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May 17, 2006, 11:08:18 AM5/17/06
If a guy kisses a woman on the furmament table, which is possible only
if the woman has a vaginal mouth opening about 8.5 inches in diameter
to 18 to 19 or 23 inches in diameter or more, for some big head sized
guys, like Norsemen or the Vikings fellows, who have some very big
skulls, as they needed them to survive in battles amongst themselves in
the cold wintery snowlands of the Arctic and south of the Arctic, at
times in our planet's history when our Arctic and our Southern coastal
towns of Finland and Norsewayland where below water, because of the
rise in temperature of the local area due to a collision with the sun
of a planet that pulled the earth closer to the sun, 18.5 Ageonic time
frames or so ago, multiply by 8.3. They've been here an very long time,
indeed, and more on that, later.

Novis Brainal Stuff And Religously Fucking GOd Or The Phuletting - GOd
Fucking GOd - Experience

Because I have a Novis Brain and Novis Brain Conterpart brain in my
body and because they are connected up the way they are, and in series
with other brainal parts that I'm not to aware about that also are
interconnected with my two Novis brainal parts in my body, actually,
the male conterpart Novis Brain is separated in my body into about
859,000 pieces which is the case for most males, some have more pieces,
and some have slightly less peices, but that's approximately how many
pieces there are that fit together in the male counterpart Novis Brain
in most or many of the males on this planet, generally speaking. In any
case, because of the interconnected pathways of my Novis brain parts,
both male and female, and the way they are interconnected to other
brain parts that I need to be the guy I am and do the stuff that I have
to do, I can fuck with my dick anybody and if I concentrate very hard
on the person's being and his or her reactions to my activity of
fucking them in my mind with their energy body attached to my dick in
the right places, either the butt hole, the mouth, or, in the case of
females, also in the vagina, I can sense from the mind of the male or
female that is the same functioning mind as the person's mind, but in
an eppigey body, or what I usually call a vistor's body or a vistor's
energy body, as I invite them to me, one person at a time, to sit on my
dick or to suck and squeeze my dick with their mouth, or to squeeze my
dick with their vagina placed squarely and firmly over my dick, which
Hillary Clinton's energy body seemed to indicate she liked very much,
and she was very silly about it, as she is a very immature woman when
it comes to sex, and has the mental attitude and maturity of a 4 month
old, or less, as do one or maybe two other women, who in their visitor
body, I've practiced fucked for a test of my working brain parts and my
concentration capabilities, to get me ready for my job fucking with my
students who wish to fuck GOd, and learn what real Ecstasy means, as it
is the purest form of fucking, when you religiously fuck GOd.

I will fuck men, or put their dicks into my butt hole, and into my
mouth to let them experience what religiously fucking GOd is all about,
as I do a religous prayer to accompany the fucking session, and even
though I'm not pure, my GOd body inside of me is, and by fucking my
mouth or butt hole while I'm praying, they will be able to experience
pure fucking at it's best, and know sweet melodious tunes in their
brain as they orbit in ecstasy out into space. I have to tie them up,
or have someone help me to tie them up, and I have to blind fold them,
gag them, and plug up their ears, making it impossible for them to see,
taste and hear. This is true for male priests and for female priests
who wish to "Fuck GOd", for them to experience the pureness of GOd
during the religious ceremony. If the person is not tied up, and
completely immobilized, and then manipulated into place, and then held
in place, and there is no movement by the bound female or by the bound
male participant allowed, and they must both be equally as bound up,
and immobilized, or they will think they are just fucking any old
person, and they will not be able to experience the sweet and melodious
and pure orgasming excitement they will gain from the "fucking of GOd"
experience, and they will not understand a thing about what it is to be
in touch with the purity and sanctity and holiness of GOd. We won't be
doing the ceremony any time soon, as it is pointless as we are so
impure, but later, much later, we will start it, and we will all enjoy
it. Initially, when we begin, I will introduce women and men to the
ceremony, so long as we can do it, with all the requirements for
restraints met. We have to put a belt around the individual, and it has
to be a thick belt, and the person is bound at the legs, and at the
knees, and there is only enough room between the person's legs to allow
me or a proxy priest to penetrate the vagina of a bound woman
participant, or the rectal tract of the woman, or the oral cavity of
the woman. In the case of the bound male participant, he will be bound
solidly and either I or a priest can penetrate the bound male's rectal
tract or his oral orific. I can allow a priest to use his dick to
penetrate my rectal tract, or my mouth, if he is completely tied up,
and bound, and then manipulated completely by other priests and
preistesses, as I will show them how to restrain the people who wish to
participate, and the person will be brought up, and the priests and
priestesses will manipulate his body, and push his waiste in, and with
that, his dick will move in, and then, they will pull him back, and
with that, his dick will come back, and after a few times, he will go
ballistic, rocket into orbit, faint and begin convulsing. There is
trouble with that as I have to be praying if it is a small group, as
the other people won't be able to muster up enough of my chidren to do
the work we will need them to do so I will do the praying for the small
ceremonies and medium to large ceremonies as well, so long as I can
take the active part.

