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May 17, 2006, 11:10:07 AM5/17/06
Our Planet's Proposed New Name - Godlyn - From Me, Anyway

As for the name for our planet, Godlyn, is not such a bad idea, if you
want too take a vote on it, and can think of lots of other names, go
ahead, but that's my suggestion for a name, as God's Land is what it
means. God Lyn=land and gramatically speaking, the placement of GOd
before Land may look like a modifying adjectival noun which would make
it, Godly Land, but it can also be a "possesive" as in God's Land.
Greenbrooke can be Mr. Green's Brooke, or valley stream, or it can also
be "a green brooke". That's how place names function, and that is
different from normal diction types of vocabulary, and so "Norseland",
is the Norse's Land, and Ireland is the "Ire's Land", the Ire's being a
pre-columbus ancient civilization, which doens't mean much, but, the
Ire's were around at the time of the Stone Henge, and that was a long
time before the landing of the people who came to live in South America
and were later the Incans and Mayans, after numerous spin arounds, and
topsey turvey's and run throughs, and zappety anne's, or one collosal
bohemoth planet exploding into trilions of bits from fossil fuels
igniting when enough air bugs and other bugs collaborated together, and
made an oxygen rich atmospheic environment, and then when it was just
ripe, the fossil fuel planet exploded, given the environmental
conditions, and they've seen them a number of times, in recent history,
and they've seen a lot of other things, as well, and they came after
the Norse's and the Ire's so, it was a very long time ago that
Stonehenge was constructed. Stone henge is, just the recent name for
it, and has nothing to do with the original name of it. Henge means a
boundry line, such as in shruberry barrier, so that's "Stone Barrrier"
if you want to translate that.

Prime Time Major Networks News Coverage

It's pretty funny that no one is giving me a diddly squat's worth of TV
coverage, or radio coverage, to my knowledge, and I'm announcing
monumental breakkthrough's in understanding of the human body, our
anatomy, and of our universe, and so it's pretty clear that there won't
be any coverage, nationally, or globally, for some time to come, so
please speak with your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers, or
just strike up a casual conversation with people in the park, and show
some literature of the more interesting stuff, that you have found
interesting, and let's see them try to start arresting you in New
York's Central Park, and else where, for doing that, and those will be
the dyslexic cops doing the arresting, so we'll get more information on
them, in time, and they will also be in our experimental anthropology
labs program series, and so they've been warned, already. It will also
be the one's at the top giving the orders, such as Al Gore, Hillary
Clinton, Bill Clihton, Boris Gorbachev, Andre Putin, the Bushes, Ronald
Reagan, Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, and Eve Arden, - plus a lot of
others - who has since joined the dyslexics, as she went over to their
side to support them, as she decided she didin't like me, and so she
will be in jail, and on our humiliation network, for awhile, along with
some others. Liz will probably be more suited for one or more of our
Experimental Anthropology Labs series, and so will thhe Reagans, and
the rest of them. We'll have lots of fun with them, and more on that
another time.

So, while you are thinking of names for our planet, you can rally
around the name, Godlyn, or Mr. Ayres's suggestion for a name, Godlyn,
and then Gen. Manuel d Norge Noriega for Governor and supreme leader,
or what ever you want to call the guy who we also new as Montezuma, a
not so bad leader and unifyer of the people, who in addition to his
last 128 postions on this planet, as unifyer of all of the people's of
the world, or at least he nearly became that in many cases, before the
place got smashed up, and numerous other lower positions on this
planet, as well, all in government, and he had the same jobs and the
same administrative types of key jobs on an untold nearly countless
number of other planets, that's quite a job history, and so we will go
with him, regardless of what the opposition says, as I am 100%
confident that he will pull this off, rather very well, if we just give
him and his friends the opportunity, and lickety bang bang, zoom zoom a
loon, he will have this whole situation under control and finshed with
in no time at all. He will take it from there and make this a great
planet to live on, and he's going to be in my employ as major
generalissimo, that's supreme comander, for the rest of his life, most
likely, until he decides to retire and go fishing, and have the ladies
take it over from there. He will be the man about town, and he can
prove that to any number of women, any day, as far as reports on him
go, and so he's going to get the women's vote, as far as I can see, and
many of the men's vote, as well, especially after you get his full
resume. He will see to that, and I'm sure you'll be hearing more on
him, and his qualifications, his body proportions and specifications,
and what jobs he is qualified, including major big bono dick on legs
job, and his generals qualifications, their specs, and the other jobs
they are qualified for, as well, later. They will take it from there,
and soon we will have a pleasant planet to live on, before the next
slam by hits us, and spins us for a few loops. Okay. Have a nice day,

