Anecdote from Salisbury 1958 performance

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John Fowles

Nov 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/6/99
As Shawn and Gerry(buddy) already know I am about to set off for a 3-week
tour of Canada and the States, during which I hope to visit both of them
(shame that they are both teetotal).
As part of my preparations for visiting Lubbock I have contacted three of my
class-mates at school to prompt them for recollections of the 1958 show at
Salisbury, which they were priveleged to attend. I was a boarder at the time
and not allowed out for shenanigans such as a rock concert, but come hell or
high water I intended to see Buddy on his next UK tour in 1959. To my
lifelong regret that was not to be.
Their combined recollections nearly 42 years later confirmed an amusing
anecdote. They remember that it was an "electrifying" performance. Buddy
opened with "Everyday", during which (unusually for a rock concert) "you
could hear a pin drop". Then into "a song written by a friend of mine, Jerry
Lee Lewis" and a stunning rendition of "Great Balls of Fire".One of the
three, Keith, now a respected headmaster in Northampton, but in those days a
real wild child (to coin a phrase) and our year's most ardent BH fan,
continually shouted out for Buddy to sing "I'm gonna love you too". After
putting up with this for a while Buddy, looking at Keith, who was in about
the 5th row, said that recently in the States a couple of boys in the
audience were continuously heckling him so he asked for them to be removed.
After the show a distressed lady appeared at the dressing room door to
complain that the two were her mentally abnormal idiot sons, who were very
upset at having been ejected. She therefore hoped that, to teach him a
lesson, wherever he performed in the future there would be someone like that
in the audience. "And sure enough", Buddy said, "there is one in the
audience tonight".

John Fowles

P.S. if anyone out there was also at that concert, I'd be interested in
corroboration of this.

Nov 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/6/99
John, I have it on my calendar that you will be in Toronto next

Hoping to see you.


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Nov 9, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/9/99
Oh God that's a HOWLER! I have to remember that.

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