Dec 21 2019 - 3 Missed Calls That Helped the Patriots Beat the Bills and Clinch AFC East

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Dec 22, 2019, 5:44:26 PM12/22/19
The New England Patriots are 2019 AFC East champions, and no one can take
that away from them. The Pats are once again a threat to win the AFC, and
are just one win away from clinching the No. 2 spot in the conference as
well. Despite all of their long-discussed flaws, the Patriots remain the
defending champs and a real threat to win the Super Bowl. However, this
first accolade came with just a bit of help. Sorry, Pats Nation, but it
must be said that these three referee mistakes all helped your cause
Saturday against the Buffalo Bills.

3. Intentional Grounding Non-Call
No intentional grounding here. #34 was “in the area.” #BUFvsNE

— Bad Sports Refs (@BadSportsRefs) December 21, 2019
Folks, we hate to disappoint you, but there was no one in the area when
Tom Brady tried to throw this ball away. It's surely intentional
grounding, but the officials swallowed their whistles and let it remain a
simple incompletion instead. Whoops.

2. Terrible Spot Gives Patriots First Down
I hate how we haven’t figured out any way to spot the damn ball. #Bills
not getting any help

— Nate Mendelson (@NateMendelson) December 21, 2019
Part of this is on Sean McDermott for not challenging the spot, but how
often does this sort of call get overturned, anyway? The ball was about a
foot short here, but the officials gave the Patriots all the benefit of
the doubt. Sounds familiar...

1. Missed Facemask on Josh Allen
Good thing Josh Allen got the first down with extra effort, otherwise the
Bills would’ve turned it over on downs without this facemask being called

— Bad Sports Refs (@BadSportsRefs) December 22, 2019
Did Josh Allen get the first down? Yes. Should the ball have been placed
15 yards closer to the goal line, giving the Bills a more realistic
opportunity to score? Yes. Either way, Buffalo didn't take advantage, but
this is arguably the most egregious non-call of the night.
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