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Jan 23, 2008, 3:55:26 PM1/23/08
buy and sell girls." Fourth defendant claimed
to be utterly ignorant of the girls being sent to California, and
said she was supported by Tai-Ku; the fifth defendant declared she
knew nothing of the buying and selling of girls; and the sixth
defendant claimed she had gone to the house to obtain the payment
of a debt; she was discharged.

The sentence was:--First, second, third, fourth and fifth
defendants to find two securities, householders, in $500 each,
to appear at any time within the next six months, to answer any
charge in any court in the Colony.

Whether the girls were sent to California to swell the number of
wretched slaves on the Pacific Coast, or remained in slavery in
Hong Kong, there is no record to be found; nor, even with abundant
evidence concerning this licensed brothel which the Inspector
himself declared he was long familiar with as a place "where young
girls were kept to be shipped off to California," and with the
evident collusion between A-Neung and Tai-Ku with the son-in-law
and husband respectively of the two women, situated most favorably
on a steamer for managing this wicked business at the California
end of the line, and with all the testimony of the neighbors and
the girls, yet no effort was made by the Registrar-General to
punish these people for trafficking in human flesh.

5. An old man complained before the Registrar-General, that his
granddaughter, A-Ho, had got into debt because of sickness, and in
order to pay the money, she was induced by an uncle of Su-a-Kiu to
apply to the latter for help. Su-a-Kiu promised to advance her the
money, $52, if A-Ho would serve her eight months in a brothel kept
by a "friend" of the woman in Singapore. A-Ho's stress was so
great that she entered into these hard terms, the woman paying her
$52 at the steame

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