Late Night April 26,1996 - Season 3 episode 127 (production #585)

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Nate Snyder

Nov 6, 2013, 11:45:02 AM11/6/13
Anyone know how I can obtain a copy of this show?

There was a sketch where Brian McCann heckles Conan from the audience and then Conan gets in a fight with him on the stairs. I appeared at the top of the stairs because they temporarily stuck me up there when they put the heckler in my seat. At the time, I had poofy long hair (college) and was chewing gum... so, I looked pretty dumb on tv as Conan is fighting this heckler on the stairs and there's me dead center at the top of the stairs with a big head chewing gum. When they showed the repeat of the episode over the summer that hilarious sketch was cut out and I figured it must be due to me in the background. It really did look strange as everyone else in the audience is laughing hysterically, I was just kind of looking on dumbly and chewing gum.

I'm hoping if I can get a copy that the sketch isn't cut out. You can see in the notes at the above link that the sketch is described there.

I searched video sites and torrents, but I have been unable to locate this particular episode. If anyone has a library of old Conans and would be willing to make me a copy, I would be thrilled and delighted.

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