The Phuletting Orgastic Experience And Ceremonies To Bring On The Glory
With GOd - Rocking And Rolling In The Spirit Of GOd Fucking
Himself/Herself - The Active Roll Of Active Priestesses And Priests And

Also it is difficult to be praying if I am on all fours, so in that
case, we can't do that till I have taught about 355 other priests and
priestesses to pray with the hand signalling prayer hand signal system.
If there are that many or maybe about 455 or so, then it can be
accomplished, better, and with better results, and with that many
people involved, after 2 or 3 to 8 people, even if I am in the active
position, and in control, I won't be able to do it any longer than a
few hours, as I will pass out and convulse, and so other's will have to
be praying for when I and other priestesses and priests pass out and
phulett, that is religiously rock and roll in the spirit of GOd fucking
himself. We will all do that ceremony when we are mentally prepared to
do it, and when we can do it with a team work spirit, and when there
are enough of us who are pure enough. That type of ceremony will occur,
of course, as I want to experience it, as well, and I need to
experience it both ways, not only by using my dick to participate in
the frontal form for vaginal penetration, or for the rear nanny gate
hole penetration by me. But I also have to experince it in the passive
bound up way, so I will have to be bound and blindfolded, but not
gagged if I am having my Phuletting Ceremony in the mouth. To do the
ceremony as every one else is to do it, if I want to do it correctly
and if I want to go the frontal way into a vagina of GOd, or the rear
way, into a rectal tract of GOd, or into the mouth orifice of GOd, and
the priestess will be my proxy in all three cases, but a male priest
can also be my proxy for the rear approach or for the mouth orifice. So
long as we are impure, there is nothing in it for us in the active
position, until we become pure enough, but for the lay person it will
be intersting and for the bound up person it will be interesting. When
I become purer, and when we can do it with team spirit, and when we can
have enough pure priestesses and priests to work with me, I will allow
a person too fuck me, as I do the prayers on my back, with rectal
penetration from below, or on all fours with rectal penetration from
behind, or while in a sitting position for the mouth, where I can also
participate in the hand signalling praying. We priests and priestesses
and lay clergy and domincan republic clergy, the crystalization of a
training priest or priestess or an in-training priestess or priest, and
they will be able to also participate for assistance, and to help us
deal with the large numbers of people wishing to experience the
Phuletting Orgastic Experience with our many and various ceremonies.
The female side of me will be active when the person is bound, and in
the passive mode, and the male side of me will be active, when I and my
priestesses and priests are in the active mode. The Lay Clergy once I
make them a part time priest or priestess, and the In-Training
Priestesses and Priests will also be able to assist us and experience
it from the active person's side. A priest and a priestess, as well as
a part time priest and priestess, is immediately endowed with a copy of
my GOd body spirit phile the minute I invite them or beckon them into
the Holy Body Circle, as I bring in and allow them into my holy body
prayer circle to participate. We will be able to experience the bliss
and joy of the I Want To Fuck GOd Ceremony, The Phuletting Ceremony,
and so it will get good and even better the purer we become. After an
initial period of introduction to the Phuletting Ceremony we will allow
people, after we practice with ourselves to understand it first, who
wish to particpate in the I Want To fuck GOd Ceremony. So long as the
priests and preistesses who are assisting me can handle the emotional
and psychic trauma of the Phuletting Ceremony, we will conduct it for
large numbers of priests and priestesses, and lay persons.

