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Jan 23, 2008, 6:00:44 PM1/23/08
to another group, and we
entered into a short conversation with the white-headed old man to
whom we had been introduced. He was profuse in his expressions of
sympathy for our purity work, but somehow, we could hardly have
defined why, we were not interested in him, and soon turned away.
The occasion that gave the opportunity for his introduction, was a
missionary conference at Singapore. The man in question had explained
to us that he was not of the same denomination as the church that had
called together the reception of that evening, but that he seldom
failed to attend all such gatherings, no matter of what denomination,
because of his interest in every part of the "Father's Kingdom".

Although we were very weary, and the air was intensely close,
Singapore being only about seventy-five miles from the Equator, we
spent most of that night and of several others in company with a
Christian friend and interpreter, in the worst parts of the city; and
this, with visits to various regions during the day, gave us a pretty
clear understanding of the situation as to the matter of enforcement
or non-enforcement of the Protective Ordinance.

"On the night of February 1st, 1894, we went to Tringanu street,
and ascended to the third story of a large building. The front
windows of this upper floor were gaily lighted up by many colored
lamps, and could be seen far down the street. There was a small
opium den at the foot of the stairway, on the ground floor. On
reaching the head of the stairs, and turning, we entered a large
front room. There were bedrooms at the back of the house, to be
let to patrons of the establishment. At the opposite end of the
front room from the windows was the ever-present idolatrous
shrine. On either side of the room were elegantly-carved ebony
chairs, with marble or agate panels. Rich Chi

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