Poofing Up The Vagina And Kissing The Furmament Table

Poofing Up With Energy Poofs A Vagina - You sit upon a male, and place
your vagina over your male partners penis, and poof up the vagina with
male dick energy poofs, about a few zillion trillion gazillion and
multiply by 8.5, per one micro second. Cover the penis entirely, or as
much as possible, with your labial folds, and in a few hours or days,
you will feel like you own the person, and are the master and owner of
that person's dick. This will also cause the vagina to poof up and
expand inside, and you can then put a football inside of it, if you
want to, but it is better to have a male kiss your furmament table top,
and as he puts his head in your vagina, you can open and close your
vaginal lips on his head, and he will realize you own him, if you do it
long enough. He must place his lips and toung directly on your
furmamnet table top, and you will begin to scream and go for the glory,
your draft will, anyway, and you just keep opening and closing your
vaginal lips over his head, and you will sky rocket, many times, and
get glued to the moon and maybe smash into two pieces, with the
momentum of your force, as you smack into it, and then you'll end up
passing out and organically convulsing and phlumetting.

This was a long way in getting to, but we finally found out how to open
your vaginal mouth wide enough, and so now that you know how to do it
you can borrow some guy and his dick, pray or not, it's up to you, but
you'll get more out of it, and it will go a lot more nicely if you
pray, as there are lots of purifying energies building up, and making
you sky rocket with greater impact against the moon, and after you do
it several times, the moon will start to crack apart, it is so
forceful, and so have a nice time and see if you can't get your vagina
to open wider, just like the male and female throat will with mouth
toggling, and just sit on the dick and keep the labial folds over it,
and compeletly covering it, and tell Charlie or Martin to stay
completely still, and he or whoever does it, must stay completely still
and not motilate, or move and inch as in to try and fuck you with
pelvic thrusts, and as he or whoever lies on his back, he may shoot his
juice, now and then, so just keep on top, but it is better to have full
sized hard dick under your labial folds, as you will recieve more
energies up into your vagina and into your Novis brain, and into your
orgasmic systems, and into your upper brain, and after 38 to 349 hours
of it, the vagina will suddenly open, and you will have one heck of a
large petunia for the guy to stick his head into and kiss your
furmament table. It will stay open, or enlarged, every day if you keep
up the sitting excercises, every day, for about 8 hours a day, and it
will gradually start to close after about 8 days to 9, 10, or 11, or 12
to 18 or so days, depending on the woman and what she is doing. Some
women will have theirs stay enlarged for up to 9 to 15 weeks, if they
started it during labor, sitting on dicks, for about 3 to 8 months,
before the baby came. Some women may have their vagina stay open even
longer, depending on who they are, some individuals may have their
vagina stuck open for up to 3 to 8 years, or even more. There is no
problem with an open vagina, as it is puffed up inside, and at the
mouth or lips, and the labial folds will usually close over and hold
everything inside of the vagina, that needs to be in there, without any
trouble. Few people know it, but an open vagina is healthier than a
closed one, that is a puffed up vagina is healthier and functions
better than a closed one, and the liquids production buggies will begin
to pick up their activity, and then more fluids will develope, and the
vagina will become a very wet and comfortable cavity for men to place
their heads into, and if you do the toung on the furmament table
excercise daily, or almost daily, it will not close up, and so you want
to do it, every day, and that will ensure that it won't close up, and
you won't need to do any dick sittting, unless you want to. Dick
sitting is pleasurable and will lead to constant orgasmic, or often
orgasmic exposions that will rocket you to the moon.