My Holy Body Affirmation prayer and indulgence mind over matter control
and contract the dicks of the vagina and the penis into my holy body
for my listening enjoyment

We will be able to tell who is a pure person and who is not, and learn
about who they are in terms of how pure or impure they are, or how
nice, etc., they are, or how sweet, etc., they are, which I will also
be able to tell by allowing them to fuck me, in the mouth or in the
rectal tract, the bunny rabbit nanny gate on men, the pretend vagina,
after I get some basic experience first fucking energy body's with my
hand on my dick. The priestesses will also be able to experience the
other person's karmatic load, but the priest will not, as his body is
not wired for it, as well as mine is, but the priestess has the novice
brain, and will be able to assist the priest to better understand the
people, though he won't get a good and clear signal from her brain, or
from my brain, but over time, it will improve and he one day will be
able to feel and understand the karmatic loads of the people who
participate in the I Want To Fuck GOd Ceremony, and then it will become
all the way around better for everyone, after we get our purity level
up, and after we learn to operate more as a team unit, and not have the
priestesses become over weighted with the karmatic traumatic overload
of the people who are coming in to participate in the I Want To Fuck
GOd Ceremony.

I will graduate and be able to focus my concentration, after a few
short minutes or so, on what kind of person they are and using my Novis
brain parts connectivity and other brain parts connected in series with
them and in parallel with them, or in tandem with them, so that I can
pull off these stunts, and determine what kind of person they are, and
where they are at on the cooperative priest and cooperative priestesses
index level, and or uncooperative and or kinky or disgusting, or
faggotty, or what ever they may be, and Bin Laden is such a filthy
minded guy, he nearly made the whole Arab world puke when they came to
my rescue and I had to have all the Arab women and their energy bodies
counter balance is putridness to save me and others from his disgusting
and filthy mind and attitude about women and men, as well, he is a pure
degenerate, and kills the men and women and children he fucks, or
torture sexes, as he calls it, that is fucks with his rifle butt in the
head, and then pushes the barrel up into their crotch and rips a hole
open and then fucks them with his dick in the new hole he made for
them, which he considers uncontaminated, as it was made by him, and he
considers himself like Allah, and he made the new hole so it is Allah's
"purity" that powers it, and he is a psychopath, and distro path, an
abomination you can not call human, who is so pychologically messed up
he belongs on a new level living with chimps in Zebra bodies which can
fuck and talk like human beings, and so he wouldn't be left out of the
human species, as even the zebra body people, are human beings, and
they are all psycho paths, and most of them are distro paths, or
abominations so hideous, you wouldn't want to know them, and that's how
and why they got there, and so we know there are a lot of abominations
of humans in my universe, and we have to save and purify each and every
one of them and recover them all to my human family. So Bin Laden is a
distropathic abomination of the mind of a human being, and should be
isolated and made to fuck with the zebra people, and other distro
pathic human beings in other animal human being capable bodies, until
the even out their karmatic balance and start to come back as normal
human beings, which does not make much sense, as they can't even it
out, and it wouldn't make any difference, if it was, it needs to be
erased, so in this case, even out means to erase the karmatic markups
of the motherfucker, and then recover him or her as a normal human
being. So we will be doing a lot of that, in the present and future in
my religion, and it will be a long time on Experimental Lab TV for Bin
Laden with distropathic presumptions of a human kind, or rather, the
most degenerate and abominated types of human beings possible. So
abominated that they live in part animal part some other types of
animal bodies in really bad cases, and sometimes they can be split up
into so many different kinds of animals, that they defy the
imagination, but that is the level of their abomination, and I'm GOd,
and I can tell you that Khadafy is just as bad as Bin Laden, even
though I didn't notice that, as I didn't notice any huge impurity, but
Bin Laden may have dulled my senses, or obliterated them, temporarily,
or dulled them so I couldn't tell one scum bag from another, or from an
almost normal person, with my hand fucking mind control and
concentration capabilities connected and wired into my special brainal
package deal I have set up in my body for using for the rest of
infinity to understand who these shit heads and miss. shit heads, are,
and there aren't that many miss, shit heads, they are more like, miss
psychotic shit heads, but I haven't tried fucking a porker miss shit
head on one of those abominated levels so I don't know what that will
do to me, if I try it. It may temporarily short circuit my brain and
burn some things out, so I don't want to do that, as it will take a
while to grow them back, as brain parts do grow, but only very slowly,
and it takes many trillions etc. of life times to grow even the tiniest
filament length, dick filament back, which is a brain, by the way, even
though I called it a nervous system component wire or at least thought
of it as such, that can be made to cause the chemical buggies react to
its vibrating and movement, as it jumps up and down as you blow on it
on the male dick and on the female dick.

