Dec 21 2019 - NFL officials let Tom Brady get away with egregious intentional grounding

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Dec 22, 2019, 5:48:18 PM12/22/19
Up 7-3 on the Buffalo Bills at home, the Patriots put together a 17-play
drive, their longest of the season, that lasted nearly nine minutes and
spanned the majority of the second quarter. A penalty just outside the
Bills’ red zone stalled the Patriots’ momentum, and they eventually
settled for a field goal to go up 10-3.

The drive could have ended much differently, however, if officials had
called intentional grounding on Tom Brady on a 1st-and-10 play from his
own 34-yard line. Brady was put under pressure by the Bills’ rush and Shaq
Lawson was close to pulling Brady down for a huge loss, but Brady flung
the ball out to his right to an open area.

No intentional grounding here. #34 was “in the area.” #BUFvsNE

— Bad Sports Refs (@BadSportsRefs) December 21, 2019

“#34 is in the area so no intentional grounding”… am I missing something?

— Connor Stewart (@CStewart1776) December 21, 2019

The ball landed just short of the Pats’ 25-yard line, and the closest
Patriots receiver was more than 10 yards away down the sideline. Officials
did not throw a flag, however, and announced that Rex Burkhead was “in the
area” of the attempt.

Per the NFL’s rulebook, officials ruled on the spot that Burkhead had a
“realistic chance” of catching this ball.


“It is a foul for intentional grounding if a passer, facing an imminent
loss of yardage because of pressure from the defense, throws a forward
pass without a realistic chance of completion. A realistic chance of
completion is defined as a pass that is thrown in the direction of and
lands in the vicinity of an originally eligible receiver.”

The no-call turned what would have been a 2nd-and-very-long into a 2nd-
and-10, and the Patriots capitalized. NFL fans couldn’t believe it.

1st the missed intentional grounding, two generous spots on 3rd AND 4th
down to help the Pats….but what's new? #BUFvsNE

— Micah Kuczynski (@micah_kuczynski) December 21, 2019

Brady gets away with intentional grounding more than anyone in the league.
No one was close to that throw. #Bills

— Brayton J. Wilson (@BJWilsonWGR) December 21, 2019

No grounding. Favorable spot. Patriots get the close calls.

— Jason Whitlock (@WhitlockJason) December 21, 2019

What do you have to do to get grounding??

— Jeremy White (@JeremyWGR) December 21, 2019

Officials will never, ever call intentional grounding on Brady.

— Seth Keysor (@RealMNchiefsfan) December 21, 2019

Officials will never, ever call intentional grounding on Brady.

— Seth Keysor (@RealMNchiefsfan) December 21, 2019
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