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New details on Emanuel's "play condo" in DC

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Jun 3, 2010, 5:53:53 PM6/3/10
By Wayne Madsen, investigative reporter extraordinaire

On June 2, 2010, WMR reported: "WMR has recently learned
that while a member of the House, a major Democratic
strategist and lobbyist rented [Rahm] Emanuel his Washington,
DC condominium at below market rates. Emanuel reportedly used
the condominium for trysts with his homosexual partners in
Washington while Emanuel's family remained at their home
in north Chicago. The Democratic strategist in question
is also a top lobbyist for BP."

WMR has learned additional details concerning the DC
"play condo." Well-informed sources report the condo
in question was actually owned by Connecticut Democratic
Representative Rosa DeLauro. She is married to Democratic
pollster and strategist Stan Greenberg. Greenberg's firm,
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, counts BP as one of its
largest clients. Greenberg's business partners are
James Carville and Bob Shrum. Carville has been appearing
on CNN commenting on the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico,
another indication of the massive conflicts-of-interest
of CNN in objectively covering news stories.

Although Greenberg and DeLauro are close friends of
Rahm Emanuel, WMR has been told the "play condo" was
"wired" and that there exists video and audio evidence
of trysts not only involving Emanuel but also those
engaged in by then-US Senator Barack Obama and former
President Bill Clinton, who both stopped the condo on
separate occasions for "extracurricular activities."

Mentifex shouting "STOP THE WARS, Mr. President!"
and "We will persuade you to resign in disgrace."

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