The filament is a brain and I call them, brain parts, or brainal parts,
and it is not a nerve fiber or whatever I thought it was, and it is a
very tiny brain, if it is that small, but there are even tinier brains,
elsewhere, and why not, as the Amoebe crowds of children have very very
tiny brains that function like super computers, so why not my dick
filament brains, and the women's filament brains, which are new brains
we are just now discovering about. Well, so we have a lot of brain
capacity, if an amoebe brain is like a super computer that can digest
all of the information in a universe sized planetoid for a cryipea
baby, and so an Amoebe brain is very complex, yet very small yet very
powerful. Well, I had to design very powerful brains in women's and
men's bodies to make them be able to enjoy all of the stuff that they
will be able to enjoy in the years and aeons to come, and beyond, for
infinity, so we have lot of brain power, and we are going to use it to
merge with my GOD HEAD, and then you'll be orgasming with me, GOd, 24
hours a day, and you'll be loving it. By with me, I mean, with GOd, in
my original self, as I am continually fucking myself, my female side
with my male side, mentally, and spiritually, and I am all powerful and
mighty pure to be able to complete this project of dehumiliation
torture treatment to me, which I don't understand, but it means, my
tour of duty as a human scum bag, to my return to my GOd status of all
powerful and all happy me, which won't be till I reach my GODHEAD, and
that's an awfully long time from now. As you merge and lock with my
GODHEAD, you will suddenly pass out and go ballistic with orgiastically
loaded energies, as you discover what GOd fucking GOd, or my female GOd
side fucking my male GOd side, continuously, is all about. What it
means, one side fucking the other side is the intermixing of the one
side with the other, the interactions of the one side with the other
are so intense, a sheer state of bliss arrises. It becomes sheer and
total bliss and it is the purest blisss, there is no way to describe
it, other than by saying something like it is mental fucking, the
female mind is mentally so intensely engaged with the male side, and
the male side is so mentally intensely engaged with the female side, an
incredibly high state of erotic arousal is the result, and it is beyond
description how intense that is, and how wonderfully intense and pure
and harmonic it is, the only way to explain the orgiastic nature of it
is to say the female side is fucking the male side harmoniously and
intensely, and the male side is fucking the female side harmoniously
and intensely the arrousal state of mind is just 24 hours a day, the
female side of me is fucking the male side and the male side is
simultaneously fucking the female side, and it is so intense and beyond
describing the erotic level of it, you can only say it is like one side
fucking the other and in return, the other side fucking the first side,
myself fucking myself, and that's a start to understanding the Bliss
and Erotic and Supreme Erogenous Harmony, or super orgasmic pure and
total glueing to oneself from the other side of oneself, or the GOD
side gettting go totally glued to the other GOD side, the resultant
experience is that of sheer and total, and completely pure and
harmonious, erogenously generated orgasmic bliss and that is the state
of the existence of GOd.