Keep Marin and his tounge depressed to it, with steady pressure, as you
open and close your vaginal lips on his head. You will find it
unnerving to see that you have such a giant petunia between your legs,
but don't worry, it is nothing special, when mama's give birth to
babies, there vagina will open widely like that, and that is how it is
supposed to work. Doctors don't seem to know much about natural births,
do they. Yukk. Well, what in the natural birth process will do that for
a lady? Humm? Well, if you are about to have a baby, lady, just sit on
a dick and cover it over with your labial folds, and it will suddenly
expand after 38 to 349 hours of your sitting with labial folds covering
completely, or as much as possible, a hard dick, and the baby will pop
out, you stupid doctors. Boys are just as good as men in the dick
department, so find some school boys to experiment with, and pay them,
38 dollars a day for high school kids and 33 dollars a day for immature
Jr. high school kids, and 15 dollars a day for elementary school kids,
who will be a big problem for you to keep under control, since they
will be feeling all giddy and foolish, like usual kids are, and they
will be into shenangans, and golash, or haphazard trouble making, in no
time. Get the schools to visit, and make sure all the moms sing release
waivers granting custody to you. Ask the local police department for
their watchful attendance and pay them, 88 dollars a day, with food and
lodging. Or, find a disabled vet or a street maggot, non working former
marine, who is on the dole, and doesn't want to get a nine to five, and
pay him, 86 dollars a day, and all the other stuff, mentioned later. He
doesn't need a gun to control the kids, but just a big pillow to rollup
and tie in a knot around the throat of the pillow case, and make it a
large and strong and durable pillow case, and slap them across the head
with, when they start acting up. Well, enough on that. So, we learned
something, didn't we. Anyway, now go and try it, and see what miracle
of miracle will happen to you. You guys may not like me, but that's
just too bad, as I'm here to get my universe straigtened out, and
you're not going to procrastinate with out paying a serious price for
it. Anyway, now that you understand how it is done, please go and do
it. If you have any difficulty in finding males to sit under you and
lie with a hard one on their back, then get a friggen dog. Dog's dicks
are just as good as men's dicks, but they may not be able to stay still
long enough and after they shoot their loads, they'll want to scramble
and go out to pee, and then go and get food, and then go and pee in
their water dish, marking their territory, saying I got here first, and
this lady is mine. Anyway, Martin and Charlie must have some friends,
and if you can get an academy of marines to practice with you, don't
worry about praying, just try it out, and see what happens. If not, you
can go to the local doctor's college, or unversity medical sciences
labs to see if there isn't a few males who will volunteer for this
experiment. You could also go to the local police station, if they are
not a bunch of scoundrels, and dyslexic as all get out, and see if they
wouldn't want to experiment in it, with their lady officers as well, to
see if this is exactly what will happen, as I described it. If not,
than go to the local shelter and pass out a name card, and see if some
one will be willing to mow your grass, and wink at them, and pay a few
pesos to them for every hour of dick to vagina fun time. Feed them and
don't forget to wash them well, and get all the fleas and louses and
mites off of them, and make them washout there orifices, and Gastro
Intestinal Tract, because that is loaded with lice and mites, and
termites, and maybe even rodents, of a miniature kind, and you need to
wash them all out, and get some fresh detoxing food into them. Use lots
of vinegar and wine salads, with lots of salt and potatoes, and don't
use any decaying foods, such as poultry, pork, beef, fish, cheese,
milk, and so on. Just get them to commit to you for a 8 to 38 weeks,
and pay them, 49 dollars a day. Plus, feed and bath them, and keep them
healthy. Don't let them use your automobile, and find a guest bunk
house for them to sleep in, and make sure you have a good security
system, and a few guard dogs, and hire some rent a police ladies or
police men, and have a fun time with some decent and honorable rodents
(bums) off the streets of San Diego or New York. Don't worry if the
police department won't go for it, but you could ask if they would like
to go for the full 8 to 38 weeks, and pay them, 89 dollars a day, and
make sure they bring their badge and gun. Rent a cops and copesses, are
just as good, and pay them, without the gun, but with pepper spray and
a license to use it in California, and in New York, 88 dollars a day.
Make sure they all are marine corp former men and women, and that they
know how to shoot a rifle and a pistol, and lend them yours, with a
bullet proof kevlar vest, and a helmet, and a pistol holder, side arm
case, preferably of the Japanese of Mountie style type, and make sure
they are mentally and emotionally stable, and that they don't do side
business for the mafia. You can always go to your local boy scout troop
master, and see if these little cookies wouldn't want to earn some
extra money, and pay them, 35 dollars a day, and make sure their
mommies sing release waivers granting them over to your custody, and
make sure the mommies come and experiment, as well. Ask the troop
master to partake in the experiment, and every body share the liquids,
please. Men should also drink the male liquids, as it is just as good
for them, as it is for women, and the boy scouts are no different, and
work on their spillage, and see if you can't leverage up the flavour of
their semen and drool with some Orange blosom liquor, or drambui, which
has lots of healthy spillage buggies in it, and you know generally how
to extend its usefullness, by diluting with good Canadian whiskey, good
wine, and a little apple cider vinegar, is okay.

