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Edward Y. Delisi

Nov 8, 2007, 2:25:56 PM11/8/07
Reply by email, filling out this form and emailing it to me.
Trimming off the rest of this post is unnecessary.

I will guarantee anonymity except in cases of blatant abuse.
I will achieve anonymity by tallying the results in
uncorrelated tabulations and then deleting the emails.
(I know this loses interesting correlation data, but if
resondents want anonymity it's hard to avoid.)
I know that this anonymity promise depends on trust and that
you have no particular reason to trust me. Someday, I hope.
I will post results Saturday.

xxxxxxxx beginning of survey xxxxxxxx

yes( ) ( )no Should RoadRunner be subjected to some kind of UDP?
yes( ) ( )no ... active UDP (cancels) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... passive UDP (drop messages) ?
yes( ) ( )no ... all-groups UDP? (as opposed to specific groups)
yes( ) ( )no Are you a Usenet sysadmin? How big:_ How long:_
yes( ) ( )no Should another server be subjected to UDP? Who:_
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used more often?
yes( ) ( )no Should UDPs be used less often?
yes( ) ( )no Would you have answered this survey without anonymity?

xxxxxxxx end of survey xxxxxxxx

made a show of "getting
comfortable". I wanted to be out with the others, not
sitting here listening to a lecture, for even from such a
great man as the Lama Mingyar Dondup a lecture was a

lecture, and medicine with a pleasant taste was still medicine.
"You know all this, Lobsang, or should if you have paid
any attention to your teachers (which I doubt!) but I will
remind you again as I fear that your attention is still some-
what lacking." With that he gave me a piercing glance and
resumed. "We come to this Earth as to a school. We come
to learn our lessons. In our first attendance at school we are
in the lowest class because we are ignorant and as yet have
learned nothing. At the end of our term we either pass our
examinations or fail them. If we pass we go on to a higher
class when we return from the school vacation. If we fail,
then we return to the same class as that which we left. If
we fail in perhaps one subject only we may be permitted
to go on to the higher class and there also study the subject
of our failure."
This was speaking to me in language which I well under-
stood. I knew all about examinations, and failing in a sub-
ject and having to go on to a higher class, competing with
bigger boys, and at the same time studying in what should
have been my free time, studyi

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