It's kind of hard to understand unless you experience it, so all of the
wake up ceremonies, the preliminary religous ceremonies that we will
conduct and perform together, religiously fucking during prayer
ceremonies, and so forth, will become so spiritually high and
devastatingly pure and orgastic, that people will be passing out, right
and left, and organically, in this case, phuletting, and not
phlumetting, and phuletting of course has a special meaning, and that
is the experience of GOd fucking GOd, and then orgasmically convulsing,
it's different from your normal phlumetting experience where you bring
on a total overload of sexual energies into your brain, and pass out,
erogenously orgasming and organically convulsing, and then waking up in
a more sublime and constant or stead and clear minded state of
consciousness, with your mind completely or nearly so, cleared of all
distractions, the total overload of orgasming energies brought about,
is different, and it is closer to the experience of the existence of
GOd, and total pure bliss, when the person wakes up, he or she will
find the aroused state of mind was different and they will begin to
feel like they for the first time new GOd, and they begin crying, and
they cannot believe how wonderful it is, the experience of GOd fucking
GOd. I guess that's the only way to say it, as far as my current
capability of using the English language with my dull minded and
useless current state of numbedness in the brain when it comes to
finding the right words, maybe in time, I'll be able to explain it more
profoundly accurate terms, which will better and more fully explain it,
because I've never tried to explain it, and this is the first time, and
so you can kind of get an idea of it, after that explanation, I
suppose. Just remember it is so filled with harmonious energies of all
kinds, that you won't be able to relate it to anything you've ever
experienced before, and this is the state we were in, but we were all
separated from each other, and we were all in an erotic state of mental
arousal, equal to that, and we did it or were in that state of arousal
due to the sheer orgasmic bliss of knowing who GOd is and what the
experience of knowing who GOd is, was about.

You all took off instantly on your tenderloins, that's your orgasming
capabable sexual equipement that you have in your original state of
being, and you never setttled down for a moment, and when we landed on
our home planet, after my kids assembled us, we didn't like being a
human being, and we were very unhappy, but I new we would be, and I had
been out before, so I could warn you all about it, and we just sat
around, and a lot of people cried for a while, and then we just went on
our way to our homes which my kids had put together for us, to live in,
and we eventually found out what living like a human being was about,
and we've been fucking each other, ever since, in all kinds of ways,
with all kinds of different results, and all kinds of orgasmic
"chiming". By the way, the people who are going to now come out of the
tummy mommies of my priestesses, are the children of mine who I left up
there, in our heavenly abode, and who will be coming out into our
reality, and so we are the advance crew getting everything ready for
that, and so one day, it will be an incredibly different kind of
maternal bliss, and paternal bliss, and orgasming pleaures as we
welcome these children into our universe through and by way and means
of our tummy mommies, who will once again become very pure, and will
mentally become ready to be able to withstand the sheer orgasmic bliss
of knowing GOd, as they bring one child after another, into our
univeerse to become priests and priestesses with us, and then continue
to have a wonderfully erotic and harmonious life here together, with
each other, in a united spirit of team work, we will be able to lesson
the trauma for them, and that is important for us to become ready and
capable for bringing them into our universe, without the total shock
and disolution capability we had, which means, we were not very well
equipped for the shock of it, but our children, the ones who will be
coming in later on, by way of the religious ceremonies connected to
mother hood, and the constant states of orgasmic bliss we will be able
to experience for ourselves, well, at that time, we will be configured
a little bit differently internally, and the term of labor will not be
nine months, but will be something more like maybe 36 or 38 or so
months, and that is just my estimate, 835 months according to my
children, who are the ones who know about these kinds of statistics, we
will be in an intense labor, with these children coming into the world,
they will transition very slowly, from their cosmic world and abode
where they live now, into our not so cosmic world, but improved by my
religious practice with all of you who wish to be a part of it, in a
spirit of teamwork, and with that we'll transition them into our
cleaned up and once again pure universe, but this time, with a
wonderful religion to make their transition more pain free, and shock

