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Jan 21, 2008, 10:17:26 PM1/21/08
it will as certainly undergo in due time a
natural dissolution, which in fact has at more than one point
already set in. But no legislative or executive measures taken in
Hong Kong will hasten this process, which follows its own course
and its own laws laid down by a wise Providence which happily
overrules for the good all that is evil in the world."

There was, indeed, a certain justice in defending the Chinese as
against the foreigner, on Dr. Eitel's part. But two wrongs do not make
a right. From this time onward, the word of sophistry is put in
the mouth of the advocate of domestic slavery, just as the word of
sophistry had been put in the mouth of the advocate of the Contagious
Diseases Ordinance. Mr. Labouchere had spoken of the latter as a means
of protection' for the poor slaves, and the expression, 'protection,'
has been kept prominently to the front ever since Dr. Eitel suggested,
likewise, not a change in the conditions, but a change in the name by
which they were known. Let it be called 'domestic _servitude_' instead
of 'domestic _slavery_.' All the advocates of this domestic slavery

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Jan 23, 2008, 6:17:30 PM1/23/08
prostitution. Ten days later, her case was brought up again, and
the remaining portion of her sentence was remitted, and she was
fined twenty-five dollars. No record is made as to what became of
these hapless girls; it is to be assumed that they were sent back
to the brothel.

2. Two girls brought before the Registrar General, both of whom
pleaded for protection against their owner, stating that she
intended to sell them to go to California. One of these had been
bought by this woman for eighty dollars; the girl saw the price
paid for her; the other said her mother was very poor, and sold
her for twenty dollars. Each declared she had been living under
the "protection" of a foreigner until recently, and that she had
not "acted as a prostitute"; they now feared being "sold into
California" by the woman in charge. The Inspector said: "There has
been at times a number of women residing in the house, and I do
not know what has become of them. I believe that they have been
sent to California by the defendant." One of the girls being
recalled, and seeming to have gained courage, witnessed that she
had been in the house when several women had been brought there
and after some time had been sent away to California. She had been
present when bargains were struck for the women, the price being
various; bought here, the women cost from fifty to one hundred
and fifty dollars, and when sold in California they were to be
disposed of from two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty
each.[A] She said the woman had "made a great deal of money. She
has told me so." She also said some were unwilling to go, but were
afraid to resist. She said between t

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Feb 4, 2008, 9:00:50 PM2/4/08
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