Spinal Poofs will also open the vaginal mouth, and keep the vagina
open, after about 48 to 858 days, or so, as the poofing is less
intense, by far, and it may take you a few years to get it to open in
this position. You sit on the person's back, and just stay seated over
a poof vent, and they are up and down the ceneter of the spine. You
also have poof vents on your thighs, and on your calves, and on your
arms, the forearm, and on your forehead, which has a lot of poofing
power, directly over the center of the forehead, near to the hairline
in an average male, and on the tummy, approximately but not directly
over the solar plexius poof vent, which is not as active as the central
quadral plegioclastical poof vent, but it is okay, too, and it will
also open a vagina, magically, with the poofing energies riping and
roaring upwards through the vaginal cavity and into the woman's Cyprus
Brain, which is near to the Novis Brain, and then up into her Novis
Brain, and a lot of other of her brains. I have a Cyprus Brain, too,
and this is not on a standard model male, nor on any other male, other
than a hermaphroditical male, and that one will disappear after he
returns to being a full male, after we erase his karmatic markups.

The central quadral plegioclastical vent has as much poofing power as
the dick, if not maybe a little more, and it is more, and it is so
much, you won't be able to sit on it for very long without passing out,
or going completely nutty, and you won't be able to stand it any
longer, and you'll want to get off, if you don't pass out, first. Do
this every day, for as long as you can, and it will magically open and
you'll have a huge petunia between your legs.

Keeping it open is simple, using the central quadral plegioclastical
poof vent, right below the center of the ribs, at the bottom of the rib
cage, about an inch or so down from the rib at the lowest point of dead
center, in your upper chest, and it is located an inch or so down from
the tittie nipples in a man and in a woman, but in the center of the
chest. It will be harder to do with a woman, unless she has no tits to
speak of, and is flat chested, so go and find a flat chested woman or a
male who is willing to do this with you. The solar plexis poof vent is
almost up near your collar bone, about an inch to two or so inches to
maybe three inches in some men, down from the bottom of your collar
bone, though it is missing in the center, and is held together with

You will feel the same satisfaction level, sitting on either of these
two poof vents, but the solar plexisus poof vent is cooler, and won't
drive you nutty, as quickly, but it will send you up to the moon, or

It is considerably higher than the plegioclastical poof vent, but in
either case, sittin on either of these poof vents, when sitting on the
male, you'll begin to feel like you own the male, and eventually you
will feel very thouroughly that you do own him, and that is a peculiar
situation, but it is true, and it will happen, because the female's
brain is wired to respond that way to sitting on these energy release
vents. He won't notice a thing but a woman will. If sitting on a
female, and on her poof vents, you should only be doing it
reciprocally, or you will ruin your relationship with your female
friend. You have to keep your relationship with her balanced out, and
one should not do it in a one sided manner, or you'll ruin your
relationship with the woman, as you'll start to fantasize that you own
her, and she will pick up on it, and start to think you are a bit
nutty, or off your rocker, and she won't want to come near you, much,
after that. It is not good to do it to women, unless you keep your
senses of owning each other balanced out, and spend equally as much
quality time sitting on each other, directly over each other's poof
vents. Always sit at dead center to your vaginal opening. You can open
up and poof open each other's vagina, but if you two get into a fight,
there is a problem, so be considerate to each other, and do the
excercise with men, only, or you will possibly end up in a fight, and
ruin your relationship with each other.

John Francis Douglas Seymore Ayres
Gynecologist, and Obstetrician Par Excellance
And Children

The Gurkian Way Foundation Ministry, 5540 West Harmon Ave. Apt. #2004,
Las Vegas, Nv. 89103, Tel: (702) 894-9518, johnfrancisayres @, Google Group Newsgroup, Updated Often: ,USENET Newsgroup:

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