There will be less crying, this time, and maybe no crying at all,
except for now and then, they will not get used to it right away, but
we can transition back into a state of harmony by our religious
blinging ceremonial activities, for achieving a higher state of purity
and erotically aroused self will induced and determined orgiastic bliss
and harmony, through religous practice, we will glue our selves to the
cosmos, and then bring them with us, to experience with them, a whole
new state of erotic arousal and pandemonium as we reunite with my GOD
HEAD, with our little babies in tow. It will be a unique experience
indeed for us, and we have lots of children to bring into our universe,
now, by way of my religion's tummy mommies, now, so the priestly guys
are going to assist them, and be there butlers and slaves, as they
orgasm themselves into sheer orgasmic GOD knowing and defining states
of bliss, pre-emptorily, as they experience, one after another, all the
different richnesses and textures there are to experience, and they are
virtually unlimited, so we will be having a long time and a lot of
experiences getting to know GOd, again, and it will be very wonderful,
and the textures, and aromas, and the colors, and the shades of
beatiful colors we will see in astrophsical, or my pure and beautiful
universe, lit up in Technivision Master Color with 3D capabitity, and
all the senses stimulated, as we sit there and eat our popcorn,
watching one viewscape of my universe, and experiencing it, one after
another, while orgasming intensely, and lots of times, passing out from
the overwhelming energy blasts that will explode in our brains, and
knock us for a loopty loop, and that's a double over, one plane going
for the glory up and over backwards and then down again, and then
level, and then up and over backwards, and then down again, and then
forward, it will be something like these orgasmic loopty loops, that we
will be taking in a plane ride, as the driver in the cockpit, ready for
anything, and having a wonderful time doing it. Well, that's about the
closest I can come to giving you a preview hint at what it will be
like. You'll begin to know what absolutely pure fucking with my
harmonial ultimate and extreme self is all about. I like to fuck
myself, continually, as it is orgasmic as all get out, and I have
nothing better to do, but think about you human beings I created with
bits and parts of me, but that's a trade secret, so I won't go into it,
at length, any time soon, as you aren't ready for it, and when you are,
I will tell you more about me, my GOd me, that is, who is continually
happily fucking myself and experience orgiastic bliss of an unknowable
kind by ordinary humans, and so you have to merge with my GODHEAD or
fuck me, in my prayer circle, as you will be fucking GOd, and that's
the purest fuck you will ever have, as you real backwards, blind
folded, and realize who GOd, is and what GOd fucking is really all
about, as I haven't explained it too well, it is more like fucking pure
harmony and pure salvation and pure grace or purity itself, and fucking
pure propensity and distreatment, which means, your absolute state of
harmony you can achieve as a human being fucking GOd. As you become
more and more pure, after years of religous training and practice
fucking GOd, and doing other ceremonies that allow you to experience
different levels of fucking GOd, or orgasming religous bliss and it's
like Cosmigasming, but it's even more pure, than that, as you experince
these fuking GOd like simplification excercises and experiences, little
by little, as we do religous ceremony worship together, and you can go
orgasmic and get glued to the ceiling, and that's with a religious
conotaion, or twist to it, as we are always praying during my
ceremonies, at least I am, and so long as I am, that means we are, and
you can do other things like fuck each other, and so forth, and women
can conqure and make surrender to them their dicks, and so forth, in
different ceremonies, and they will love it, and after they are
finished conquering a few males and their dick complexes, meaning they
think they are the almighty ruler of all women, which they are not, and
all women rule men, including me, a lowly scumbag of a human being with
a few tricks up my sleeve, and so anyway, no one will ever get a chance
to furmament fuck me, as that is illegal, and I can't allow women to
dominate me, and conquer me, as I'm in charge of my universe forever,
