them. They scattered and dispersed
throughout the forest. It was a very tense moment for Max
and Angie as they knew they'd be caught if they were not
careful. Some of the girls walked right past the trees where
Max and Angie were both crouched down; some within ten feet
of them. Angie could see that Max's white diapers contrasted
so visibly against the darkness of the forest as the
daylight was about to disappear completely
"Close your legs together! They'll see your diapers!"
Angie whispered across to Max.
. Max tried to close his legs, but he was much too
heavily diapered to be able to do this.
"I can't!" Max said. Angela quickly and quietly crawled
over to Max and crouched down in front of him to conceal the
crotch of his diapers from view. She was forced to breathe
in Max's poop odors while she huddled up to him so closely,
but she didn't care at this point.
The girls kept walking around searching as long as the
remaining daylight permitted. After ten more minutes passed,
the search was called off.
"Forget it! It's too dark!" one of the girls shouted.
"They're gone!"
"Let's go get some flashlights!" one of the girls
suggested. "They can't stay out here all night!"
After the girls retreated and all appeared quiet, Angie
said, "We gotta keep going!"
Angela helped Max up and then Max took the lead back to
the van as he and Angela navigated the trail in darkness.
"I'm scared!" Max said with a tear streaming down his
face. Angie held his hand to make him feel more comfortable.
"Don't be scared, little boy," she said. Having gotten
used to calling all boys this, she apologized.
"That's okay, because I am a little boy," Max said.
"What's your name?" Angie asked him.
"Max," he replied. "My brother's name is Marvin, and my
friend's name is Tommy."
"Why do you guys wear diapers?" she asked him. Marvin
then proceeded to explain to Angie why he and the other boys
wear them. It was a long discussion, especially since Angie
asked Max several questions. It helped to pass the time as
they walked back to the van. The full moon then started to
come up just as dusk had all but faded and darkness had set
in. The moon's light helped them to see a little better as
they finally found their way back to the lake and the van.
"He's not here," Max sighed, crying.
"Well, at least you're here, and your Dad will
eventually come back here, and then he can help rescue your
brother and your friend," Angie said a she comforted Max.
Max was glad to see that the van was unlocked as he and
Angie climbed inside.
"Lock the doors," Angie said. "And stay low so nobody
sees us; they may have been following us all this time."
Angie and Max sat in the van for about an hour and
talked about each other's lives and they had gotten to know
each other. Max learned a lot of interesting things about
Angie's three brothers. As terrible as their story sounded,
Max enjoyed listening to how Angie's brothers were forcibly
kept in diapers and never potty trained and how Angie
flaunted the fact that she was the only one, a girl, who
got to use the toilet besides her mother.
Max's diapers were stinking up the van and Max had just
pooped in his diapers again for the umpteenth time. He
humbly asked Angie to change him. Angie agreed to do this
for him. Max found the diapers and gave them to Angie. With
just the light of the moon shining through from the
windshield, she was able to see well enough to change Max's
diapers. Max suggested she open one of the doors to turn the
dome light on.
"No," Angie said. "Remember, we don't anyone to see
Angie proceeded to handle Max's diaper change. She had
a lot of diapers to remove and several pins in each one of
the diapers. She finally got off of Max's body the heavily
soiled diapers and put them in the bag where Max told her
the dirty diapers belonged. Angie was very careful to avoid
touching Max's wounds on his inner thighs from the barbed
wire fence.
Angie added the other dirty diapers to the bag after
separating the shirts, socks and shoes from the bucket she
had toted back. Angie then asked Max if there were some
wipes she could use.
"Just put my diapers on for now," Max said. "I know my
butt's still unwiped, but I'm used to wearing poop-filled
"Okay," Angie said as she immediately pinned several
diapers onto Max, though not as many as what he had been
wearing. She was used to diapering her brothers and the
other boys very heavily, so she used all of Marvin's diapers
on top of Max's diapers. She also used most of the pins from
the other diapers as she was accustomed to using pins in
excessive amounts. She also ended up putting the same pair
of plastic pants on Max as the ones he had been wearing from
his detention in the C.R.I.B. complex.
"Thank you," Max humbly said to Angie.
Both Max and Angie were very tired and they lied down.
Angie lied across the back seat while Max climbed into the
back and tried to make himself comfortable amid the tackle
box, fishing poles, ice chest, dirty diaper bag and other
It was approaching midnight. Max had fallen asleep in
the back of the van. Angie, however, could not sleep as she
was afraid that she and Max had been followed all this time
and she lied with her eyes open. Just as she began to
dismiss this fear and let her guard down, she saw a faint
light flickering on the windshield of the van. She then sat
up and saw somebody with a flashlight in the distance
"Uh oh!" she gasped, waking Max from his light sleep.
"What is it?" Maxed asked. He sat up and saw the
distant beam of light.
"Someone's coming," she said fearfully.

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