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Michael Yardley

Aug 5, 2007, 7:49:23 AM8/5/07
On Aug 3, 9:35 pm, "_ G O D _" <DEMI...@TELUS.NET> wrote:
> WA women inmates allege sex assaults
> Seattle, WA, USA
> The Washington state prison system is
> investigating allegations that four male
> guards at the main women's penitentiary
> sexually assaulted two inmates. ...
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> Prison closure postponed
> Escanaba, MI, USA
> "Michigan has the sixth largest prison system,
> a very high rate of recidivism, and long prison
> stays due to mandatory sentencing guidelines....
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> Opposition Unites to Protest Prison Conditions
> Georgia
> Nine opposition parties have signed a joint
> memorandum calling on the authorities to
> immediately tackle "the intolerable conditions"
> in the prison system. ...
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> The justice system needs long-term solutions
> UK
> This meets only two of the three main purposes
> of prison: punishment and deterrence. And yet it
> is the neglect of the third purpose, rehabilitation,...http://www.timeson=
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> Transgender ex-inmate loses suit
> San Francisco, CA, USA
> Giraldo had asked Judge Ellen Chaitin to
> order the prison system to come up with a
> policy to protect transgender inmates. But
> the judge dismissed the claim, ...
> See all stories on this topic:
> Dassey scared as he awaits transfer to state prison system
> Green Bay, WI, USA
> As he waits for transfer to the state prison system,
> which will probably come early next week, the 17
> year-old said he is scared. ...
> See all stories on this topic:
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> undermines military dictatorships and military lobbyists. It subverts
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Off topic post to van.general. About the USA not Vancouver BC. Cross
posted to irrelevant newsgroups. Take it on back to the USA
newsgroups.If you can do it, a USA Citizen ,so can I. Have a nice

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