so you can conquer the other proxy priests and get their dicks into
your conquered dick bags, for saving, as a rememberance of how many
males you have ripped the dick off of, and made surrender to you, at
least, in a fictitious or playful way, we don't allow any one to rip
dicks off of men, except religiously, and that means, spiritually,
during our prayer ceremonies. You can rip one after another after
another, and they have such big dick issues, you're never going to get
them all, and you can go on for nearly infinity, but at a point, you
will have gotten them all, and they will then be your humble servant
for the rest of infinity, which is what we plan to do with all males in
my universe, that is, make them the humble, religously, no male dick
complex, male servant of women, and that means they will have submitted
to you your dick, from their mind, which means you are then in at least
a ficitonal sense, in control of completely and the owner of all the
male servant's former male dicks, and they are left with female dicks
attached to their real body, and that means, they will regard it as
yours, from then on, and then you can do anything with it you like,
except cut it off, as they need it to perform my fucking routines with
GOd, and that means, fucking you in your holy orifices, as you are then
my proxy, and you will have them fuck you, to have them understand who
GOd, is during our religous ceremonies, and they will eventually be
crying like babies, as they realize they are impotent, except as
servant boy fuckers for women priests, sort of, though that doesn't
sound so nice, it just means they are totally devoted to the female
side of my GOdly existence and GOdly aspiration of me fucking me, 24
hours a day, is now a bit confusing to understand. Aspiration means the
non stop religous fucking experience which is pure heavenly bliss. When
you aspire with GOd, me, you will be liberated from your normal human
self, and you will aspire, or merge with my GODHEAD, and then you will
know pure bliss, until you demerge from my GODHEAD, which happens now
and often again, since we won't be pure enough to stay merged for long,
initially, but after some time, we will merge, or aspire, for certain
longer periods of time, and we will bling, or blingly, as I call it,
and that is merging with my GODHEAD and losing our human bodies,
temporarily, as we return to our original state of grace as I
originally created you, and you were originally in a pure state of
GODBANGING bliss and consciousness, which you all preferred to living
as a human being, as you 455,000 first folks and later the other
people, complained to me, constantly and often about living in a shitty
universe with all kinds of problems as humans, and you wanted to go
back to our heavenly abode, but a deal was a deal, and you all promised
to do the program that I had planned to make a nice and interesting
place for all of us, for the rest of infinity. The alter people, who
came in via tummy mommies, after we adjusted to living in a
unbelievably impure universe, also complained to me, after we left my
heavenly abode, and took on the corporeal body, we are now encased in,
and no one was happy about it, so it took a long time to make ourselves
comfortable living in a stupid and pitifully weak human body, though we
were quite robust, as things were, it was still nothing compared to our
heavenly bodies, of pure bliss united with GOD in an eternal fuck fest
of purity and harmony.

Well, that is sort of part two, on what it was for us, and how it all
started for all of you, but anyway, we will continue to bling and
blingly, or atttempt to merge back into my heavenly abode, and leave
our corporeal bodies outside in the hands of my molecular crew chiefs,
who will be sorry to see us go up and dissapear into my pure concordial
harmonial self, which no one can see, but is the basis for all of us
and for every one and every thing living in my universe. Well, that's
sort of a scary scenario, as we merge back in with my original GOD
self, and then start to love the heck out of being back together again,
but that will be short lived, as we have our corporeal bodies outside,
in the hands of my children, who are missing us already, and we will
have to come out, sooner or later, to continue our relgous revolution
for the rest of infinity, blinging and blingling for the rest of


John Francis Ayres
And Children

The Gurkian Way Foundation Ministry, 5540 West Harmon Ave. Apt. #2004,
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