Fed Isolates, Then Murders or Cages, Corruption Deep, I Seek Hole

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Aug 12, 2008, 2:45:02 AM8/12/08
Today's post by
Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, surviving FDIC federal bank
examiner of Mobile Audit Club fame


and Youtube Saintrambone videos (some were edited by Youtube or federal


Daily Foreword August 11, 2008: My daily living nightmare is, "Why am I the
only person I know of who complains of and remembers being held down and
forcibly injected with chemicals and forced to have medical procedures by
the federal police and their approved associates in the United States since
early 2001"? (An example is on this Google search)


There were others as you can see in the "continuing problems" section on
this link.


I was injected later in Flagstaff Arizona in 2004. Something is not right
with the situation. I would prefer execution by a bullet to the head and
would not care if those who approve of the injections and those who abuse
those like myself were taken out and executed in the streets in front of
their homes and office buildings and hiding places.

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, was a federal bank examiner before the
injections and torture and robbery by corrupt and abusive government
officials against myself. I worked for the federal agency, the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and was pushed out and reported obvious
murder labeled suicide and money laundering and financial crimes. Afterward
I was attacked in the streets by those associated with the federal
government and I was attacked with extreme prejudice with no federal
response. Then the federal government attacked me with extreme prejudice
and their courts joined suit. The government's crime syndicates and those
crime syndicates associated with them will try to isolate you and then kill
you or have you arrested or placed in a cage of some sort or another.
Federal prosecutor Thomas Crane Wales of Seattle was isolated in late 2001,
his wife had left him for a lesbian, he made a call on a phone, and he was
shot in his home, alone.


Was his wife under mind control or something else? Perhaps dead in the
cerebral cortex? We must ask these questions in light of modern science and
the true nature of nature, the Jungle. Never trust any federal government
agency or any agency in police matters in our modern era. Crime syndicates
know no bounds with technology at their control.

Where can I hide? Can I join a military or militia that will kill all of my
enemies and make their supporters of war crimes back down or be executed? Or
can their behaviors be altered by non-violent means, such as mind control or
thought modification?

I contacted Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's widow today, or tried to contact
her through various means, and on a usenet group.


Kurt was in the band Nirvana and Courtney later was in a band called Hole.
I would like to meet her in a way. Teen idol worship, a past time of lust
or adoration, or maybe just a distraction from the nightmare and Post
Traumatic Stress in these damned United States. Sometimes I feel as if I am
already dead and can not die. So, what is life, Love? Is it curt for you,
frank with you, earnest for you, or nun of the above? That is a joke, sort
of. I am divorced now, due to government tampering with me and hardship
created for my wife, and perhaps brainwashing and mind control. After all,
the enemy regime in power demanded entry into my life, my home. Never again
trust them and beware of the international war crimes parties. They or IT
is in control now. We were poisoned as children. Jesus Christ could not
make it out of the slums of the world today and preach salvation without
being poisoned before or after birth.

One final note. When I was being hassled by the FDIC for filing an EEOC
complaint in 1999, I was called into the Assistant Regional Directors office
in San Francisco in early 2000...Y2K, remember that b.s. Sueet?. Her name
was Sue Carroll and I now call her Sueet Carroll, and she was working for
the dead man's replacement, George Masa, the Regional Director who replaced
the dead man who was murdered and labeled suicide. Masa had a dismal EEOC
record from Chicago. I tested him and the management later and it came back
positive on one or both as murderers. Anyway, Sueet told me when I mentioned
what had happened in D.C. at a school of extraordinary hours and physical
endurance and what I see as insane indulgence due to the true nature of the
crime syndicates FDIC bank examinations, which meant counting pre-added
numbers and writing statements already written. I digress, but what Sueet
said was, "It looks like you have dug yourself a Hole you can not get out
of". It would be divine Karma to find myself in a Hole I could not get out
of like Courtney Love. So I end this day with a little comedy from Love Line
7, Youtube Music Video, Put The Lime In The Coconut.


House for rent, mine, since Florida real estate is a Betsy bug to sale. Burn
it if you wish, but make sure it is a ember by morning. I do not recommend
doing that though. That is for the record.

This concludes Today's post by
Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, surviving FDIC federal bank
examiner of Mobile Audit Club fame


and Youtube Saintrambone videos (some were edited by Youtube or federal


Courtney Love

Aug 12, 2008, 3:26:00 AM8/12/08
Hiya Kurt,

I've been a fan of yours on youtube for quite some time. I love big F-

Is that paining, Queerest of The Queer still available?
I may be interested in purchasing it, if you'd consider $9.10M and
deliver it in person.



Aug 13, 2008, 7:01:13 PM8/13/08

Spelling and coherence is way to good to be Courtney! :P



Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.
- Aesop

"My fault,my failure,is not my passions,but in my lack of control of them"
-J. Kerouac

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